Best Call to Action Phrases for Instagram

Social media marketing has always looked easy on the surface, but getting followers to click on your posts and pictures may often feel like rocket science. The constant scrolling and the vast amount of content competing for attention can frequently make it challenging for brands to engage with their audiences and encourage interactions that actually mean something. In the quickly evolving social media landscape, you need to do whatever it takes to get noticed.

So, how do you get yourself noticed and encourage conversions? For instance, you can always use great call to action phrases under your posts. Well-crafted CTAs on social platforms such as Instagram can be a game-changer in turning passive users into engaged audiences, avid followers, and even paying customers.

In this article, we are exploring some of the best call to action phrases for Instagram which can help you get noticed and drive more engagement from this platform to your entire digital ecosystem.


Call to Action: What is It?

A CTA or call to action is a crucial communications and marketing component for businesses aiming to entice the audience to take a particular action. CTAs are usually used widely in digital platforms, including social media, advertisements, sites, and emails, all with the purpose of engaging the audience to interact with the brand. 

As a form of direct invitation, calls to action prompt users to perform specific actions such as making a purchase, signing up for newsletters, clicking on links, scheduling appointments, sharing content, and more.

For example, an effective call to action in eCommerce would be “Shop Now,” motivating users to lurk around on the site and eventually buy something. In essence, the simple directives make the decision-making process for users a lot easier. 


The Essentials of Good Call to Action Phrases

Crafting a good CTA may sound like a piece of cake, but there are a few crucial things brands need to consider to ensure that their interactions will be meaningful. A well-thought-out CTA can make the difference between scrolling over your content and engaging with it.

As such, here are a few tips to consider:


Focus on Action

To create an effective CTA, you need to dismiss uncertainty, meaning that your audience must know what the specific goal is and what is the next step they should take to achieve it.

CTAs like “Sign Up,” “Shop Now,” and “Learn More” are all great examples that are clear and make it simpler for the user to decide on their upcoming course of action.


Consistency is Key

Just like you’re consistent with your branding, you should also be consistent with your CTAs as well. In other words, ensure to use the same CTA types across all of your campaigns on Instagram. Also, if you have a brand-related CTA, you are almost encouraged to use it across all of your digital platforms.

With this approach, you can gain brand recognition which can build a sense of trust and reinforce your message with your audience.


Keep It Simple

CTAs can be highly effective, but if you overuse them, your message may become unclear and crowded, especially if you place more than one under each post. Use only one CTA under each post and make sure that the action it describes is the most desired you want your followers to take.


Create Eye-Catching Content

You need to create highly creative and engaging content if you want people to notice your call to action marketing phrases in the first place. Explore different content options such as images, infographics, and videos for Instagram. Professional digital marketing services can always help you with laying down the foundations of a winning content marketing strategy, so don’t be afraid to get help from an agency or social media manager.


Use Hashtags

Social media hashtags can help you boost your visibility and reach, meaning that more people will see your posts and the probabilities of someone taking action also become higher.


Take Advantage of Urgency

Create a sense of urgency in your CTAs to encourage your followers to take immediate action. Call to action phrase examples here would be things like “Don’t miss out” and “Limited time offer” – phrases that create a fear of missing out, which may result in prompt follower action.


Continuous Research and Experimentation

It’s never a bad idea to check out what your competitors are doing and what kind of CTAs they are using. Seeing what works for them, you can also tweak your own call to action accordingly. 

Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to the same CTA over and over again. Dare to experiment with different phrases and see which resonates the most with your audience. To make the best of it, consider using different analytics tools to find out which are your best-performing posts and go from there.


Best Call to Action Phrases for Instagram

So, now that you know the basics of creating a good CTA, here are a few great examples you can use for your own Instagram marketing strategies.

40+ best CTA phrases for instagram.


1. Product Launch CTAs

When you’re launching a new product, the CTA phrases you use can have a profound impact on the campaign’s success. Your phrases should act as guiding prompts for your followers, helping them discover the next steps in their customer journey.

As such, here are a few examples you can use:

  • Pre-order Today!
  • Be The First to Get it!
  • Limited Stock Available – Get Yours Now!
  • Get Early Bird Discounts!
  • Don’t Miss Out!
  • Get Exclusive Access!


2. Promo Code and Discount CTAs

Strategic calls to action can help with encouraging your followers to take advantage of your promo codes, specials and discounts. Here are a few examples:

  • Get 20% Off Today!
  • Unlock Exclusive Discounts!
  • Get Yours While You Can!
  • Shop and Save Today!
  • Don’t Miss This Limited-Time Offer!
  • Start Shopping and Save More!


3. CTA Phrases to Create a Sense of Urgency

There’s no better way to prompt immediate action than using call to action phrases that instill a sense of urgency. These phrases can be used for several marketing campaigns, Instagram posts, and even subject lines for emails. Here are a few examples for Instagram:

  • Last chance to Save!
  • Hurry! Limited Stocks Available!
  • Don’t Miss Out!
  • Offer Expires Tomorrow!
  • Grab It While You Can!
  • Get it While You Can!


4. CTAs for Boosting Engagement on Instagram Posts

CTA phrases can also be used to boost engagement on your posts. The ultimate goal here is to drive more interactions with your IG content. Consider using these both under your posts and stories to boost user engagement: 

  • Double-tap if You Agree!
  • Like if You Agree!
  • Tag Someone Who Relates To This
  • Comment Your Thoughts
  • Swipe up To See The Full Story
  • DM Us for More Info


5. Sales-Boosting Instagram CTAs

Effective CTAs can also boost product sales, as they aim to guide your followers toward making an actual purchase. You can put these in your captions, stories, and even bio to encourage followers to buy.

  • Shop Now!
  • Grab Yours Today!
  • Get The Best Deals On Our Site!
  • DM us for The Details
  • Get Yours in Just a Few Clicks
  • Treat Yourself to [product name]


6. CTAs for Instagram Stories

IG stories can also give you great opportunities to interact with your followers. Optimize the feature with effective CTAs to have your users vote, respond, or swipe up. With story CTAs, you can boost engagement, increase conversions, and drive traffic.

  • Ask Us Anything
  • Swipe Up to Learn More
  • Poll: Yes or No?
  • DM Us for More
  • Swipe to Shop Now
  • Rate it From 1 to 10
  • Poll: Agree or Not?


7. Instagram Ad CTAs

The CTAs for your IG ads can also have a profound impact on the success of your marketing campaigns. The following CTA phrases can be easily used for the ad’s button or caption.

  • Learn More
  • Get Started
  • Shop Now
  • Try It for Free
  • Book an Appointment Today
  • Sign Up Now


Where Should You Add These CTAs?

Creating good calls to action is one thing, but knowing where to put them to maximize their potential is another. Below are the best places you can place your CTAs

  • Shop Buttons and Profile Contacts: You have dedicated shop and contact buttons on IG.
  • IG Bio: You can always put a CTA into your bio, such as “Visit Our Site” and put a link to it to drive more traffic.
  • Your IG Feed: You can put an enticing CTA under every post to help your customers engage with your content.
  • Your Stories: Make good use of the “Swipe Up” feature and link to external sources such as your products, content, or promotions, driving direct traffic.
  • Your IG Reels: You can reach out to your audience via your reels by telling them directly via video to consider visiting your site. You can also leave texts with CTAs. 
  • Live Shopping: During an Instagram Live Shopping session, using impactful CTAs like “Tap to buy now” directs viewers to make purchases, boosting sales and improving the shopping experience.


The Benefits of CTAs on Instagram

In short, the benefits of effective call to action phrases are the following: 

  • Better Engagement in Posts: Good CTAs encourage your users to interact with your content and brand.
  • Increase in Sales: Creating a sense of urgency and incorporating discounts can also help you boost your sales.
  • Drive More Traffic: Phrases like “click on the link” can help you drive more traffic to your website and specific pages where different CTAs can await your followers.


Get The Most Out of Instagram and CTAs

Leveraging the benefits of calls to action can help you reach new heights in your social media marketing efforts and can help you create a blossoming presence on Instagram, where people recognize, interact with, and trust your brand.

As a final note, make sure to experiment with different CTA variations, use them everywhere you can place them, and measure their performance. After a while, you will be able to pinpoint what works best and maximize your IG potential.

Szabolcs Szecsei

Szabolcs Szecsei born on February 4th, 1989, A Hungarian writer, living in Novi Sad, Serbia. With a master’s degree in Communication and Media Studies, Szabolcs has been working in the news and marketing industry for more than six years. Apart from writing, Szabolcs is also a professional touring and recording musician, working for several bands and projects.