Hire a WordPress development company trusted by Fortune 500 companies worldwide

WordPress is the leading content management system globally, owing its nearly 50% market share to continual innovations, cost-effective development, and powerful plugins for any functionality you can think of. At PopArt Studio, we bring its advantages to a whole new level, by building WP solutions tailored to your business demands.

As a custom WordPress development company, we focus on creating unique digital products that boast the features you actually need. No unnecessary code, no surplus functionalities slowing your website down.

We develop lightweight, simple, and effective WordPress websites that both Google and users love.

Hire our WordPress developer team and uncover the power of award-winning design and clean-code development, packed into SEO-smart products with a user-friendly interface.

Why Hire Us As Your Custom WordPress Development Company

Custom WordPress website service has been the core business of our agency since day one. With over a decade-long experience in developing WordPress-based presentational sites, online shops, and web applications, we take pride in helping more than 15000 clients position their brands online.

Our 5-star Clutch rating, countless design awards, and an enviable WordPress development portfolio of global thought leaders stand as proof of our expertise, professionalism, and quality. Among the clients who entrusted our developers with building their sites are the Ministry of Finance, Codecentric, Schneider Electric, Porcelanosa, and many others.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

Our WordPress development team is made up of seasoned professionals with a profound knowledge of the platform and years-long experience in the development industry.

PopArt Studio is your one-stop solution for building custom WordPress sites. By hiring us, you get a complete team of front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers who code every project with absolute flawlessness.

Fast-Loading WordPress Websites

At PopArt Studio, there is no compromise when it comes to our websites’ loading speeds. All sites developed by our team are super-fast and highly optimized.

From the first line of code to the day we push the site live, we adhere to all the best practices of the WordPress website process. Throughout the development phase, we constantly test and optimize the speed to maximize the site’s user engagement and conversion.

User-Friendly WP Admin Dashboard

WordPress websites come with an intuitive, straightforward user admin panel that is easy to use for all page newcomers. Nonetheless, we make its management even simpler and easier for our clients, by fully customizing the WP dashboard interface to meet your needs.

Our developers build admin dashboards to entirely reflect the features of the site itself. No extra functionalities ensure our clients get the most out of their websites.

Minimal Post-Launch Maintenance

As your trustworthy WordPress website development company, we ensure the achievement of maximum performance, stability, and security during the coding phase.

Still, as WordPress regularly receives new security and performance updates, our developers perform routine support activities to keep the platform and plugins updated.

Maximum Data Safety

As a professional WordPress agency, we follow industry best practices throughout our services. The safety of your, and your clients’ data is the top priority.

That is why every website we build boasts elaborate security measures against cyber attacks. Our developers follow extensive security checklists to ensure your online presence remains safe and secure.

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Fully Custom WordPress Solution

When we say we do custom WordPress website development services -we truly mean it. No swindling with tweaking pre-made templates and reusing old code.

Our sites are entirely custom-made, from the initial wireframing and design to coding the site and integrating plugins. At PopArt Studio, custom means you get a website that completely fits your business needs in the best way possible.

WordPress Development Services We Offer

WordPress is a powerhouse that runs nearly half of the Internet. It is a simple, robust, and adaptable solution that meets a range of your business needs and allows you plenty of options for growth.

And it is exactly what guides the services we provide.

We provide a wide scope of professional, expert-led services to help our clients get the most powerful solution tailored to their needs. We employ the latest technical innovations and push creative boundaries to build products that are effective, upgradeable, and captivating.

Custom WordPress Theme

PopArt Studio is one of the global pioneers in building custom WordPress themes.

Years of hands-on experience, hundreds of completed projects for worldwide, cross-industries clients, and a team of proficient in-house developers make us the best WordPress website dev company you can choose to work with.

A custom theme represents a tailor-made solution entirely in line with your brand identity, unique pages boasting features your website needs and ensuring a great experience for your users.

No extra code, excess features, and surplus design elements ensure you a fast, secure, UX-friendly, and SEO-smart web presence.

WooCommerce Development Services

WooCommerce is an affordable, lightweight, and customizable solution for small and medium enterprises online shops, and eCommerce marketplaces alike.

We build super-flexible and cost-effective WooCommerce websites that are effortless to scale, do a variety of payment and shipping methods, and support all your growing needs with easy integration of different logistics, technical, and marketing integrations.

Our WooCommerce specialists put a special focus on responding to all the challenges eCommerce faces. WooCommerce websites we build are fully responsive across devices, fast-loading, and up to all SEO standards.

Stay on top of the constant industry changes and growing customer demands with our top-notch WooCommerce services.

WordPress Plugin Development Services

Get the most out of WordPress by upgrading your existing plugins or creating a new add-on with custom functionalities.

PopArt Studio’s plugin services include creating, modifying, customizing, and optimizing your WP website add-ons.

The plugin development and customization we offer help expand your site’s functionalities, improve UX, and increase the website’s security.

From defining plugin functionalities and coding your add-on in line with the latest standards to integrating it with other site elements and tweaking the site’s layout to match the new features, we offer goal-focused and customized solutions made and delivered per your requirements.

WordPress Maintenance and Support

WordPress is continually growing thanks to regular security and performance updates. Routine maintenance activities thus ensure your website is stable and safe.

We provide WordPress maintenance and support services that include updating the website core, themes, and plugins.

With PopArt Studio’s WP support, your website is in good hands. Monthly maintenance activities ensure a fast-loading website that is fully secured, monitored, and regularly backed up.

Hire us for expert assistance that supports your website’s traffic growth, completes website improvements, and guarantees maximum mobile-friendliness and optimization.

WordPress Blog Development

WordPress’s clean interface and extensive, easy-to-use writing and publishing functionalities positioned it as the leading CMS for blogging.

Whether you run the entire website on WordPress or use it only for building your blog, we’ve got you covered.

We focus on creating lightning-fast, mobile-friendly, and attractive business blogs.

Simple yet feature-packed inside and out, our blog development ensures a great experience for website admins and readers alike.

WordPress SEO and Conversion Optimization

Maximize your online business potential with professional WordPress SEO that drives better search rankings, website traffic, and online conversions.

As a dedicated WordPress development company, we know WordPress to the core.

We provide our clients with web design and SEO teams under one roof, ensuring you get the search marketing plan tailored to your business goals.

At PopArt Studio, we employ proven SEO strategies to optimize your website. We know what works and we do the same for you.

Benefits of WordPress Website

From its humble beginning as a basic blogging tool, WordPress has evolved into a robust website builder and a feature-packed content management system (CMS) that powers nearly half of the Web.

With WordPress, you get an easy-to-use, highly customizable, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution for building any type of website.

Intuitive UI/UX Design

Interactive and unique UI/UX wireframing and design.

Fully Scalable

High adaptability and easy customizability per your business needs.

Agile Development

The coordinated and efficient web development process.

Data-Driven Processes

User-driven design and development.

Failproof and Secure

Impeccable safety of your business data.

Premium and Scalable WordPress Development Services

At PopArt Studio, we provide solutions for businesses across verticals, of all sizes, and with diverse requirements. From enterprise-level websites and robust eCommerce platforms to personal portfolios and startup presentations, we are a full-service agency that delivers truly responsive and functional websites.

Choose the WordPress development service tailored to your budget and needs.

Book a meeting with us and tell us your ideas, and we will create a unique, fully-customized WordPress website offer to match your requirements. Full transparency, no extra costs, and maximum dedication.

Work with our agency and leverage the benefits of:

  • real-time problem-solving and support
  • the most cost-effective pricing models
  • ongoing communication and consultations
  • on-time reporting and task delivery
  • flexible maintenance and support packages
  • dedicated teams of top industry professionals

Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers

Before starting the project, we organize meetings and workshops to assess and specify the best direction for your project. We nurture transparent communication, mutual agreements, and a data-driven approach to all our processes.

If you are looking for a professional, expert, and all-around digital product for your business, our custom WordPress development services are your best choice.

As seasoned professionals, we assist you in better understanding your business needs and steering your digital presence in the right direction.

With over a decade-long experience in building custom WordPress products, we can integrate seamlessly with your team, work towards meeting your company objectives, and offer you unique benefits such as time-zone alignment and proficiency in the language of your choosing.

WordPress Development Services FAQ

# How Much Does it Cost to Build a WordPress Website?

The cost depends on the kind of website you need. Some of the factors that affect the final development price are the number of pages, the number of plugins, and the functionalities and features the website would have.

Regardless of your site performance and complexity requirements, we offer affordable, flexible pricing plans that suit your unique needs.

Contact us for a personalized offer of WordPress development services.

# Will I Get a Dedicated Project Manager for my WordPress Website Development Services?

When you choose PopArt Studio as your WordPress website development partner, you get an entire team of digital specialists dedicated to your project.

From UI/UX WordPress web designers and project managers to WordPress Developers and QA testers, you can rest assured that your website development project will be handled with care by the industry's top talent.

# How Long Does It Take to Develop a WordPress Website?

The development time of a WordPress website can significantly vary as it depends on the specific requirements of your website. We always strive to create an environment for the best-case scenario, where our team designs and develops a website with maximum performance in minimum time.

If your demands are limited and predefined, we organize the project to ensure the website is live in the shortest turnaround time. Our fast-developed products are scalable, meaning you can easily upgrade your existing product once the circumstances permit.

# What is Enterprise WordPress Development?

Leverage the highest quality, award-winning, bespoke WordPress dev that pushes beyond standards of performance, security, and functionalities.

Enterprise WordPress services we provide focus on creating a cumulative experience for your business aspects within a single WordPress ecosystem.

From building multisite networks and multi-language CMS solutions to API integration and post-launch maintenance and support, we build scalable, high-performance, and joint-up digital systems that meet all your enterprise needs.

# Does Your Company Offer any Post-Launch WordPress Support or Maintenance?

Yes, we do. Here at PopArt Studio, we provide WordPress support and maintenance services in the post-launch phase of a project. Site support and maintenance include a number of tasks that ensure your site's security and performance.

Developers and QA testers perform regular backups, run malware scans, and optimize your website for improved search rankings. Moreover, we provide our clients with in-depth WordPress training to ease their site management efforts.

# What Is the Most Significant Benefit of Working with PopArt Studios' Dedicated WordPress Teams?

PopArt Studio is a full-service digital agency with more than 10 years of experience in developing WordPress websites. We know WordPress to the core, which makes us your best choice when you want a digital product that is fast, data-driven, and efficient.

Besides development, we provide WordPress services including UI and UX design, wireframing, and prototyping of your website layout. Moreover, you get to work with SEO specialists who will optimize and position your website, QA testers who will ensure the site's functionalities are running smoothly, and a project manager who will ensure the most beneficial and effective project workflow.

By hiring us as your dedicated WordPress team, you get an all-in-one, top-industry professionals partner for all your digital needs.


"I looked around for offshore resources that were familiar with WordPress and had a lot of design experience. I saw both of those requirements in PopArt Studio’s portfolio. They were willing to take on the project given its timeframe restrictions and design challenges. We could tell they’d be a great fit for meeting those challenges."

John Cobbs, Cayenne Creative

"We really appreciate their attention to detail and true willingness to make the best out of everything. Throughout the whole project, we really felt like they listen and fully understand what we need."

Mila Petrovic, Netconomy

"Their ability to design & develop unique and modern sites is impressive. Also, their flexibility and willingness to act quickly and efficiently and respond to potential change requests are outstanding. I can confidently say these are some of the most trustworthy, knowledgeable, and reliable professionals in their fields, and I would highly recommend anyone to work with them."

Marija Radalj, Goldright GmbH

"We really felt that they regarded us with care. They were so kind and close to us that they became an extension of our own team; they were no longer just a vendor but a true partner."

Lilian Ostojich, Zoetica

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