digital paintings by cyril rolando

Cyril Rolando is a digital painter from Toulon, France. He publishes his works under the pseudonym of Aquasixio, which clearly signals that his art if very much influenced by water.

In fact, many of his digital paintings are either under or near water – such as Underwater Ballet, What Do You Wanna, and It Was Fun While It Lasted, while other give the impression of watery effects.

Being a clinical psychologist by vocation, Rolando says he does digital paintings as a hobby; however, we assumed it was done by a professional artist. What do you think?

The selection portrayed here is collected from his Behance profile, where you can also see his other projects, such as Dancing Zodiac and The Orchestra (2017 Zodiac only on Facebook).

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Digital Paintings by Aquasixio

A long depression

a long depression cyril rolando

A world of poetry

a world of poetry cyril rolando

Do not disturb

do not disturb cyril rolando

Focus on yourself

focus on yourself cyril rolando aquasixio

I miss you

i miss you cyril rolando aquasixio

I need more than one life

i need more than one life cyril rolando aquasixio

In the event of sinking

in the event of sinking cyril rolando aquasixio

It was fun while it lasted

it was fun while it lasted cyril rolando digital paintings

I want to talk to you

i want to talk to you digital paintings by cyril rolando

Let it grow

let it grow cyril rolando digital painter

Nature emerges from her slumber

nature emerges from her slumber cyril rolando digital paintings

Outburst of violince

outburst of violince cyril rolando digital paintings

Show me love

show me love cyril rolando digital artist

The art of leaf-stripping

the art of leaf-stripping cyril rolando

Underwater ballet

underwater ballet cyril rolando


us cyril rolando digital painting

What do you wanna

what do you wanna cyril rolando aquasixio digital painting

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