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Packaging is usually the first thing consumers notice while wandering between shelves, and many of them actually buy a product judged only by its looks. But it does not always have to be shimmering, shiny and iridescent to draw their attention. Simple use of colors can make a strong statement as well, even if only two tones are involved.

Dichromatic design can be a smart solution to the ever-evolving world of product packaging. It may consist of pastel shades, vibrant contrasts or a single element accentuated with a fluorescent color, for example. Such elegant and minimalistic approach can easily create a maximized effect.

Bold and unique solutions may arise from designers’ aspiration to experiment with hues. Take a look at some of the most creative packaging ideas made with a two-color combination, sometimes with an addition of black or white, and find the inspiration for your next design project.


Interesting Dichromatic Packaging Design Ideas

drink can dichromatic design

drink cans dichromatic design waves


cube food packaging two colors

Tg green tea bottle packaging

popcorn packaging dichromatic

popcorn various dichromatic packaging

sparkling wine packaging elegant black yellow

chocolate dichromatic packaging

Chocolate various dichromatic pack


Kiin-Pharma dichromatic packaging blue orange


cosmetic packaging design

fine food herbs packaging design

honey packaging design two color pack

craft beer packaging ipa


chinese tea day to day packaging

chinese tea paper packaging

chinese tea single pack

Jolly Molly chocolate packaging green white

Jolly Molly various chocolate packaging

candy packaging design purple orange dichromatic

coffee pack dichromatic design

craft stout beer packaging design

olive oil dichromatic packaging

coffee cup packaging design 1

coffee cup packaging design

energy drink dichromatic packaging

energy drink packaging design fluorescent colors

chocolate packaging design two colors

chocolate packaging design 2 colors

whiskey bottle dichromatic design


Image source: Packaging of the world

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