Accidentally Wes Anderson images.

“Wow, this looks like a shot from Wes Anderson's film!” How many times have you found yourself thinking like that while in front of a delightfully colored façade, perfectly symmetrical scenery, or a grandiose interior? So, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and shoot it!

And then, of course, share that delicious eye-candy with the world by submitting your shot to the Accidentally Wes Anderson.

And wait for it to show up on the Accidentally Wes Anderson Instagram profile.

Okay, so what is this all about?

It is about the world of cinematic style images, symmetry, pastel palettes, meticulous decoration, retro looks, and peculiar visual patterns.

If Wes Anderson is your favorite filmmaker and you simply love The Grand Budapest Hotel, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, Isle of Dogs, and other movies, you will definitely understand what we are talking about.

If you set your eye on just a few of Anderson’s movies scenes, you would also know what this is about.

If you visited Bar Luce in Milan, Italy, with interiors designed by Mr. Anderson himself, you would probably have a hunch on what we are saying here.

And if you haven’t witnessed any of that, well, get ready to be amazed by Andersonian aesthetics.

This story begins with the Reddit thread named Accidental Wes Anderson, where fans shared real-life Wes Anderson images inspired by his movies.

From that point, Wally Koval took the initiative to create Accidentally Wes Anderson Instagram profile. As travel and architectural design enthusiast, Koval brought the idea of simply sharing photographs to the higher level. He started digging deeper for every picture and bringing up the original stories about captured places, buildings, interiors, and unique real-life settings.

As Wally Koval started getting thousands of submissions and growing a large community of Anderson’s fans, photography lovers, and wanderlusts, his fiancé Amanda has entered the scene to help him run the profile and manage the community of 600,000 followers.

Everyone can submit a photograph to be posted on this popular Instagram profile.

So, next time you go out for a walk, keep your eyes wide open. Andersonian beauty is everywhere around us.


Wes Anderson Style Images

symmetry pool swimmer interior

fargo entrance bulding wed anderson style

cathedral architecture colorfulfacade

empty seats on boat statue of liberty new york hudnson river

colorful mountain lift

red white lighthouse rocks

wedding letters typography orange tiles

interior design stairs hall green

snow christmas tree observation wheel

regent theatre bulding facade architceture

colorful post boxes

swimming pool empty cahirs

old mini morris in front of the house

guarding space guard

swimming pool swimmers birds eye umbrellas

grand property vlla

lighthouse on the coast

windows balconies building

to the trains sign

interior room doors organge green

yellow arm chair on tiles

van outside the hoses pastel colors

man looking through a train window we anderson style

interior from room to room

colorful ship on shore accidentally wes anderson

inside the train retro style flags

old telephone on the wall

post office retro wes anderson style

inside the metro train yellow red interior

interiors library large table

funicular colorful

hotel in new york reception receptionist

thomas court yellow doors brick building

grass filed empty chairs

interior change rooms lockers

emtpy seats arrow sign

cottage on water wodden deck

building architecture blue wes anderson style

swimming pool arc symmetry

post master office door wallpaper

pink blue facade building bycicles

eastern bulding big clock

hotel in the middle of mountatin


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