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JavaScript is currently one of the most popular programming languages of which probably everyone has heard something about. This is why it is not a big surprise that web developers with knowledge of JS are growing in popularity.

Wikipedia defines JavaScript as “a high-level, dynamic, untyped, and interpreted run-time language.”

It is one of the three core technologies of World Wide Web content production, besides HTML and CSS, and all modern web browsers support it. It was developed in 1995 and the newest stable release was in June 2016. Besides web applications, JS can be used in non-web-based environments, such as PDF documents, desktop widgets, and site-specific browsers.

As opposed to libraries which offer functions to be called, designers use frameworks to actually define a web application’s structure. There are many JavaScript frameworks, probably more than one hundred already, but we wanted to highlight four that can be considered the best at this moment.


AngularJS or Angular.js is an open-source front-end web application framework based on JavaScript. Even though it is mainly maintained by Google, it also has the largest community of volunteers and individuals who help developing it. It was written with the goal of improving testability and performance and its repository is kept on GitHub so you can download it for free.

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React (or ReactJS or React.js) is an open-source JavaScript framework and library for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook, Instagram, and a large community of React aficionados. One of its best features and maybe the biggest advantage over other frameworks is that web applications created in React use data which can change over time, without having to reload the page. You can clone or download its repository from GitHub.

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Node.js is an open-source framework written in JavaScript for different platforms. It is was released in 2009 and is used for server-side scripting and it runs scripts that produce dynamic web page content before it is sent to the user’s browser. Just like Angular and React, you can download Node.js from GitHub as well.

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MeteorJS is another free web framework written in JavaScript. Out of our best four picks, Meteor is the youngest since it was first released in 2012. Even though it is not that famous like AngularJS or React, it can still be used for building real-time applications both in the backend and the client side. Since it is open-source, you can download its repository from GitHub.

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How to choose the right JavaScript framework?

There is no real answer to this question because developers can prefer one over another framework based on their understanding of the system and the likelihood of using it in the projects. What is important to say, however, is that the choice of a JS framework largely depends on your needs and the needs of the project. Therefore, you need to ask your client to explain in detail what they need so you can

If you want a detailed comparison of JavaScript frameworks, you can visit Wikipedia to see versions, size, license, and source language, browser support, and many more things!

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