Playful character illustrations of Marco Martina

Marco Martina is a prospective motion and graphic designer from Milan, Italy. After having graduated from NABA in Graphic Design and Art Direction and working with famous clients, he started teaching Motion Graphics course at his alma mater and is now a successful animator and designer/teacher.

Some of his major projects include Kinder Sorpresa (Kinder Surprise) and Comedy Central opener.

You can see all his animations and videos on his Behance and Dribbble and, of course, Instagram, add him as a friend on Facebook or tweet him something nice on Twitter.

Face of Kinder

marco martini face of kinder 1marco martini face of kinder 2marco martini face of kinder 3marco martini face of kinder 4marco martini face of kinder 5

See Face of Kinder project on Vimeo:


marco martina carrefour 1

marco martina carrefour 2

marco martina carrefour 3

See Carrefour commercial on Vimeo:

Kinder Sorpresa icons

A set of icons designed for Kinder Sorpresa video game:

marco martini kinder sorpresa icons 1

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