What is an illustration and what do illustrators do

Illustration is a visual expression of a text, process, message, or a concept, a graphic interpretation, and decoration, and most frequently a visual act in itself, that independently presents all of the above. Illustration is made by an illustrator who transforms a client’s or personal visions into a graphic form. The majority of graphic illustrators is flexible and able to transform their graphic-technical approach, to create an adequate aesthetical concept that would perfectly fit your project and ensure its higher value. Illustration explains, simplifies, creates recognizability and style, but above all presents an answer in visual communication.

What services and types of illustrations do our designers do

We illustrate a wide range of illustrations for different projects and purposes, starting from specific graphic elements for web pages combined with interactivity, then unique icon sets, vivid calendars, children’s illustrations, vector art, book covers and product packaging, character design, and specific unique illustrations.

Types of illustrations

Website illustrations

Imaginative illustrations can enhance website appearance and bring your message closer to visitors. Graphics and this means of communication are well-established in the corporate and marketing world.

Infographic design

The average user reads between 20% and 30% of text and based on that concludes and processes the decision of what they’ve read. The visual representation and first impression convert new buyers 70% to 80% more than text. Our graphic designers sublime often complicated data into viral graphics that offer more value to the content. Infographics we most often create consists of elements such as:

  • Info icons set
  • Visual simulation of diverse processes
  • Diagrams, maps, and other static elements
  • Timelines and schematic presentations

Intrigue your clients with viral infographics.

Icons illustrations

For designing suitable icons sets we use various geometrical shapes and forms such as linear, flat, UI, monochromatic and minimalistic icons. We combine shapes, face countries, figures, simplified stylizations so to create the most fascinating unique icons set for our clients.

Conceptual illustration design

Conceptual illustrations can help in adding a personal touch to your brand. Characters designed by our team are an excellent way of telling your company’s story. We are ready to develop characters for your individual needs, and we especially love illustrating celebrities and historical elements.

Unique illustrations

Raise consciousness of a brand with a team of specialized graphic designers ready to create a personal and unique illustration that will immerse your target audience’s imagination. Begin developing a new, recognizable image of your brand.

Book illustration

The concept of art illustration like many other artistic presentations requires a fresh, recognizable approach in order to be successfully accepted among readers and enable them to fall in love with your work. We are ready to help you develop conceptual art that transforms into commercial success and bookselling and at the same time identify the buyer with the written word.

Children’s illustrations and character design

Entice imagination of your young audience with colorful and creative illustrations. A transmitted visual message is far more specific information than text, so the message is simpler and more quickly intelligible. Illustrations aid a better achievement of educational purposes, where children and adults require less time to comprehend visual materials, educational resources, books, children’s books, manuals, etc.

Vector art

Vector art is the basis of every illustration. We use the best tools and software to reshape objects, increase contrast, edit layers, create the base and add finishing touches. If you enlarge and minimize the image, you’ll witness the unchanged quality and sharpness that vector art provides. Vector illustrations ensure sharp reproduction in all ratios. We create quality vector graphics where we aim to show a mix of many styles in one vector whole.

winter nights illustration

Process of illustrating and how do we approach the project

As soon as you fill in the evaluation form and send us the basic inputs, we will be glad to contact you and begin our cooperation. At first, we develop a concept and idea, and when you decide on the ideal suggestion, we begin creating the final solution.

01. Project documentation

We create encompassing documentation of the project that includes your demands, company details, color schemes and the idea needed to implement.

02. Storyboard

Upon getting the project documentation we conduct research in order to understand your target group’s needs after which our creative team creates a sketch we send to you for additional revisions.

03. Illustration begins

Colleagues realize all of the above and make sure the design is specific for the niche and thus contribute to better conversion.

04. Finalization

We ensure delivery on time for every project together with implemented revisions and send them to your final solution in all necessary formats.

Illustration ordering

All these benefits of illustrations deserve your attention, right? So bring your ideas along and come to us or contact us via an order form. We will make your resource visually stand out and gain additional expressive power to attract visitors and boost conversion.

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