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Icons play a crucial role in UI design. Website user interfaces need to be as simple, interactive and efficient as possible to maximize usability and facilitate getting tasks done. If you want your users to connect with you via social networks, you need nicely designed icons for social media buttons.

No matter if you are building a business website interface, accounting or travel blog, icons are a necessity. If you are short with deadlines and do not have enough time to design them yourself, downloading free resources is the right solution. Here we present you eight icon sets to download for free.

1. 48 flat designer icons

The world wide web became flat years ago, and so designers had to adjust to the rising needs of this new trend, which in turn resulted in having flat icons for a number of web projects.

48 free icons webdesigner depot

You can download a free pack of 48 office, travel, and social icons from Web Designer Depot containing .ai and .png files.

2. 51,000 flat icons

Icons8 offers more than 51,000 icons in different categories: business/office, people, food, social media icons, etc. The best part is that you can edit the vectors and even recolor them to fit your website’s or app’s specific needs! You can download them for free for any operating system (Windows, iOS, Android).

free icons icons8

3. Black ’n white icons collection

Iconmonstr gives more than 3800 simple icons for your black ’n white projects. No matter if you are building a business website, interface design, or you perchance need multimedia, social media icons, etc. – Iconmonstr must have them all!

free icons iconmonstr

4. Retro icons

If you need retro icons for your current web project, Frexy from Dribbble offers you his 120 vector icons to download for free – and there is even volume 2 with 150 icons!

free retro icons vol 1

5. 83 flat line UX and eCommerce icons

The kind guys from the Smashing Magazine this time offer us two collections of icons: flat line UX and eCommerce linear icons. The former offers a ’retro discreet feel’ set of 45 flat line icons, whereas the latter is a collection of 38 linear icons which come in different categories, such as signs, shops, clothes, barcodes, currencies, etc. – all of which come in green, blue and red.

ux linear closeup opt

6. 30 weather icons

If you are building a weather app, Bora DAN from Dribbble will help you out with the icons. He created 30 icons for a project he did and decided to share the love with the world. The package contains .png and .sketch files.

free weather icons

7. 30 isometric icons

Isometric illustrations are a hit for a couple of years now, and people even build websites with isometric illustrations, so no wonder there is a demand for isometric icons. Graphic Burger gives out 30 icons for the accounting industry, including charts, pie charts, bags with money, etc.

30 Isometric Icons

8. Social media icons

Every company website needs to be connected with its social media channels. How to connect them? Via social buttons. Font Fabric offers 74 social media icons for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Behance, Vimeo, Tumblr, etc.

free social icons

We hope you will find these sets of icons useful, and if you happen to find more of them – send us an email to beconnected@popwebdesign.net so we can post another article.

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