Top 30 free US business directories to increase your brand visibility

Whether you own a local restaurant, cocktail bar, beauty salon, hostel, real estate agency, rent-a-car company, home renovation services, or you operate in any other industry or a business niche across the United States, enlisting your business at some of the best business listing sites might be substantially beneficial for increasing your brand visibility and making your website rank higher on search engine result pages. Here, we present you the list of top 30 free U.S. directories with millions of users and high domain authority that could bring your online presence to higher ground.

Creating a business account on these directories is quick, and it usually requires a few simple steps. However, you might want to prepare some materials in advance:

  • A company logo in a horizontal and square format
  • Unique articles describing your company story and core values
  • Unique descriptions of your products or services
  • Images of your products or services, company interiors, offices, exteriors, and team members
  • An email address to claim your business and manage your account

As a business owner, you might find these citation sites for business listings to be a great place to promote your brand, advertise your business, boost up your online presence, and claim your business page. We have carefully curated the list of the best local directories in the U.S., so these could be your starting point.


Moz PA: 83; DA: 94

Alexa rank: 207


With over 33 million unique monthly visitors coming from mobile apps and 69 million unique visitors through the mobile web in Q4 2018, Yelp is one of the most popular online business directories in the US. Therefore, it should be one of the most important places to list your business. With more than 177 million reviews written on the platform, Yelp is also a go-to place for your reputation management. Using signals like content quality, reliability, and activity on Yelp, this platform automatically finds the most relevant profiles and reviews to show to its users. And official Yelp statistics says that businesses with complete profiles receive 5 times more page views than non-complete ones.

Better Business Bureau

Moz PA: 77; DA: 90

Alexa rank: 4,151


Better Business Bureau (BBB) is dedicated to listing only high-quality businesses in North America, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Its mission is to help companies to better serve their customers and become an integral part of their local communities, and its vision is to create „an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other“. BBB helps people find and recommend brands and organizations they can trust, and it is one of the best directories when it comes to company validation. By joining the BBB community and gaining BBB Accreditation, businesses prove their integrity and their true commitment to consumers.


Moz PA: 66; DA: 80

Alexa rank: 5,391


Manta provides a full-service business listings solution for small businesses. By creating a free profile and adding your business to Manta directory, you get to make an impact and show off your products or services to a large number of prospective users. You can list your business under the specific category or a subcategory, and make it easier to be found through search results. Manta experts will guide you through and help you optimize your business listings on over 60 sites to increase your online traffic. Besides that, Manta can help you manage your online reputation, by managing the conversation and reviews about your business.

Google My Business

Moz PA: 85; DA: 100

Alexa rank: 1


You can attract more customers by creating a free Google My Business profile. Fill it out with your contact information, working hours, website link, and add as many pictures as you like. Once you set up your profile, it will appear in Google SERPs and Google Maps, and it will complement your website and make a comprehensive public identity for your business. Google My Business can help you manage your customer reviews and nurture the conversation with your customers. It also gives you an insight into the metrics about profile views, number of clicks, calls, and direction requests.

Bing places for business

Moz PA: 55; DA: 53

Alexa rank: 51,860


Claim your company listing on Bing places for business by adding complete information about your company. You can add various contact info and photographs of your products or services in order to help online customers discover your business more easily. Bing places for business is a free directory that offers a possibility of verifying your listing with a dedicated PIN and protecting it from unauthorized changes. All businesses must provide a valid address, but for certain types of businesses, there is an option to hide the address in search results. If your business is spread out through multiple locations, you can use the bulk upload tool to set them all out at once.

Merchant Circle

Moz PA: 65; DA: 73

Alexa rank: 65,414


MerchantCircle is one of the largest online directories of local business owners in the United States, and it serves as a direct connection line between local shoppers and local merchants. It has more than 100 million visits per year, coming from people who are searching for products and services in their community. Creating your business account on this site might boost up your online visibility and make your company get found by more new customers. MerchantCircle is offering a possibility to manage your reputation, launch digital ads, make your business more searchable through the most popular search engines, and send actively searching users directly your way.


Moz PA: 61; DA: 59

Alexa rank: 18,542


There are already more than 100,000 listings of local businesses on, and new ones are being added every day. You can claim your business listing for free, and you can put up the contact information, exact driving directions to your store, restaurant, salon, or another type of business. Since the has partnered with Yext, there is an opportunity to claim your listing on other 40 sites, as well. is dedicated to helping people find businesses in their local communities, hence the section with customer ratings and reviews is one of the most vibrant sections on this site, providing a richer experience to users.


Moz PA: 59; DA: 55

Alexa rank: 138,518


Brownbook is a global business directory that provides a real-time preview of the new businesses being uploaded. Currently, there are 38,560,631 listings on this site, and the number is growing minute after minute. The vast majority of businesses is located in the United States, more than 25 million at the moment, and some of the most popular U.S. cities are New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and San Diego. Adding your business to this global database is free, you can verify your listing, add your logo, photographs, videos, links, etc. For marketing agencies and SEO specialists, there is a dedicated Publisher API that can help you upload, edit, and delete listings more easily. It is a helpful tool for reducing time and cost of administrative maintenance for multiple listings on Brownbook.

Yellow Pages

Moz PA: 70; DA: 86

Alexa rank: 4,504


Yellow Pages is one of the best-known business directories in the world. Therefore, its website is one of the largest web directories out there, and the YP mobile app is used by millions of people on a daily basis. There is an option for a free basic profile on Yellow Pages, and there is a paid version that gets you a richer listing. You can also advertise your business on Yellow Pages, or you can opt for the promotion of your discounts and coupons. Besides that, YP will help you target your audience more precisely, and deliver your profile in front of the people that are more likely to buy. No matter if your audience is searching for you by name or by the products or services that you offer, YP profile can help you become more visible online.


Moz PA: 66; DA: 76

Alexa rank: 47,514


For the last 25 years, Citysearch has been focused on bringing together local businesses and the local community. So, the platform encourages users to engage with their favorite restaurants, bars, service providers, and other businesses. There is a feature called Best of Citysearch that enables users to vote on restaurants, salons, wellness centers, etc. Unlike the common practice, Citysearch uses a bi-modal rating approach with thumbs up/down, rather than star ratings. Besides that, there is a scorecard along the side of each business profile, indicating the score that Citysearch calculates for every business, based on recommendations and other factors. Another popular feature is Deals, designed to highlight special offers, discounts, and promotions at local businesses.


Moz PA: 65; DA: 70

Alexa rank: 8,027


Thumbtack is a free directory that enlists local professionals, ranging from interior designers to local movers to DJs. Users can read reviews on Thumbtack, see price estimates and bids for the projects they need, and they can chat with professionals within the app. On the other hand, if you are a professional yourself, you can join Thumbtack as a pro and list your business profile. You can use this directory in two different ways – by responding to customers who have found you through the search results and reached out to you, or by browsing enlisted job offers and reaching out to potential customers yourself. Either way, make sure that your profile is complete, including the location, services you offer, prices, and other necessary information.


Moz PA: 50; DA: 67

Alexa rank: 6,731


Kompass is a global B2B online directory that offers access to more than 35 million companies in the United States and another 70 countries around the world. Users can search for the companies by their name, their activities, services, and products, or by the regions, countries, and cities. Companies are sorted out by categories and sectors, and the most popular categories are business services, education and training, agriculture, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, construction, environment, and many others. As a B2B company, you can use the feature EasyList to create a targeted list for your business prospects within the Kompass directory. Besides that, Kompass gives you the opportunity to enlist the promotions and special discounts that you might want to offer to your prospective clients.

EZ Local

Moz PA: 55; DA: 53

Alexa rank: 118,108


You can claim your business for free and enrich your digital presence on the EZlocal directory. It is a Google Partner, it has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau, and it is reported to be one of the leaders in digital presence management by helping companies manage their local and social content across online directories, maps, and search engines. With millions of company profiles enlisted, EZlocal has been one of the top-ranked US directories for more than a decade. If you want your online presence brought to higher ground, EZlocal has dedicated teams that can help you with listings management, citation building, and reputation management.

Insider Pages

Moz PA: 60; DA: 59

Alexa rank: 237,184


Whether you own a pet shop, hair salon, dental ordination, auto mechanic shop, or a plastic surgery clinic in the U.S., it might be a good idea to consider claiming your business on Insider Pages. The purpose of this directory is to help people find services they can trust, and do it through authentic customer recommendations and business reviews. If you find spammy or malicious reviews on your business page, you can ask for removal. Besides that, you may find that your company listing already exists on this website, even if you hadn’t claimed it yourself. The displayed information may be coming from Insider Pages partner sites, which include Health Grades, Citysearch, InfoGroup, Service Magic, and Yellow Pages. So, if you, by any chance, want to delete such business listing from this website, you should contact the original source of information to make it happen.


Moz PA: 74; DA: 89

Alexa rank: 121


Craig Newmark is a self-described nerd, pioneer of the Web, speaker, philanthropist, and a strong advocate of the use of technology for the public good. Founded by Craig Newmark in 1995, Craigslist has become one of the most-visited websites in the world, counting over 50 billion page views per month. It is a leading classifieds service as well, and one of the best known go-to places for a job search across the globe. If you want to start using Craigslist, you can find a vast number of helpful documents on their website, as well as the Feedback Forum, Help Desk Forum, Charitable Fund, guidelines for avoiding scams, and various open-source projects. There are also regularly updated Best of Craigslist postings that are nominated and voted by readers, so you may find your listing posted in this list as well.


Moz PA: 53; DA: 42

Alexa rank: 224,588

Website: is an online destination for local businesses. It is powered by carefully developed search algorithms and a smart rating system to help users find what they are looking for, whether it is a popular cocktail bar, charity organization they want to volunteer with, or a wedding photographer in their city. So, a business listing on online directory can get you nation-wide visibility across the United States. It was developed out of the inconvenience of a long-lasting search for qualified local professionals. So, they are on the mission of connecting business owners with their potential customers by providing a one-stop shop for local recommendations about high-quality products and services.


Moz PA: 54; DA: 49

Alexa rank: 121,299


CitySquares was created as a solution for a frustrating search for neighborhood businesses online. Since 2005, it has been developing itself as an invaluable source of local companies, focused on the leveling up the awareness of small businesses. There is also a possibility of a Partner Program for digital agencies and companies with multiple locations. This program can give you access to claiming, creating, and updating listings, as well as retrieving information, removing duplicate profiles and unclaimed listings that you are not in charge. CitySquares Partner gets to manage so-called Enhanced Listings, with the ability to display additional business information. It may include adding a logo, images, videos, contact email, website link, links to social media profiles, and more. These Enhanced Listings look much more professional, and they are ad-free, hence considered to be quite beneficial to business owners.

Best of the Web (BOTW)

Moz PA: 57; DA: 56

Alexa rank: 143,252


Businesses in media, entertainment, architecture, construction, IT, automotive, real estate, medical, B2B, finance, home, sports, and other industries can find their place on the Best of the Web online directory. The possibility of gaining the Bes of the Web Trust Seal (60 days for free) contributes to the better conversion rates. As reported, statistics show that 76% of buyers said that trust seals affected their trust, and 61% of users said they didn't purchase anything because there was no trust seal on the site. Best of the Web has been around since 1994 and it is actually a collection of web directories. The benefits you can experience as a business owner if you enlist your company on this website is to increase online visibility, get noticed by millions of people on a monthly basis, and drive more targeted traffic to your website.

White Pages

Moz PA: 66; DA: 73

Alexa rank: 1,869


More than 2 million people use Whitepages every day to find information about local companies and individuals, as well as to do a background check compiled from criminal, fraudulent, and other records from all over the U.S. Besides its own website, Whitepages powers domains such as 411 and Switchboard, and it has become one of the leading authorities in search of a comprehensive set of information. Once you enlist your business on Whitepages, you can add mobile numbers, email addresses, traffic records, financial records, professional licenses, certificates, statistical data, and many other business details. Currently, there are more than 25 million companies enlisted on Whitepages, along with their contact information.


Moz PA: 56; DA: 54

Alexa rank: 126,194


Millions of restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, dentists, lawyers, carpenters, gardeners, plumbers, painters, and other national service providers are enlisted on the eLocal business directory. Getting listed is completely free and it takes less than 5 minutes to register a company. The eLocal is a performance-based advertising company, with a specialization in legal, financial, medical, insurance industries, and home services. Some of the most popular search categories on this website include A/C contractors, electricians, exterminators, handyman services, and general contractors, among others. This web directory offers a performance-based pricing model to companies of all shapes and sizes. In 2016 and 2017 it was declared as one of the fastest growing companies by the Philadelphia Business Journal.


Moz PA: 70; DA: 90

Alexa rank: 1,562


With more than 50 million active users per year, 4,000 venture program members, and 1 million yearly updates, Crunchbase is a go-to platform for discovering innovative companies and pursuing new professional opportunities. Its target audience includes startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors, sales specialists, market researchers, and other professionals. It is free to use, with several paid products as well. Crunchbase Pro has a free trial period and it is developed for individual users who want to get richer experience by using the advanced search, personalized alerts, customized lists, and CSV exports. On the other hand, Crunchbase Enterprise is a great solution for companies and teams that want to access organization, funding, and businesses data, along with a salesforce integration included.


Moz PA: 57; DA: 58

Alexa rank: 114,494


You can easily create a Spoke account in a few minutes. Put in the complete company info, a number of employees, names of key people in your organization, revenue data, and other information. There are more than 1.4 million companies registered on Spoke and 5 million individuals, with over 40 thousand topics covered through the hand-picked content feeds. If you are highly experienced in a specific area, you can opt for becoming a curator at Spoke and start being recognized as an industry expert. Spoke is created by business users for business users. Therefore, the main goal is to keep the professional conversation active, so once you decide to contribute, Spoke is going to provide the visibility for your content across search engine result pages. Besides that, you can implement links towards the content on your website and drive more traffic that way.

Chamber of Commerce

Moz PA: 58; DA: 55

Alexa rank: 111,006


Not to be mistaken for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the website is an online business directory dedicated to local businesses across the United States. The complete listing counts more than 30 million enlisted companies, with the most popular categories being restaurants, lawyers, doctors, and home services. The system of ratings and reviews can filter out the information about top rated merchants and service providers and bring it up to users. On the other hand, if you want to add your business to this directory, you can become a member for free and start adding your business information. You can also publish articles free of charge, and participate in the community of experts to share your expertise on the Chamber Blog.

Hotfrog US

Moz PA: 61; DA: 56

Alexa rank: 82,823


Hotfrog was created in 2005 as a company with three employees. Today, it is present in 38 countries and helps more than 120 million businesses reach their potential customers on a global scale. More than 372,000 inquiries are made by 1.6 million users every month on Hotfrog. It means that your business is going to be found by many. Creating a company profile on Hotfrog is free, and besides contact info, you can include products and services descriptions, add images, and create coupons. „Do business differently“ is the tagline of this online directory. They say every business is unique, so you should enlist your company and tell potential customers everything about the competitive advantages of your business. Hotfrog is also an excellent resource of articles, guides, advice, and knowledge for business owners. Their Small Business Hub is a place where you can find educational, informative, and quite relevant content on business management, finances, marketing, and work-life balance.


Moz PA: 54; DA: 56

Alexa rank: 13,236


Since the launch in 2014, more than 3 million company owners from across North America have created company profiles on Alignable network in order to build stronger community relationships and grow their businesses. Millions of connections throughout more than 30,000 local communities, make Alignable a thriving place for small business owners and local service providers to create a buzz for their business, generate leads, drive more traffic, gain new customers, find industry-specific advice, and share their professional experience with others. Alignable is headquartered in Boston, MA, and it was launched as a promising startup. As reported, it has been venture-backed by Mayfield Fund, Recruit Strategic Partners, Saturn Partners, NextView Ventures, and Lead Edge Capital.


Moz PA: 75; DA: 93

Alexa rank: 2,373


If you are the owner of a bar, restaurant, fashion boutique, hand-made craft store, hair salon, or any other local store in the United States, Foursquare for Business might be an excellent place for you to promote your business and reach thousands, or even millions, of potential customers. More than 50 million people use Foursquare on a daily basis to find a nearby place to go. Quite likely, one of your customers has already enlisted your business on Foursquare. There is also a great chance that people have already written reviews about it, rated it, and shared their personal experience, so the conversation can already be going on about your company. The good news is that you can claim your listing on Foursquare and take control of your profile. It might be a good way to get valuable feedback from your audience, step into the conversation, and start a meaningful interaction with your customers.

Cylex US

Moz PA: 47; DA: 50

Alexa rank: 157,390


Cylex is a business directory that was founded in 1998. Today, it operates in 37 countries around the world and has more than 200 staff members. The U.S. is one of its biggest markets. So, adding your business to this directory could significantly upscale your online presence and connect you with more prospective customers. Users might benefit from checking out your contact information or working hours, they can ask for a quote, or write a review and rate your products and services. Basic entries are free of charge, while Premium Entry holds additional features for digital promotion of your company. And there is more into Cyclex than just business directory. They offer other business services as well. For example, you can use their website builder to create your website or you can order a new website from their team professional web developers.

Apple Maps

Moz PA: 75; DA: 100

Alexa rank: 58


You can add your business addresses on Apple’s Maps Connect to help prospective customers to find you more easily. Maps Connect will accept only the businesses with a physical presence they can confirm. Currently, businesses that may not be approved include those that operate from residential homes, as well as businesses with temporary locations, mobile businesses, and those that have started to work. Only one profile can be created for one physical location. If your business is spread out through multiple locations and you want to send it all in a single file, bear in mind that Maps Connect is currently accepting bulk submissions only from businesses with at least 10,000 locations. Also, make sure that your contact info is up to date, and that your business name does not include promotional phrases, location, phone number, or other details that are not part of the official name.


Moz PA: 55; DA: 88

Alexa rank: 3,370


What began in 1985 as a goal to digitize mapping, have developed into one of the largest American companies focused on the concept of location and its potential to improve the way of doing business. HERE Technologies, the owner of the HERE Maps, has more than 8,000 employees devoted to shaping the future of mapping technology. The importance of having a local business that is discoverable online and then easily findable in real life is one of the biggest advantages your company can have these days. HERE Maps are offering 3D maps that can be layered with information and insights. Smart location context could take your advertising to the next level with REST API, while rich data and intelligent tools for targeting and positioning could empower your overall business.


Moz PA: 48; DA: 47

Alexa rank: 149,220


You can promote your business on Hubbiz by creating a free profile. You can also choose a free domain for your website with the extension. Once you put up the information about your company, you can use your profile as a channel for publishing relevant content for your business niche. Besides that, you can promote your products and services, publish and share deals, events, status updates, company news, blog posts, or videos completely free of charge. Every piece of content gets its own QR Code, so you can easily track and analyze its impact and make create better engagement with your audience. You can also use Hubbiz to shape a community around your business and take control of your brand visibility and online presence.

Changes and accuracy of data

*DA stands for Domain Authority; *PA stands for Page Authority
Both of these metrics are calculated and scored by Moz's algorithm and indexed by Link Explorer.

We hope you'll find this list of U.S. online directories to be a helpful resource for your online promotion campaign. Also, if you know of any other business directories that are popular and highly ranked in the United States, contact us and tell us all about it. We will be regularly updating this page for the purpose of maintaining up-to-date information.


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