ASP.Net development services

The latest ASP.NET technology can be used for the development of a wide array of applications, whether these are internet sites, different web services or web applications. Microsoft’s latest tech is geared towards those who seek reliability in web development, web application features, and perfor-mance, whether for small websites with a small amount of data or for a robust network portal that per-forms at its peak even under heavy load from thousands of daily visits. Some of the most prominent global brands have chosen this platform as the basis of their websites, giants such as Toyota, Honda, L’Oreal, and of course, Microsoft.

With such credentials and such an extensive history, providing APS.NET development services should be a standard for all web development agencies.

Distinctive features of ASP.NET

Separate application tasks, test extensively create further development opportunities based around and on testing

The MVC platform's all major contracts are interface-based and subject to testing by the usage of object layouts mimicking the behavioral patterns of real application objects.

Apart from that, unit testing can commence without starting the controllers in the development process – a practical function that makes for faster and more flexible testing, with any unit testing platform that is compatible with the .NET ecosystem.

Expand the platform

The platform components of the ASP.NET MVC are highly customizable and easy to replace, making it possible for developers to connect unique URL routing policies, presentation engines, parameters for serialization of action method, and a wide array of other components. The MVC platform is also capa-ble of supporting dependency injection (DI) container model usage along with IOC, or control inverse usage. The former allows embedding objects in a class rather than waiting for the class to create the ob-ject, making testing easier.

The benefits of ASP.NET

  • Reliability and stability – In today’s fast-paced world, downtime is a huge red flag for every website and inline business no mat-ter if we are talking about a few hours or a few minutes. As such, a reliable and stable framework should boast a wide palette of features that can ensure that web applications run smoothly. ASP.NET offers built-in protection against attacks and malfunctions with:
    • SQL injection
    • XSS
    • Buffer overflow
    • Changing hidden fields
  • Speed and performance – The structure of the framework makes program code compiling easy on all site pages. ASP.Net also in-tegrates website’s functioning on the server cluster, making scalability easy by driving more traffic to the site.
  • System integration – The .NET platform comes with numerous built-in technologies to help the integration of applications and information systems easier (technologies like JSON, remoting, XML, WCF and so on). With such an abundance of different technologies and methods, every individual case can be solved with the technology best suited for it. By boasting such extensive options, ASP.NET provides for great performance, security, and scalability.
  • ASP.NET MVC framework – does not use view state and server forms making total control over the behavior of an application easy to achieve. Also, it manages complex structures by dividing the application into segments: Model, View, and Controller (hence MVC).
  • According to recent surveys, 40% of the current market is occupied by ASP>NET + MVC.NET + AJAX.NET, meaning that Microsoft tech dominates the web development scene. The rich and immer-sive .NET ecosystem has the support and the power to create anything, from simple web pages to fast and high-performance applications for huge corporate systems.


Development of ASP.NET solutions within our services

eCommerce development with ASP.NET

Data flow, processing, features, user-experience, performance, and the basic stages of an online store development demand deep knowledge and a strong understanding of the entire eCommerce ecosystem from developers.

ASP.NET boasts a wide array of features making it ideal for eCommerce web application development. Easy to scale and for visitors to understands, such a website can help goods sell faster. Also, site owners can have control over every single element of their website, meaning that adding or removing products as part of product and general content management has never been more streamlined and easier. The .NET framework offers a secure, fast-performing and user-friendly solution for everybody who wants to take their business online.

Web application development

With its reliability and great safety features, the .NET framework can serve as an ideal platform for everyone, from small businesses with a handful of features to huge corporate systems with customer and employee accounts, different forms, and product catalogs. Tracking, controlling and optimizing not just how the website performs but how users perceive and use it is simple with ASP.NET.

CMS Development with ASP.NET

Whether creating them on-premise or on the cloud, CMS applications with the .NET ecosystem support marketing automation, document management, online marketing tools, multilingual websites, mobile websites along with other essential features. CMS platforms in .NET are highly configurable and easy to modify, and most importantly to navigate, making them an ideal choice for business owners and developers alike.

Development tailored to the customer’s needs

In today’s world, both site owners and visitors want a web application that loads fast, is easy to use and scale that is reliable, safe, performs well, and adds value. ASP.NET is all about deploying the latest trends and compiling all these features into one package – a highly functional application.

Order ASP.NET solutions

Hire an outstanding team of experienced and creative ASP.Net developers to help you create a web site, web application, eCommerce site, or app that best suits your current needs, that is easy to scale, fast, and optimized to meet highest market standards.


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