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Menu and beverage list

When it comes to restaurants and cafes, menu is a presentation of food and drinks in the offer.

Layout templates and colors, menu items description, whether formal or informal, should match the concept and the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Before you design your menu, you need to check the competition, go to their website and look at their offers and price ratio. Also, you should analyze your business’ similarities with and differences from the competition so as to create an action plan to achieve a competitive advantage. The menu design comes after you determine the best strategy to achieve your goals.

Order menu design

Menu is only 1 page in length, double coated or in the leather-covered booklet form with your logo imprinted on the cover. It is also relatively common for the food and drink map (the menu) to be bilingual.

The choice is yours. For the rest, the PopArt team is there to make sure of your restaurant’s menu graphic design leaves a favorable impression on your guests.

Take a look at graphic design portfolio PopArt Studio.