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Brian Edward Miller is a digital artist and illustrator living and working in Erie, Colorado (USA). His experience ranges from graphic design, concept art, art direction, all the way to UI, storyboards, and sequential art.

During his 10-year long career, he has been working for big magazines such as Merkur from Luxembourg, REI, GQ, etc. The majority of his illustrations are set somewhere between twilight and night, with some of them being at dusk, which is why darker tones rule.

See Brian’s work below this text and see his full projects (to the smallest detail) on Behance and Dribbble, and make sure to follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Brian Edward Miller’s Digital Art:

Merkur magazine cover 2

brian edward miller merkur magazine cover

Portage authority

brian edward miller merkur portage authority

Umbrella factory

brian edward miller curiosity shop

brian edward miller umbrella factory 2

brian edward miller umbrella factory

REI: 4th July

brian edward miller merkur rei 4th july

Field and stream

brian edward miller field and stream

First hunt

brian edward miller first hunt

Go it alone

brian edward miller go it alone

Malware bytes

brian edward miller malware bytes

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