Creating a website for online shopping

Benefits of Having an Online Store

With increasing number of Payment processors like Paypal, Skrill, 2checkout, and Worldpay, online selling is becoming much easier.

Creating a website for online shopping depends on several factors:

  • Type of the business
  • Number of product types
  • Product or service characteristics

Better communication on a global level in combination with a variety of services for the collection, developed distribution and delivery networks, provides the possibility of expanding the market, because in this way your product can reach any part of the world.

Selecting the best ecommerce platform

There are many open source ecommerce platforms you can find on web, but in our opinion, we would suggest you to use: Magento, Wordpress with Woocommerce addiction, Zen Cart, Open Cart.

These platforms can met most of needs for ecommerce website owners. If there are some unusual and special requests, there is always a way to custom and unique design solution.

The benefits of an open source ecommmerce platform:

  • Big support from the developing community
  • Many plugins and themes
  • Local language support
  • Frequent updates

The advantages and disadvantages for custom built online store

The maybe biggest disadvantage could be incompetence of the developer who is creating this system, and this also applies in the reverse situation. If the site is created by some experienced developers with great coding skills, then there are really good chances to create something nice.

If they aren not paying attention on security vulnerabilities, and every functionality, then there is the possibility of bug occurrence.

Creating an online store with WordPress

WordPress is the leading CMS (Content Management System) with an incredible expansion and taking over 20% of all the websites on the web, which is an impressive number.

Created as just a blogging platform, it is becoming a platform for everything, including: business presentations, blogs, magazines, news portals, portfolios, social networks and online shops. Some disadvantages of this platform are becoming irrelevant in regards to all of the benefits and on the speed of eliminating the problems. If great developers are working on your WordPress site, be sure that you will also have a great result.

Friendly dashboard, social network integration, plugins like Woocommerce have lead that more and more brands are deciding to use WordPress. WordPress is also our choice and we are joined to the winning team.

E-commerce website development process

The first stage in the development of any website, including eCommerce sites, is taking accurate specifications from client, information about his business and resources which will be used on the web site.

Creating the design is the next step, which requires the communication with the client and regular feedback from him. Once the design is approved, developers are starting to convert the pieced design into HTML, CSS, JS. The coded HTML template is used to implement the functionalities of the CMS system, online shop section, and all the custom functionality which is required by the client.

This is a standard workflow which is used, but can be significantly improved by using wireframes and prototypes that give the client a clearer picture of how the final product should look and function.

Testing and quality control is a required stage before publishing, the web site on the server.

online shop illustration

How withdraw money generated from online sales

The possibility to easily transfer money from the sale to the foreign currency account or your personal account has made online business a lot easier.

The existence of credit cards such as Payoneer and Skrill which are basically Master Card, has allowed us to sell anything online, and withdraw money at an ATM with a minimum fee or buy directly from the card without commission.

Whether you do business locally or globally, a website for online sale will give you unlimited possibilities.

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