Why does your website need optimization?

The main goal is that your website attracts as many active visitors as it is intended for, coming from search engine queries, and not to attract as many various random visitors.

How to accomplish that?

The most important thing is to choose the appropriate keywords. Put yourself in a position of your visitors. What could they type into the search engine if searching for your website?

Why SEO is so important?

Internet traffic is mostly guided based on the search results at commercial search engines, such as Google or Yahoo. If your website doesn't show up in the search results after you type in the keywords that are connected to your website and business topic, it means your website is loosing a great amount of potential visitors.

It doesn’t matter if your website provides information, products, or services – the majority of visitors are going to use search engines to find you. When the website is well optimized, over 80% of the visitors come via the search engines - that is very easy to track.

Do you wish to stay unseen while your competition earn and increase their internet presence?

Often is a case that visitors who once came to your website probably did not remember its address, but they most certainly do remember the keywords they used in order to find you.

It is very simple to check it out for yourself. Go to www.google.com and type in your most important keywords.

If you can't find your website on the first page (or at least on the second) then the answer is: YES, YOU DO NEED A WEBSITE OPTIMISATION.

A Website Optimization Process

SEO Consulting

In the first phase of the website optimization, we need to introduce ourselves with the information, products, and services that your website is offering, and then find the most suitable target audience for it.

Under the target audience we consider two things: 1) Demographics of the visitors. For example, teenagers, men, women, young people, etc. 2) A location of your target audience. For example, the USA, England, Germany, Australia, etc.

SEO analysis

SEO analysis begins with an evaluation of your keywords quality. There are tools that help us see how many queries were there for some of the keywords in the last year, and how many queries were there for the same keyword during the past month. Very important: your competition's keyword rankings. We check out the level of difficulty for getting into the first 10 places using the chosen keywords.

SEO offer

As a result of SEO analysis, we define a concrete goal for your website, and we provide the time evaluation to achieve that goal. We also give you a concrete offer for the expenses.

Example: A concrete goal is to "embossing London" get you among top 10 at www.google.co.uk (or at www.google.com - depending on a target audience).

Are there any guarantees for our services in website optimization?

Of course, one symbolic part of the expenses is paid in advance, and the rest is paid after getting the results. Sometimes it takes even 3-6 months to see the results, and sometimes the results can be seen after only a few weeks - it all depends on the competition's level of website optimization.

SEO maintenance

Our goal is not just to put you into the top 10 results for one keyword, but for various ones that resonate with your business. Also, our goal is to make it possible for you to stay in that positions. To achieve that, it takes a continuous check on your competition's website optimization, as well as the popularity of certain keywords, visitors’ statistics, the most often keywords, the most visited pages, etc.

If you choose not to pay much attention to the SEO preemptive maintenance, there is a big chance for you to simply fall down from the top position, and it could take months to put your website up into the good position again. This kind of a delay is due to the search engine's way of working, because it periodically visits your website and gathers information from it.

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