Decade-long website design experience for domestic and international clients

PopArt Studio is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency for website design, with over a decade of experience in creating dynamic presentation websites and online stores.

From the very beginnings of the web to the development of the most modern technology, website design services have represented the foundation of our company for over ten years. We grow alongside the industry and that is why today we can offer you the design of sophisticated digital solutions - from dynamic user interfaces to powerful eCommerce functionalities.

Hire PopArt Studio for your web site design and leverage the power of a custom-made, responsive, SEO-optimized, secure, and professionally created online presence.

Thanks to the experienced design, development, and marketing teams, we offer our clients a unique and complete web page design service in the domestic market - from industry research and SEO consultations during design and development to QA testing and website maintenance post-release.

You are interested in a detailed web site design offer by PopArt Studio? Contact us and request a quote for our website design services, and discover what we can do for your business.

Website design services for small, medium, and large businesses.

Whether you are a small local business, a medium business, or an international company, PopArt Studio is a perfect choice for a professional and affordable web site design.

For over a decade we’ve been working with companies of all sizes belonging to the world’s biggest markets, such as the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, and the New Zealand. Schneider Electric, codecentric, and IBM software companies, as well as many other private and state-owned companies around the world, have entrusted us with their website design.

Our team of experienced web site designers and developers will help you establish a professional online presence that suits your business goals. Regardless of whether you have an internal design, development, or marketing team - or whether we would be your complete digital team - you can be sure that cooperating with us will suit your business’s and clients’ aspirations.

Our web page design is unique because we create websites that are completely adapted to the needs of your business. In other words, your company’s needs directly affect the website size, its functionality and complexity, the web page design platform, and finally, the price of the website design.

Our website design is a completely transparent process - we create a custom-made design based on your brand, write a simple code with a pixel-perfect approach, and create the functionalities you actually need.

What do you get when you entrust your website design to PopArt Studio?

Website design services by a multi-award-winning agency

Our design and development solutions received accolades from world-renowned experts and leading international web page design organizations. From rewards for unique and functional designs to accolades for clean-code, high-performance web page designs, we have a portfolio of rewarded websites - which could include yours.

Quality website design in accordance with the leading world standards and technology

More than a decade of experience in professional and quality website design services makes PopArt Studio the leading website design company. We are one of the most experienced web page design agencies. Our expertise, familiarization with the latest industry standards, and passion for quality website design are what separates us from the rest of the agencies.

Website design based on the experience of creating thousands of websites for domestic and international clients

We work with clients from various industries, companies of many sizes, and partners worldwide. Throughout the years, we have offered website design services for clients belonging to industries such as eCommerce, financial and professional services, the oil industry, and IT and software development. Regardless of the industry and the size of the client’s business, we offer you everything necessary for a good ranking of your website, making sure that it attracts potential customers and increases your business’ revenue.

Website design done by a dedicated team of experts

We are a digital marketing agency with a complete service - in other words, besides web site design, we offer on-page and off-page SEO optimization, content marketing, and a wide spectrum of other services which will ensure maximum results for your website. PopArt Studio is an extension of your team and your right hand in the race toward first place in Google searches.

Custom-made marketing strategy and affordable website design services

We offer personalized web site design access to each of our clients, and the service package price is adapted to the unique needs of your company. Whether you hire PopArt Studio for web page design or a complete digital marketing service, we create a maximally affordable digital strategy that offers the most profitable results.

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What do PopArt Studio website design services involve

We are unique in that we offer our clients complete digital marketing - from researching the market and coming up with a strategy, through web page design, creation, and maintenance, to Google optimization and social media marketing.

Our service packages and website design prices are flexible and directly depend on your business possibilities and needs.

PopArt Studio web site design involves the following services:

UI/UX website design

OWe create custom-made and visually attractive websites whose design adequately represents the client’s brand and talks to the target audience. Our UI/UX web site designers have many years of experience in creating websites that offer an intuitive, quality user experience and top-tier performance. Whether it be single-page web presentations, multi-page company websites, complex web applications, or online store creation, we ensure a design that is completely SEO optimized, responsive, and in accordance with the leading design trends.

Custom-made functionalities and website design

After creating a visually astounding design, we start creating a website that is functional and simple to use. Whether we create a one-page website, a complex website, or an eCommerce platform, we ensure clean code, responsiveness, and optimization of every page. According to the needs of your business, the website design is done on the platform of your choice. Our development team is experienced in designing static websites, custom-made WordPress themes, custom CMS websites, WooCommerce and Shopify online store solutions, and many other digital products. Together with you, we reach the best solution for your website to ensure its flawless look and functioning, simple updating, and easy content management of your webpage.

SEO optimization

Basic SEO optimization for search engines comes as a part of our website design services. It means that by hiring PopArt Studio for your web page design, you get a digital product that is in line with the most important SEO rules. Besides the basic optimization, we offer our clients SEO consultation packages during the whole web site design process. By hiring our SEO optimization experts, you ensure that your website is completely optimized - from design and content to clean code and maximum performance. Being ranked at the top of Google search results is essential for quality digital marketing and good business, and basic SEO optimization is just the beginning. This is why we offer affordable SEO optimization packages to the clients who entrusted us with their website design.

WordPress Web Page Design

WordPress Web Design is one of our main services. PopArt Studio has a dedicated team of experienced WordPress programmers and a portfolio that counts several hundreds of successfully created websites.

Our technical expertise and dedication to exceeding your expectations helped us create a long list of satisfied clients from around the world. Creation, design, and optimization of WordPress websites for search engines are just some of the services we offer, besides which the following are included:

  • Installation and setting up of WordPress CMS
  • Development and creation of custom-made WordPress add-ons
  • Design and development of custom-made WordPress themes
  • WordPress API integration
  • WordPress CMS migration
  • WordPress website maintenance

If you are interested in WordPress website design services, contact us and schedule an appointment with our team today.

Winning process and methodology - Our website design

More than a decade of web page design experience doesn’t only mean experienced developers and awarded design - but also that you get an all-encompassing and concise approach to website design services. PopArt Studio has a worked-out and efficient methodology for approaching each project in the most optimized way possible.

Our web site design can be separated into seven simple steps:

#1 Data collection

Our initial focus is on collecting all of the necessary information. We organize meetings and workshops with the client, through which we learn more about your business, target audience, and the needs of your company. Then, we internally analyze the information received from the client, through exhaustive research of the client’s industry, competition, and trends.

#2 Strategy creation and wireframing

Using the information collected during the first phase, we create a detailed plan for the client’s internet presence. During this step, we design the wireframe, navigation, and other website structure elements.

#3 Website design

Depending on the agreement with the client, our design team creates one or more web site design prototypes. Design is created through continuous communication with the client to ensure that the final web page suits your needs, taste, and vision.

#4 Website creation

When the design is ready, we begin the website coding process. The creation is done using the front-end and back-end technology of the client’s choice, which will contribute to the success of your online business the most. During coding, we constantly test the performance and responsivity of the website.

#5 QA testing

When the content and the visual elements are completely coded, we begin the testing process. Our QA team tests every page in detail - its performance, internal linking, responsiveness, and content. Before releasing the website, we perform final optimization activities for Google.

#6 Website launch

After the final confirmation by the client, it is time for the web page launch. During this step, the accuracy of all files is confirmed, and the website is transferred to the production server.

#7 Website maintenance and optimization

After launching the website, we recommend to our clients the service of regular website maintenance and optimization. By maintaining your website, we ensure that the website remains active and available, we perform bug fixing, functionality checking, and updating of all elements, so that they are in line with the safety recommendations.

From inserting new content and updating data to the SEO optimization service of the current and new content, we offer our clients a wide spectrum of services that ensure maximum success of the online business.

Website design services - Frequently asked questions

What is the price range for website design?

Our web page design price depends on the needs of your business and the level of complexity of the project. We create a unique offer for every client, adapted to your demands and the degree of our team’s involvement in website design. We don’t use template offers, meaning that the web site design price is created after an in-depth analysis of the project and based on the technology and functionalities that you choose for your web page design.

How long does web site design take?

The time needed for the website design depends on many factors, like the number of pages, the level of complexity of the website functionalities, whether you have an already-existing design or whether we create it, etc. PopArt Studio, as a professional website design agency, takes approximately one to four months to create a website from scratch to its final release. For concrete information, contact us and request a detailed offer for web page design.

What technology do you use for website design?

Our main focus is creating a uniquely designed and programmed website on the WordPress platform, as well as creating custom-made web applications, something we have a decade of experience in. We create websites using other platforms, such as Laravel, a complete custom solution, Next.js, that is, a web site design based on the React.js library. All of the technology we use offers enormous support and flexibility when designing any type of website and functionality, without limitations.

How many pages are included in PopArt Studio web site design?

We have been creating websites for over ten years and during that time we have created a wide spectrum of digital products - from single-page presentations to complex online stores with over 10.000 products. The website size depends on your demands, although we always recommend multi-page website design to our clients. A multi-page website is a better solution as it enables successful web page SEO optimization and better ranking for the desired keywords.

Will I have a personal programmer for the web page design project?

Depending on your needs and the scope of the project, we can assign a dedicated programmer who will primarily work on the coding of your website. However, for most website design projects, we create a team of developers according to the project demands and the technology included in the project itself.

What if I have my own design, development, or SEO team?

No problem - we are flexible and we create service packages according to your demands. If you don’t find one of the web site design aspects necessary, or you have an internal team of experts, we adapt in order to fulfill the rest of your digital needs.

What if I don’t know what I need for my web site design?

It doesn’t matter - we are here to help. For every website design project, we organize the initial meetings with our team and using detailed briefings, we paint the complete picture of what your online business needs.

Do you work with international clients?

Of course - what is more, more than 80% of the clients who put their trust in our hands are international ones. Our clients come from all around the world and throughout the years, the biggest trust was shown to us by companies from the USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Australia, and other leading world markets. We ensure a good relationship with our international clients from the start of the project to the delivery of the final digital product. Even though we are physically separated, we maintain the practice of constant communication and project status monitoring. Project management software, regular team meetings, and smooth email communication are just some of how you will be sure that the work on your project is adequately done.

What does the project management process look like during web page design?

Our project management process includes everything, from the initial meeting where we define your needs and analyze the market, to the successful delivery of the finished website and its optimization after release. By hiring PopArt Studio for your web site design, you get a project manager at your disposal. They are completely dedicated to your project and you will be able to communicate all of the steps of the project and potential questions with them.

How big are the companies you do web site design for?

Our web page design is intended for companies of different sizes. We cooperate with start-ups, non-profit organizations, medium-sized and small enterprises, as well as with international companies. We clearly understand our clients’ demands and we plan, organize, and perform tasks in order to achieve maximal results.

What types of websites have you designed?

With over ten years of existence, PopArt Studio has done website designs for worldwide clients belonging to a wide spectrum of industries, such as travel, hospitality, health care, real estate, government, and non-government organizations, as well as many others.

Have you got examples of some web pages you created?

If you wish to see how we work, visit our web site design portfolio page, as well as our Behance and Dribbble profiles.

I want a redesign of an already existing website, do you offer such services?

Within the scope of our web page design service, we also offer website redesign. From slight changes in look or functionality to the complete website redesign, our web site designers, developers, and SEO optimization specialists are at your disposal to help achieve maximal efficiency in the redesign activities. Website update time and the price of the redesign depend on how wide the spectrum of the necessary changes is. For a detailed website redesign offer, contact us and we will devise the best possible strategy for your new web presence.

Do you offer website maintenance?

Regular and adequate website maintenance is the key to the stability, reliability, and performance of a website. Proper maintenance will help ensure the good functioning of your web page, boost your website’s Google search ranking, and increase traffic to your website. We offer a website maintenance service, disregarding the platform they were made on. Proper and professional maintenance and regular updating of the page will help achieve stable and continuous growth of your online business.

Will my website be adapted to mobile devices?

Absolutely. Whether it is a one-page web presentation or a robust online store, every website we cook up in our kitchen is completely optimized for screens of different sizes - from desktop computers, and tablets, to mobile phones. Our website design services are based on creating responsive web pages, but depending on the needs and the agreement with the client, we also offer mobile-first website design services, where the processes of design and development start from the mobile version of the website.

Do you do SEO optimization for the websites you design?

Basic SEO optimization, which includes metadata sorting, analytics setup, and performance check, is included in the web site design. With this, we ensure that the website we designed and launched is visible, both for Google and for the users, and as such ready for further Google optimization. After finalizing the website design, you can opt for one of our SEO optimization services - with an even cheaper price if you are a long-term client. From off-page and on-page SEO optimization to building backlinks and optimizing keyword content, PopArt Studio offers you the complete creation of a successful digital product.

What if I don’t have any prepared content for the website?

No problem - we offer web copywriting, where our copywriters create relevant and professional content optimized for the desired keywords and fulfilling your business demands and goals. We offer you a copywriting service, through which we deliver content for landing pages, service pages, keywords optimized blogs, and much more.

Will I lose ranking in Google searches if I redesign my web page?

If the website redesign is done properly, you will not lose your ranking in Google searches. We have more than a decade of experience in website redesign and, thanks to following all of the necessary steps, we approach the soft transition model, which is enabled by honoring SEO rules like URL structure consistency, redirection, and best practice, so that the ranking of each of our redesigned websites remains unchanged, and most commonly boosted, after launch.

What do the clients say about our web site design service?

  • ““We have followed the work of many website design agencies for a long time and sent offer requests to a dozen of addresses. PopArt Studio had by far the best, most professionally prepared offer. Their web site design portfolio was especially impressive and so were the references of the team members. The results of our regular yearly research show that over 95% of our employees are satisfied with the look, content, and functionality of the NIS portal whose design and production were done by PopArt Studio.”Nebojša Trajković, NIS a.d.
  • “PopArt Studio is a highly professional team. Whenever anything was confusing, the answer would arrive within an hour. Someone is always available to answer our questions, share the best solutions with us, and implement all the functionalities we want.” Dušan Čavić, Ciklotron/Marka Žvaka
  • “We wanted to create a new, modern website that could answer all of the Ministry’s requests in full, such as open and transparent communication with the citizens. The website got positive feedback from our internal team. The talented and creative PopArt Studio team provided high-quality web page design results.”Ana Pančić, Ministry of Finance
  • “The project is running smoothly and we haven’t encountered any obstacles. PopArt Studio understands our needs and suggests the right solutions. They lead us through the website design process in the right way. They are experts at what they do; they know how to apply tactics that will help us achieve our goals.”Nataša Dakić, codecentric

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