Food logos with calorie count by Calorie Brands

Summer’s almost on its way. Many people started preparing for the vacations many weeks ago, and one artist noticed their desire to look better. This artist’s moniker is Calorie Brands, and it started posting interesting graphics last week on Instagram.

This artist noticed there is something wrong with the world. If brands wanted to help their consumers in achieving their desired look, they would write the number of calories on their products in order for people to think twice before buying them. The description on the Instagram profile writes:

This is how brands should look like to help you achieve your summer body goals.

Do you agree with this message and would you prefer if brands were screaming out this information instead of their logos?

You can follow Calorie Brands on Instagram and Facebook and get the freshest graphics on your phone.

Food Logos by @CalorieBrands:

Absolut vodka

absolut vodka by calorie brands


babybel by calorie brands

Ben&Jerry’s ice cream

ben&jerry's ice cream by calorie brands

Burger King hamburger

burger king hamburger by calorie brands

Coca Cola

coca cola by calorie brands

Haribo gummy bears

haribo gummy bears by calorie brands


heineken by calorie brands

Heinz ketchup

heinz ketchup by calorie brands

Kinder Bueno

kinder bueno by calorie brands

Lay’s chips

lay's by calorie brands

Magnum ice cream

magnum ice cream by calorie brands


marmite by calorie brands


mcfries by calorie brands


nutella by calorie brands


oreos by calorie brands

Pesto Sauce

pesto sauce by calorie brands


pringles by calorie brands


skittles by calorie brands


snickers by calorie brands

Source: Instagram

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