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Why is front-end development so important?

Back in the days, front-end developers were given less attention as it was thought that their skills were not so important. Luckily, this false belief has greatly changed so today front-end developers are equally important as back-end developers.

These are just some of the reasons why front-end development matters so much:

  • Website structure must be entirely layered
  • HTML code should be HTML5, XHTML1.0 strictly
  • Incomplete solutions, tricks and empty tags are strictly prohibited
  • CSS class names should be structure-related
  • Websites must be tested for all browsers compatibility
  • Only one website for all devices

UI/UX front-end development Serbia

We are front-end experts based in Novi Sad, Serbia. We have been producing and coding beautiful user interfaces and adjusting user experience for years.

Some of the tools that we work with:

  • Photoshop
  • Rapid Wireframing / Mockup tools
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • Cross-browser techniques and challenges
  • CSS frameworks

Our front-end development is browser-compatible with IE 7+/Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Maxthon.

WordPress is our favorite platform.

What is front-end development?

This is what you see when you first visit a website. Front-end development is the process of functionalities development and coding before the design approval. Good front-end is one that converts design to functionally coded website without deviations, abiding by SEO rules and with valid code.

What makes PopArt Studio front-end development different?

PopArt Studio's front-end web development team is skilled in HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, AJAX and CSS.PopArt Studio’s development team creates websites that are:

  • hand-coded, thus fully custom and unique,
  • SEO-friendly,
  • Compatible with Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE/Edge browsers and all operative systems.