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Dave Mottram is an art director and illustrator from Youngstown, Ohio whose best work includes character illustration. He started drawing everything at the tender age of 2.

At age 5, he used grocery bags for drawing when he ran out of paper and at 8, he won Seaworld art contest and met Shamu. At this age, he also got glasses but only until 10 did he got adjusted to them and even started drawing his first comic strip.

By age 20, he saved some money working at a grocery store (and drawing customers on lunch breaks) so he went to college to study design. By 30, he has worked for 3 design agencies as a Designer, and later Senior Designer, so he started considering freelance.

Dave Mottram is now over 40, has a 4-year-old daughter who helps him in learning to draw, and the circle thus continues.

See Dave’s illustration sketchbook on Facebook, follow him on Twitter and Instagram, and do check out his cool biography on his official website.

Dave Mottram’s Illustrations That Take You Back To Childhood

A wish awaits

a wish awaits

Blackbird stumpblackbird stump

Choo choo!

choochoo train illustration


eleflower elephant+flower

Hamster house

hamster house by dave mottram



Little red panda

little red panda fox

A few cuts left

lizard a few cuts left graphic


Mammoth illustration



Never say die

never say die


oz illustration detail


r5d4 by dave mottram

Rock island

rock island

Tall tales

tall tales

The scarfed owl

the scarfed owl cute illustration

The dawn trader

the dawn trader ship design

Tin Man

tin man heart detail

Walking into 2017

walking into 2017

Zuzu’s petals

zuzu's petals

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