Website Redesign - Generate More Leads and Improve User Experience

Website redesign is a powerful and effective way to rebrand your online presence, increase your site’s organic traffic, generate more leads, add functionalities, and improve the user experience of your website.

As a company with over a decade of experience in the industry, we provide world-class services that boost digital business performance and increase your revenue.

We have helped hundreds of international clients grow their online presence and run an ROI-driven business.

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Professional Website Redesign Services by an Award-Winning Company

Five-star client rating on the B2B platform Clutch, web design agency of the year award by Ad World Masters, and recognitions by the world’s biggest referral bodies, such as Awwwards and CSS Design Awards place PopArt Studio among the top global companies.

We have over a decade of experience in providing professional and custom website improvement services, with an enviable global portfolio of B2B and B2C clients across the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and more.

At PopArt Studio, we create websites that not only look great but also perform better. Our agency's team focuses on improving the client's search rankings, earning higher ROI, enhancing UX, and increasing functionalities.

When you hire PopArt Studio for your project, you can rest assured that you have hired an outstanding company that can achieve exceptional results for your business website. Designers and developers that take a customized approach ensure your business reaps maximum benefits.

What to Expect When Entrusting Your Website Redesign to Us

PopArt Studio's services are your all-in-one solution for creating a professional-looking and seamlessly running online presence. Whether you are a small local business, a medium-sized B2B or B2C company, or a multinational corporation, we can provide you with:

  • uniquely designed website tailored to your industry, audience, and brand identity
  • user-friendly website with intuitive architecture and navigation
  • data-driven design that passed usability and performance testing
  • design optimized for both search engines and users
  • website design integrating the latest web technologies and trends
  • a conversion-oriented website that drives traffic and ROI
  • a stable and secure website that is easy to maintain and update

What do Our Website Redesign Services Include?

As an award-winning company with hundreds of satisfied clients, successful projects, and a decade-long experience in the industry, we have developed a wide spectrum of website redesign services tailored to your requirements, budget, and goals.

We provide you with an all-in-one solution to revamp your online presence. We cover the entire cycle of the process – from industry research and UI/ UX design to UX optimization and content migration – to ensure the site’s maximum SEO-friendliness, longer visitor sessions, and increased conversion rate.

Responsive Website Redesign

This refers to your new website having the ability to perfectly display across devices and screen sizes. Besides a responsive design, we can create a mobile-first website design, designated specifically for mobile use.

Custom Website Redesign

Our process is entirely custom - we do not use templates, themes, or any other forms of predefined designs. This means a website tailored to your business, target audience, brand identity, and professional goals.

Cost-Effective Website Redesign Services

We focus on creating an effective, profitable, and prosperous web presence for your business throughout the redesigning process. Our website design services entail varying activities, fitting every business owner’s budget.

SEO-Friendly Design

We ensure your project is not only about making the site more visually appealing. We design sites with improved performance and faster page load, thus improving their search ranking and minimizing bounce rate.

Preserved SEO Equity

Besides creating a new, SEO-friendly design, redesigning a website without losing existing SEO efforts is one of our agency’s primary focuses. We maintain clients’ existing search engine rankings by strategizing inbound link preservation and data-driven redirects.

Improved User Experience

We prioritize designing with a human-centered approach, creating intuitive navigation, and cohesive website flow. Improved UX boosts visitor engagement on the site, increasing conversion rate and ROI.

Zero hidden fees

You can count on zero hidden fees when hiring us as your trusted agency. We provide all clients with transparent pricing, ensuring you see all expenditure details.

Complete Content Migration

Content migration is one of the most challenging aspects of the redesigning process. We are an agency that ensures this phase is a well-planned and smoothly executed activity that will not affect the site’s search engine rankings.

And more

As a full-service digital agency, PopArt Studio can support the growth and performance of a website beyond redesign alone. We offer a range of complementary services that comprise an all-in-one digital solution for businesses looking to succeed in the online world.

Besides website redesign services, PopArt Studio can help you with:

  • Focused UI/ UX design
  • Branding
  • Professional website copywriting
  • SEO Services
  • eCommerce functionality development and integration
  • Custom CMS development and integration
  • WordPress development services

eCommerce Website Redesign Services

PopArt Studio boasts over ten years of experience in providing professional and cost-effective eCommerce restyling.

Hire us and gain access to expert-led, tested strategies that transform your online store into a fully optimized eCommerce business donning industry-leading integrations, user-friendly navigation, top web performance, and a streamlined checkout procedure.

An eCommerce upgrade we provide includes a custom website that is responsive, optimized, and UX-driven. We use top web technologies and practices for integrating eCommerce functionalities and building your store on a safe and reliable foundation.

If you have an eCommerce site that struggles with low traffic, conversions, and ROI, contact us now and discover how we can help you minimize the cart abandonment rate and enhance up- and cross-selling.

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Redesign your online store, drive valuable traffic, reduce bounce rates, and transform visitors into loyal customers.


Your Agency’s Website Redesign Outsourcing Partner

Besides working directly with clients, PopArt Studio has had loads of experience assisting other digital agencies in outsourcing their website redesign projects.

We provide an encompassing solution for the agency’s outsourcing needs, by providing appropriate resources, assuming different levels of involvement with the client, and ensuring quality and timely project delivery.

We have a team of skilled professionals who ease your burden by managing the entire process, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. Whether your agency does not provide this kind of service or you are currently facing a lack of project resources, PopArt Studio can help.

Get in touch with us and discover more about our outsourced website redesign.

What Do Our Clients Say About Our Website Redesign Services?

  • "We are a Chicago-based healthcare consulting company that works with healthcare companies, insurance providers, and specialty health investors to improve healthcare work.
    We wanted to evolve and refresh our brand, so we were looking for companies that did web design and development in Chicago — PopArt Studio's name popped up in several searches. We interviewed PopArt Studio and discovered they were a good partner and were reasonably priced. Their website redesign received a ton of positive feedback and it brings our reimagined brand to life."Austin Hook, Armitage Advisors
  • "We are a London-based medical business, looking for a best-in-class UX design and development, with an appealing, down-to-earth design that people could identify with. We considered outsourced agencies outside of the UK market that produced quality work at more affordable prices.
    PopArt Studio's website redesign service has given us an intuitive interface, an easy-to-use payment facility, and a simple calendar booking function.” Sonia Medic, Private Ultrasound Ltd.
  • “NIS a.d searched for an agency to redesign its internal portal completely. PopArt Studio’s portfolio was impressive and we had no doubts about their professionalism. The results of our annual research indicate that over 95% of our employees are happy with the look, content, and functionality of the NIS portal.”Nebojša Trajković, NIS a.d.
  • “We wanted a website design for the new, modern digital presence of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia. PopArt Studio created a custom website redesign that is already delivering results.”Ana Pančić, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia

Website Redesign Services FAQ

What exactly this service encompasses?

Redesign includes a variety of activities focused on updating the site’s appearance, usability, and functionality. Redesigning a site entails more than just making it more visually appealing - a quality project of this kind should increase your site’s traffic, boost engagement, and increase conversions.

How often should a website be redesigned?

There isn’t a correct answer to how frequently should restyling take place. However, the rapid development of web technologies, innovations in design trends, and continually changing and growing user expectations call for a change every two to three years.

How much does it cost to redesign a site?

Website redesign costs vary significantly based on your needs and project scope. At PopArt Studio, costs depend on multiple factors, including the number of pages designed, the style, additional branding and illustration requirements, features and functionalities, etc. As a full-service digital agency, we provide clients with a full scope of digital services, including website development, SEO services, digital marketing, and many more. Besides website design, you can hire us for complementary services that help further boost the performance of your new website, such as CMS development, eCommerce functionality integration, and SEO. For a specific project estimate, contact our sales team and request a free quote.

How long does it take to redesign a website?

This process can take anywhere from several weeks to a couple of months, largely depending on the project’s complexity, site size, features and functionalities to integrate, client responsiveness, and other factors. As an agency with a decade-long experience in the industry, we strive to minimize project completion time while maximizing the quality and performance of our output. In case a client requires a specific deadline to comply with, PopArt Studio can offer options for completing the project on time.

How many revisions can I make?

We do everything we can to maximize the understanding of your requirements, business, and target audience within the initial project phases, in order to minimize later modifications. Minor changes and additions to the design are a standard part of the process, and designers are happy to implement them. Of course, in case the client requests too many substantial revisions, additional time and effort will naturally incur more expenses.

How do you approach a website redesign project?

While every project is unique, we have developed a tried-and-tested approach that ensures we understand your business needs, target audience, and project scope. The process includes client workshops, regular meetings and brainstorming sessions, and SEO and UX tests of wireframes and prototypes, to name a few.

What do you mean by your custom website redesign services?

Custom entails building unique web pages that match your brand identity and business needs. PopArt Studio’s experts create websites from scratch without using any third-party templates. Custom design ensures our clients’ sites are unique, easily scalable, SEO-friendly, and customer-focused.

When do I need a website redesign?

As we mentioned earlier, tweaking a site is advised every few years to keep the site up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends. Yet, a redesign is needed whenever there is an organizational restructure, a change in services/products offered, a brand strategy rejuvenation, or a company identity innovation. In addition, redesigning is a must in cases of poor website performance, such as low conversion rate or organic traffic, indexing issues, alterations to site architecture or functionalities, or upgrades in web technologies used.

Do I need to completely redesign my website?

While the scope may differ depending on the individual site condition, we generally recommend redesigning an entire website. Visually unappealing, outdated, and poorly optimized sites with dissatisfactory UX require an alteration across the board. For such sites with poor performance in terms of search engine rankings, organic traffic, and conversions, a change is a way to achieve a more intuitive, user-friendly, and effective design for visitors. A partial website redesign may lead to an online presence that is incoherent and lacks branding, as different site pages end up looking different and disconnected.

Are your website redesigns responsive/mobile-friendly?

Yes, we have a team that creates website designs that are entirely responsive, i.e., they automatically adjust to fit any device screen. Besides being mobile-friendly, we provide a website redesign service that can entail creating two separate designs - one for desktops, and another for mobiles, following the mobile-first principle.

Are your website redesigns SEO-friendly?

Yes, all website redesigns we do are search-engine friendly. As a full-service digital agency, PopArt Studio’s marketing team offers SEO services that can be integrated into the design process from the very beginning. Having SEO consultants working together with web designers and developers ensures maximum results in terms of rankings and performance once the site is launched. Yet, even if you opt of creating a website redesign together with SEO, you can rest assured that the website redesign will adhere to all the essential SEO standards.

Will my website lose SEO value if I redesign it?

Losing search engine rankings is one of the main fears clients have before endeavoring into this type of project. While some ranking fluctuations are possible, a quality and professional redesign should overall boost a site’s performance and rankings. We follow strict procedures and proven standards to ensure no loss of rankings of clients’ projects. As a full-service digital agency, we boast experienced SEO specialists who ensure your SEO efforts in terms of content and backlinking are kept on the new site. In fact, our clients have universally experienced enhanced website visibility, increased organic traffic, and improved conversion rates.

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Having an impeccably redesigned website that follows the latest trends will start positive changes in your business. Our creative team first analyzes your existing website and then adapts it to the ever-changing market needs with the help of cutting-edge web design technologies and trends. See for yourselves our top-quality portfolio, which portrays what we have done for numerous clients from all over the globe. Reach the stars and order redesign services for your old website.

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