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PopArt Studio has over a decade-long experience in providing UI & UX design services and helping you build an engaging and intuitive cyber solution.

Our agency boasts a team of experienced designers, consultants, researchers, and engineers, all working together to assist clients in navigating the facets of the online landscape.

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Our UI/UX Design Services

Web & Mobile UI/UX Prototyping

We create high-fidelity, fully interactive visual prototypes that demonstrate the behaviors and workflows of your future product in reality.

UI/UX Wireframing

PopArt Studio’s designers create wireframes that establish the outline of your website or application. Based on specific project requirements, wireframes can entail the content, structure, and functionalities of the final solution.

Mobile and Web User Interface

We transform your ideas and business needs into an intuitive and fully functional design that meets user requirements.

Cross-Platform Experiences

We deliver solutions that are fully responsive and cross-platform compatible across devices and different platforms.

Mobile and Web Redesign

Our service also includes a redesign of mobile and web products and transforming them to meet the latest technology and standards.

Why Hire PopArt Studio for Your UI/UX Project?

These services have been the staple of our agency for over a decade. Ever since our company’s foundation, we have been engaging top UI/UX designers and consultants and growing our expertise along with trends and innovations.

Some of the world's leading consumer and B2B brands have hired PopArt Studio's UI & UX design and consulting services for their projects. From mobile and web user interface to cross-platform user experience, we have helped more than 15000 clients create the online presence their customers enjoy.

Our enviable UI and UX design portfolio, multiple awards, and a 5-star Clutch client review are your guarantees that we will create an attractive, intuitive-to-use solution, tailored to your needs and business goals.

Over a Decade of Design Services

From mobile and web user interfaces and user experience designs to enterprise-level web applications for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike, PopArt Studio boasts more than ten years of experience in the industry. Over the years, we have grown along the UI/UX landscape, adopting the latest trends and setting the coming ones.

UI/UX Designed with the Latest Trends and Tools

We may be in the industry for a long amount of time - but our design services unquestionably follow the latest visual trends and employ the top tools and tech.

Transparent Communication and Established Standards

PopArt Studio’s experts make a skillful and organized team that delivers high-quality products on time. Our designers use reviews, impactful practices, and mentoring to ensure the final product looks and works just as you envisioned.

Broad UI/UX Expertise

In the past ten years, we have created intuitive interfaces and enjoyable experiences for websites, web applications, and software systems across devices, across all major industries, and across the globe. Our portfolio entails complex and robust product designs that are both stunning and easy to use.

Clients From All Industries

Each industry communicates in its own, unique way. With over ten years of creating UI/UX, we gathered a tremendous deal of experience creating web and mobile products for a range of industries, including government, finance, healthcare, eCommerce, travel and hospitality, media and entertainment, retail, and others.

Award-Winning Design Services

We create beautiful, intuitive, and effective interfaces and experiences for users - but don’t take our word for it. Instead, trust our 5-star Clutch review, web design agency of the year award, and numerous awards and recognitions we have received from world-renowned design bodies.

Full-Service Digital Benefits

As a full-service digital agency, we offer a broader range of services for any business, such as development, SEO, and digital marketing - therefore ensuring a more cohesive and integrated approach to the UI/UX service. We approach every business project from varied perspectives, accounting for potential development technologies or design elements that can halt optimization efforts. All this ensures we achieve a better user experience and higher ROI for the client.

How We Deliver Our UI & UX Services

A great deal of experience has allowed our agency to establish a tried and tested approach to delivering UI and UX services. We follow set design standards, workflows, and guidelines to create and deliver the product within the set deadlines.

User Experience (UX) Design Process


Our UX begins with an in-depth analysis. Designers collect and evaluate data on how users experience, perceive, and interact with your existing online presence, and use the accumulated data to craft an enhanced experience for your future product.

Interface Architecture

In the second stage, our team outlines the interface architecture, i.e., a map of how the website or a web app will behave and function from the perspective of visitors. In general, interface architecture includes product pages, content, interactions, and behaviors.

Sketching & Wireframing

Once the basic product elements are agreed upon, we go on to UX sketching, creating rough drawings of the design. Sketching allows us to communicate and refine ideas. Wireframing comes after the sketches are completed. Our team establishes the structure and flow of different solutions to craft user-focused design prototypes in the next phase.

Dynamic prototyping

The dynamic prototype represents a final simulation, created by our UX team to help visualize the product’s interactions. These prototypes can boast varied levels of complexity, from a few examples of interactions to complex content creation.


The final and essential step in the UX is editing. During this phase, we understand whether the design works for visitors by performing tests and analyzing feedback. Potential drawbacks are reassessed, refined, and redesigned with new data in mind.

Is your web design responsive, that is, adapted to mobile devices?

Absolutely! PopArt Studio is proud of its detailed and complex approach which includes a completely responsive web design. Besides that, we offer mobile-first design to our clients, or in other words, done primarily for mobiles. Whichever approach you choose, rest assured that your page experience on a mobile device will be unsurpassable.

Who is the owner of the completed web design?

After the completion of the contractual obligations, you obtain full ownership of your site.

What countries’ clients do you cooperate with when it comes to creating web design?

We offer services to clients from all over the globe. Over the years, small businesses and multinational enterprises from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other countries have entrusted us to create a professional web design.

Does your agency use templates in your web design services?

Our agency does not use templates, so every page we create is unique and specially crafted based on the demands and needs of each client. We do not use themes done beforehand.

User Interface (UI) Design Process

Design References

Our agency sets off the UI services with the reference design, to help both designers and clients save substantial time and effort and minimize risks in building the product’s interface.

Graphic Interface

The moment the basics are approved, our UI team continues to the graphic interface stage. During this time, the team creates an interface consisting of icons, menus, and interactions within the system, such as behaviors after a click, hover, etc.

Animation Prototyping

Once the elements of the product’s interface are created, it’s time to create a prototype. Animated prototypes are run-throughs of your product’s interface that show the transitions and motions of the design.

UI Guidelines and Kit

Defining critical UI guidelines and components such as fonts, icons, and HTML/CSS files is vital for a streamlined and coherent UI. Kits can include anywhere from basic buttons and design components, to changes regarding fonts, colors, and elements.

Design Review

Similarly to the UX process, UI’s final step is reviewing and editing the interface. Our team performs in-depth and comprehensive tests to identify potential weaknesses in the interface’s design and refines it until it meets end-user requirements.

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PopArt Studio’s UI/UX Design Customer Reviews

  • "Their ability to land a unique stylistic direction is impressive. Thanks to PopArt Studio's work, the new website increased its web traffic by 200% with a 20% reduction in bounce rate, and the site's animations loaded quickly and smoothly. The team communicated regularly with standup meetings and they responded to scope changes quickly."Product Marketing Manager, Application Security Company, San Jose, California
  • "We really appreciated their attention to detail and true willingness to make the best out of everything. PopArt Studio’s work received positive feedback from viewers and increased online impressions. They fostered an easy workflow by being communicative, proactive, and responsive. Their team took ownership of the project — they were attentive to details and dedicated to delivering high-quality outputs." Mila Petrovic, Demand Generation Strategist, NETCONOMY, Graz, Austria
  • "Our website looked fantastic and we were consistently at the top of the Google search results page. Search rankings have improved dramatically since PopArt Studio was first engaged. Their expert team inspired confidence throughout the project by communicating clearly from the start. The team’s responsiveness and quality deliverables made them a valuable partner."Ryan Williams, Product Specialist, AdvantageTec, San Rafael, California
  • "The new website is exactly what we wanted it to be. The finished site receives positive feedback about its modern design from both its users and other professionals who see it. It is easy to update and perfectly meets the requirements and expectations. The team managed the work smoothly and ensured that they were always responsive."Ana Ilic, CEO, FCG Anzdec, Auckland, New Zealand

UI/UX Services FAQ

What kind of design services does your agency provide?

Our design company provides various services, from mobile and web interface and user experience design and cross-platform experiences design to UI and UX designs of apps, websites, software, and other digital products. PopArt Studio’s designers have various experiences across industries of all sizes and complexities.

How will your company approach the design services?

As a full-service agency, we possess a unique perspective of the online landscape, allowing us to approach every client in a comprehensive and experience-driven manner. We begin our service with a discovery phase during which we get to know your business, audience, and goals. The initial phase is followed by in-depth industry research, design wireframing, prototyping, and design tests.

How long does a UI/ UX project take?

The timeline differs depending on a variety of factors, including the scope of work, its complexity, etc. During the initial phase, we, together with the client, set the timeline and the project outline with time and milestone estimates. In case you have specific requirements regarding the deadlines, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What tools do your UI/UX designers use?

Our designers use a variety of software and tools specialized in user interface and user experience designs, including Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Figma, InVision, and many more. Besides those, we use user testing tools and varied analytics software to monitor user behavior and optimize the experience.

Can you redesign an existing digital product?

Surely - our agency offers redesign services for existing products. Whether you have a website, web application, or software, PopArt Studio can help improve the user experience and visual appeal of your product.

Does your company provide development or SEO services?

Yes, as a full-service digital agency, we provide a full scope of services that can elevate the quality of your design needs. PopArt Studio provides web development services, development of eCommerce solutions, web app development, SEO services, digital marketing services, and branding. If you’d like to know more about some of our additional services, feel free to reach out.

How can we be sure that the design will meet our needs?

Throughout the process, we work closely with you to ensure the design meets your business needs and goals. In-depth research and testing help create a data-driven design, and our designers meticulously collect feedback and make revisions as necessary.

What can I expect upon entrusting my UI/UX needs to your agency?

As your partner, we ensure transparent communication and successful product delivery. PopArt Studio boasts experienced and talented industry professionals who follow the latest trends and employ top-notch technology in their work. In addition, we put a special focus on project management, by conducting regular client meetings, routine in-house sessions, and daily project tracker updates. In terms of the success of our UI/UX design, our services have generally experienced a rise in metrics such as user engagement and customer satisfaction.

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