the art of eric esculier

Éric Esculier is an art director from Paris. In his work, this French artist combines the photographic and video visuals with a powerful message. Working for big names such as Opel and Heinz, Esculier shows all his creativity in a series of impactful graphics.

Here we present you his four photographic projects: Impressionism, Opel graphics, IFAW graphics and Throwing kills, which all won numerous prizes and awards. Below is also his Aggression video which raises the awareness of women being mugged every minute in the streets of the beautiful Paris.

Connect with Éric Esculier on Behance, Facebook and Vimeo.

Éric Esculier’s Graphics

Impressionism (KELOPTIC)

eric esculier impressionism 1

eric esculier impressionism 2

eric esculier impressionism 3


eric esculier opel 1

eric esculier opel 2

eric esculier opel 3


eric esculier IFAW 1

eric esculier IFAW 2

eric esculier IFAW 3

Throwing kills

eric esculier throwing kills surfrider 1

eric esculier throwing kills surfrider 2

eric esculier throwing kills surfrider 3

eric esculier throwing kills surfrider 4

The aggression video

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