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What is a mobile website and can it improve my business?

Can creating a mobile version of a website improve your business and draw new clients? What does ‘a mobile website’ mean anyway?

Mobile website is a site which can be accessed from all devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers etc., and viewed on all screen types and dimensions without it influencing user experience (UX).

Mobile or responsive design is no longer a new thing in web design. It emerged as a reaction to constant usage of mobile devices which can access the Internet at any time or in any place, thus enabling its users to obtain information quickly. People are now so used to the Internet that they can barely make it through a few hours without using it.

In the past, internet searches came from desktop computers only, so websites were designed accordingly. However, in the past five years or more, we witness the growth in the number of mobile users. In fact, in 2016 mobile search has grown immensely up to 41% worldwide!

The experts predict that in the following years, mobile search is going to top desktop search, which is already going down (it is currently at 53.7%).

If we take these two facts into consideration, the answer to the question we have asked at the beginning is clear: adapting a website to mobile phones is a smart investment now and it will certainly be in the future.

The advantages of creating websites for mobile devices

Having your website adaptable to different devices and all screen sizes can only be beneficial to its overall function – it will reduce costs, increase profit and help popularizing your brand.

The following is a list of advantages of mobile websites:

  • The site will be shown equally good on all devices
  • The costs of website development will be reduced because it will have only one version
  • The costs in general will be scaled down and website maintenance made easier
  • User experience (UX) will be better. This means loading speed, content presentation, navigation, lower bounce rates
  • Staying true to your visual identity (brand recognition)
  • Better position: Google loves responsive websites and ranks them higher
  • Following your competition

mobile website illustration

How to make a mobile website

If you already have a site which is not mobile-friendly, you will need to reprogram it or start everything from scratch. Both solutions can be done, however, the only question is how long they each is going to take.

If you are into web development, adjusting the site will not be much of a problem to you. However, if you are a business owner who lacks knowledge of this kind of technology, we recommend hiring a professional team to do this for you.

The money you invest into a new website will be insignificant compared to the benefits you can obtain from it. It is not enough just to create a website. On the contrary, a website cannot be made successful overnight. It takes years of effort to invest into it if you want to reap its fruit. Just like any other business, online business is also serious, so do not make a mistake of thinking that having a website will be enough.

A win-win combination for your business to succeed is having a highly designed website, adjusted to both search engines and users, with constant investment into internet marketing.

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