3rd party application integration

The majority of our previous projects includes at least some sort of 3rd party vendor integration, ranging from website analytics to plug-in functions and business applications. These are just some of the application types we can implement into your website.

PopArt studio can assist you in choosing the right application with regard to the abundant market offer. Based on our years-long experience we integrate 3rd party tools and applications into your existing system. PopArt Studio team is experienced in covering the entire spectrum of vendor integration.

Types of applications

The applications that improve user experience on the website and offer additional possibilities include the following:

  • Alternative payments: Various solutions enable customers to make e-commerce transactions via credit card, mobile phones, Amazon, PayPal, Google Checkout, etc.
  • Advanced website search and dynamic filters
  • Product catalogues
  • Animation, dynamic product preview , virtual 360-degrees product environment
  • Various widgets, blog platforms, chats, video chats, forums, 3rd party integration and API integration
  • Analytics, statistics, polls
  • Social network integration
  • Creating Facebook pages for your business
  • Creating YouTube channels for your business
  • Development of professional Tumbler pages

API integration

We have designed and built various applications to integrate value-added technology and content partners to our clients. We cooperate with you on identifying qualified 3rd party vendors, and suggest the most favorable licensing deals as quickly as possible. In addition to being well-versed in Facebook, iPhone, and Twitter applications, WordPress plugins and standalone widgets, we pick up new APIs and languages in a snap.

The use of resources, advanced API technology and 3rd party services offer the possibility of implementing and integrating advanced services, technologies, tools and add-ons in the applications we build for our clients.

web app icon design

Order app development

Do you want to add a 360-degree video to a product description on your website? Would you like to integrate payment methods on your web shop? Do you plan to connect every web page with social networks? And do you know how to do that? Well, we do. By using third-party apps, we can integrate advanced services, technologies, tools and plugins with your website, so that everything works smoothly.


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