Best citation websites for your New Zealand business

Enlisting your New Zealand-based company on the local web directories can help you exponentially grow your business, attract new clients, build trust, and raise brand visibility. When you claim your business page on directories with high domain authority, you may instantly see the growth. So, take a look at our ultimate lits of New Zealand citation websites for your business promotion.

Before claiming your page on these directories, prepare the promotional material upfront. You are most likely going to need your company logo in different dimensions, uniquely-written company story, and short descriptions of your products or services. Also, prepare up-to-date contact information, along with office images, video footage, team photos, and other media files.

You can easily strengthen your brand visibility through positioning your brick-and-mortar stores or online business on web catalogs and business directories. To rank even better in search results and become visible to an even larger number of potential new customers, take a thoughtful approach to the reputation management as well, and ask your previous clients to leave a review and rate your business.


Moz PA: 48; DA: 41

Alexa rank: 507,456


Create your free business page on Localist. Localist was founded in 2010 and it quickly became one of the biggest NZ business directories. Tell your unique story and build an online community around your business. Businesses can put up multiple photos and videos to show customers everything they got to offer. Do not forget to include all your contact information and links to your social media accounts, so that people can reach you however they prefer. Localist now allows also posting events and news updates. Keep your customers up to date and help others find you easily.

Yelp NZ

Moz PA: 40; DA: 36

Alexa rank: 423,584


Yelp is a world-wide famous business directory website founded in 2004. With almost 200 million unique visitors every month it is one of the most visited online directories. Getting your business listed on Yelp will help your company get noticed in no time. Setting up the free account is very easy and you can also post pictures and message your customers and answer their questions. You can inform people about your events, since they can also be posted on Yelp. Customers can schedule their appointments and make reservations through Yelp, as well.


Moz PA: 44; DA: 46

Alexa rank: 84,466


Neighbourly is a website where you can register and receive information about events in your neighbourhood. It is also dedicated to building a better and safer community. Why is this helpful for businesses? There is also a business directory included on the website. By enlisting your business, you will get a free business promotion. This way people in the neighbourhood but also all over the country can seek out your services or products. You can post updates (similar to Facebook profile), as well as add basic company information and photographs.

Yellow NZ

Moz PA: 51; DA: 53

Alexa rank: 164,214


With Yellow NZ you can tell the story of your business without hassle. Get noticed by registering for a free account and become one of over 70,000 businesses on Yellow NZ. Do not waste the opportunity to reach new shoppers or customers. On Yellow NZ you can choose between Base Profile, which is free, and Premium Profile which has a monthly fee. Yellow NZ also offers the option of promoting your business with ads and social marketing tools for additional charges.

Google My Business NZ

Moz PA: 47; DA: 84

Alexa rank: 2,745


You probably already heard of Google My Business. Even if it is a relatively young online service having only launched in 2014, it very quickly became a must-have profile for various businesses. Since Google is one of the most popular search engines, having information standing out about their line of work when somebody searches for their business helped many to capture the attention of their customers. Inform people about your location, opening hours and lead them to your website with a free business profile on Google My Business.


Moz PA: 51; DA: 39

Alexa rank: 846,787


Finda is a New Zealand business directory with over 630,000 Kiwis using it monthly. There is an option for a free listing on their website. However, they are also offering paid packages called bronze, silver and gold and each includes an array of options, such as adding products, additional images, coupons, videos, banners and so on. “The more you tell, the more you sell” says on Finda’s website. Try this local online directory to get noticed by new customers from all New Zealand.

Hotfrog NZ

Moz PA: 48; DA: 31

Alexa rank: 2,478,860


Finding a business and booking have never been easier! With Hotfrog your customers can quickly find you and book their appointment, reserve their spot or check out your offer in just a few clicks. It was founded in 2005 with just three people and now it is present in 38 countries and helping over 69 million small businesses to grab the attention of their future customers. You can make a free Hotfrog listing right now. There is also an upgraded paid option, called Hotfrog AdVantage which offers some additional options, but you are not obliged to switch to it at any point.


Moz PA: 46; DA: 23

Alexa rank: 5,725,303


ZipLeaf is one of the most popular New Zealand online directories. Submit your business on ZipLeaf in just two minutes and customize your profile. Write about your products or services and describe them in detail. Do not forget to add your website URL as well. By adding information about your business, you can build up your ZipRank. This will help the positioning of your business on ZipLeaf directory and improve your brand visibility. ZipLeaf also allows you to choose 5 or more keywords correlated with your business. So, there is a good chance that people looking for your products or services are likely to find your business easily.

Kompass NZ

Moz PA: 43; DA: 66

Alexa rank: 6,993


Kompass is a global B2B directory present in over 70 countries and with over 35 million companies worldwide. You can register your business for free on Kompass to find new customers or partners. Besides the regular free listing, Kompass is also offering digital marketing services. From attracting your target audience with improved SEO to PPC campaigns, for a fee you can boost your business visibility. Kompass also offers valuable business data which can help you in your more in-depth marketing approach.


Moz PA: 47; DA: 33

Alexa rank: 2,647,251


Zenbu allows everybody to create a free account and add new listings or edit the existing ones. Adding a profile for your business is very simple. All you have to do is fill out a short online form and add basic information about your company. There are almost 120,000 published entries of New Zealand businesses on Zenbu, so do check out if yours is already enlisted and claim your page if it is. Zenbu is a collaboratively edited directory, so there is a chance that some volunteer already entered your business. Making a Zenbu profile can help you with business promotion and leveling up your brand visibility.


Moz PA: 47; DA: 37

Alexa rank: 3,181,964


Zoomin is a business directory without confusing page design and without a lot of complicated rules. All you have to do to get your business listed is to sign up for free. After you create your account, log in and add your business location. Zoomin is based on Google Maps, so whenever people search for a specific place, they will look for it in a particular town or street, and Zoomin can make your business more visible. People can also leave company reviews on Zoomin. It means that adding your business to this citation website can bring your reputation up, boost your online business promotion, and make your brand more visible.

New Zealand Small Business Directory

Moz PA: 47; DA: 24

Alexa rank: 3,524,200


NZ Small Business Directory offers two types of listings for your business. There are Basic (which is free of charge) and Featured. Of course, Basic listing is as simple as it gets. Your business will be listed, but you will have to wait up for 10 days before it will be approved. Also, it will be lower since Featured listings are promoted above the Basic ones. Featured listings are published alongside your logo and colorful background which will attract more people. Make sure to write an original description of your business. Write more than three sentences and do not copy already published content.

Free Business Directory

Moz PA: 28; DA: 14

Alexa rank: 19,266,649


New Zealand’s free business directory has over one million hits every year. This directory was founded in 2014. They also developed their own mobile-friendly platform in 2017 to make things easier for potential customers. Besides the fact that your regular shoppers can seek you out more easily on the web, your potential future customers can also come across your business profile and visit your website for more information about your services.

Love New Zealand

Moz PA: 30; DA: 25

Alexa rank: 2,083,610


Love New Zealand is a website where people can find places for sightseeing and learn more about New Zealand’s history, but it also includes information about local businesses which may be of interest to people living or visiting New Zealand. Love New Zealand citation website offers options of free listing and Kiwi listing (which includes a full business profile and you can add some additional content). Another thing that they are offering are sponsored posts. A blog post about your business will be published and it will be promoted on social media as well.

Business Zoom

Moz PA: 23; DA: 16

Alexa rank: 8,457,966


Business Zoom is another online business directory website where everybody can create thier business account. Business Zoom allows adding photos besides the standard description of the business. Something that helps make your business more visible are keywords, so make sure to select the right keywords, specifically related to your business. You can also add links to your website and to your social media. Customers and clients can leave reviews about your company, which can also help your business to make a bigger impact and get more easily fondable.


Moz PA: 25; DA: 16

Alexa rank: 6,498,923


Opendi is an online business directory where you can post a free listing of your website. Currently, tehre are around 200,000 listings. With more than 3 million people visiting their website on a monthly basis, chances are that your business promotion on Opendi will bring you new customers. There is also a possibility for your previous clients to submit company reviews which can help others to learn more about your products or services, and help you build a better reputation and gain trust from your prospective buyers. That way, your customers will assist you in building your brand visibility.

Moz PA: 37; DA: 30

Alexa rank: 7,825,882


New Zealand Weblinks Directory is a place where you can find businesses, personal pages and blogs, charities, clubs and non-profit organizations. To enlist your website, choose the category of your business and a subcategory (if there is one available), and then click on the Add a Link button. Once the button becomes active, click on it and submit the listing of your website. New Zealand Weblinks Directory also offers travel information for tourists visiting New Zealand, so there is a chance that even people who are coming to NZ for the first time can find out about your business. Besides that, potential users living in your local area will be able to find you more easily.


Moz PA: 27; DA: 23

Alexa rank: 11,820,413


Rosebank Business Association has a business directory on their website where anybody can enlist their services. When making a listing of your business, you can add your logo, a short About Us section, link to your website, and a phone number for customers to reach you. When visitors click to see more information, a Google Map will show the exact location of your business (if you have a physical address) and a longer description of your products or services will appear.


Moz PA: 49; DA: 27

Alexa rank: 4,267,337


It may take you a bit longer to get your website submitted on NZPages, but it will raise the chances of your customers finding your business thus working towards building your brand visibility. Take note that this directory is only for New Zealand businesses. You also need to be the owner of the website or a representative in order to qualify for submitting the website of the business. It is important to submit a valid email address since you will be notified through it once your business gets enlisted on NZPages.

Local Matters

Moz PA: 37; DA: 36

Alexa rank: 1,931,490


Local Matters is an Auckland’s north community newspapers. They also have their own directory where you can register your business. You can add your banner, contact info, website and social media links, as well as your opening hours, location through Google Maps and company details. In company details you can write a bit about your business’ background, company’s history, what it is that you are offering and what makes you different from your competition.

Heart of the City

Moz PA: 35; DA: 29

Alexa rank: 3,055,057


Heart of the City is a citation website focused mainly on businesses in Auckland, so it makes sense to enlist your website if it is located in this New Zealand’s city. The location of your business is presented in Google Maps as well as your contact details, such as address, phone, and website. You can also add your working hours. Heart of the City supports and advocates for local businesses. They are also a member of the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board.

Devonport Directory

Moz PA: 27; DA: 24

Alexa rank: 13,671,710


Devonport Directory was founded in 2004 with the goal of creating a more informed and connected community. Businesses from this Auckland’s suburb can make their online listings on Devenport Directory. Pick the category and put up your business address, phone number, contact email, and website. You can also add a picture of your products or services, along with a fair amount of textual description. This is a great way for hotels, hostels, and apartments to advertise their accommodation, but also for all other services tha might be of interest to people visiting Devonport for the first time.

Coromandel Town

Moz PA: 35; DA: 34

Alexa rank: 7,015,358


The town of Coromandel also has its own business directory. If your business is located here, this online directory is the right place to enlist your company on. There are two types of listings here: a regular one and a featured one. Regular one is free, but only for Coromandel Business Association (CBA) members. This listing only contains the company name and a single contact information, whether it is a phone number or your website. A featured listing is a paid option both for CBA members and non-CBA members. The featured listing additionaly includes a photograph and a business description.

Central Otago

Moz PA: 42; DA: 43

Alexa rank: 2,336,661


Central Otago is a community website which contains a business directory. Here you can find contact details of businesses which are located in the Central Otago district. Submitting your company to this directory is completely free of charge. You can add your website, telephone, and email address. Besides these necessities, you can also add a description of your business including its logo. If you wish to add some more photos, you can do so by sending up to 5 additional photos to the administrators of the Central Otago website. Your photos will be published after their approval. You can post links to your social media as well, and send one video footage, if you have such a material.

Kiwi Directory

Moz PA: 32; DA: 15

Alexa rank: 13,418,569


Kiwi Directory is an online business directory for companies located all over New Zealand. Register on this website to add your company description or your business event. Kiwi Directory offers regular and featured listings. Regular listings are free and you can add the basic information about your work. Featured listings represent the paid option, and they include making your profile appear at the top of the page in the selected categories. Customers can leave company reviews, and they can also contact you through a contact form directly from the Kiwi Directory website.


Moz PA: 48; DA: 32

Alexa rank: 2,067,209


Anybody with business located in New Zealand can make a listing on NZSearch web directory. It is quick and easy. First, you need to create a NZCity account, before you can submit your business information. Once your company is submitted, your NZSearch profile can provide you with a great opportunity for a free business promotion. Submitting your company on this website will also help you in building your brand visibility. Listings on NZSearch look like search results of any search engine. When a visitor clicks on your listing, they will be automatically taken to your website.

Fyple NZ

Moz PA: 33; DA: 16

Alexa rank: 3,451,291


Flype is a web catalog of products and services from across New Zealand. Making a profile of your business on Flype is totaly free. Before customizing your account, you will first need to register on the website. Besides the basic information, such as phone, email, website, and address, your business profile will also contain the snippet of Google Maps pinpointing the exact location of your business. You can add multiple photographs as well. One thing that is very helpful for people looking for your business is that Flype has the possibility of adding which payment options each business is accepting. Once you choose the payment options, they will be visible on your profile as little icons.


Moz PA: 52; DA: 63

Alexa rank: 62,010


You can post information about your upcoming event in New Zealand on Eventfinda website, and you can do it for free. Sign up, create your account, and enlist your event. Over 850,000 people visit Eventfinda every month, so there is a good chance that you will find just the right audience. Enter information about your event and post a few images to illustrate the event. Click the Submit for Approval button after you are done. You can always log back in any time you like in orger to enter more events or edit the existing ones. If you are looking for a bigger promotion, there are several paid options, which you can find described on Eventfinda website.

NZ directory

Moz PA: 48; DA: 28

Alexa rank: 3,117,467


NZ directory is an online business citation website for New Zealand businesses. NZ directory offers free and paid listings. Submitting company to this directory can help you promote your company and reach more prospective clients. The account on this website also gives you the opportunity to showcase your products or services with short descriptions to all interested buyers. The paid listing option offers a bit more when it comes to the promotion, and a greater overall brand visibility on the NZ directory website. Choose the account that suits your needs and your budget the best, and start attracting customers and clients today.

Changes and accuracy of data

*DA stands for Domain Authority; *PA stands for Page Authority
Both of these metrics are calculated and scored by Moz's algorithm and indexed by Link Explorer.

We hope you'll find this list of New Zealand online directories to be a helpful resource for your SEO efforts and a backlinking campaign. Also, if you know of any other business directories that are popular and highly ranked in New Zealand, contact us and tell us all about it. We will be regularly updating this page for the purpose of maintaining up-to-date information.


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