What is flash?

When interactive animation wants to be put on website, many web designers and architects use Flash.

Users interface, logos and animated movies, all that can be found in Flash movies at corporations, social and personal websites on the Internet.

Flash became the favourite tool in web design for several reasons. First, Flash gives to designers and architects bigger control over they work. When they are not using Flash to design web pages, the final result depends of a users browser.

Using the Flash gives you, as a designer, an opportunity to determine how the website is going to function and appear, no matter which browser is used since it would be visible because of Flash Player use. If we add to this an easy accessibility to Flash Player (it is included in most of web browsers, system softwares and other standard add-ons on new computers and it can be taken from ADOBE website) you can see why is flash becoming a standard.

Flash integrated a lot of functions into one easy - to - use program. Not only that you can create animated movies from "zero" point with Flash, but you can also bring in some graphic content, created in other programs, and use Flash to animate it.

However, downloading time depends on watchers connection type so, you have to thing of it when making an animation.

Later you will get a better insight into vector and rasterized graphic extensions.

Watching a Flash movie

  • Start your web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator)
  • Choose File -> Open. A menu is opened.
  • Mark Flash MX Level 1 Data folder and open banner_example.html file. A Flash animation is now started as it is watched over the web.
  • Close a window of browser.
  • Start a Flash application.
  • Open banner_example.fla file in Flash MX Level 1 Data folder. When it is opened, Flash will be showing you the first frame of a movie in a Flash working environment.
  • Choose Control -> Play. The animation starts. This is a type of animation effect that you can be making in Flash.
  • Close the file and don't save the changes you made.

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