swirls by patrick seymour

Every image tells a story, and as it often happens, the stories also reveal something about their authors. Today, we have prepared a story about a Canadian designer whose art truly inspires every observer.

Patrick Seymour is a Canadian art director and illustrator based in Montreal, Quebec.

His main expertise includes fine line art illustrations of people’s faces, but in his earlier work animals were often seen as well. He is also experienced in typography and font design, and it is evident that, even in the early days, lines clearly marked the path his career was going to take.

His latest success includes illustrations of Darth Vader et al. for The Washington Post article about the new Star Wars film “The Force Is Calling,“ published on December 13, 2015.

You can also follow Patrick on Behance and Twitter.

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The Washington Post “The Force Is Calling” illustration

washington post the force is calling by patrick seymour 2


the force is calling article by patrick seymour

Colourful swirls

colourful swirls by patrick seymour

Swirls detail

swirls 2 by patrick seymour


undiz by patrick seymour detail

Anita Alvarez de Toledo

anita alvarez de toledo by patrick seymour

The 2015 Oscar illustration

the oscar by patrick seymour

Birdman poster with Orlando Arocena

birdman poster by patrick seymour and orlando arocena

Creative Cloud Illustrator Lion colored by Patrick Seymour

creative cloud illustrator lion colored by patrick seymour

Darth Maul

darth maul by patrick seymour

Darth Vader

darth vader by patrick seymour

Batman and Joker

batman and joker by patrick seymour


ursula by patrick seymour


fox by patrick seymour


bull by patrick seymour


jackalope by patrick seymour


kanuk by patrick seymour

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