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You came up with the perfect text for your New Year’s ad campaign, Christmas card to your loved ones, or a thank-you note for your business partners, however, you feel Times New Roman doesn’t do much justice to the holiday spirit? In order for your design to evoke the scenes of winter idyll in the most beautiful way, we present you with a collection of 20 most beautiful and popular holiday fonts.

All fonts on this list are completely free to download and use personally, whereas commercial purposes require contacting the author or buying the license, which cost is usually symbolic.

20 best fonts for your holiday design


#1 Beyond Wonderland

beyond wonderland font
Beyond Wonderland

For all those who cannot imagine the upcoming holidays without Disney’s Christmas cartoons, Beyond Wonderland, a font that looks exactly like it just came from a movie poster for such a film, is the real deal. This calligraphy font gives out a gothic vibe and its set contains upper and lower case letters, numbers, and certain characters.

#2 Bigelow Rules

bigelow rules font
Bigelow Rules

An eclectic fuse of Times New Roman and Didone fonts, Bigelow Rules brings a breath of retro style to holiday cards. The set of 366 characters encompasses upper and lower case letters, numbers, special characters, as well as multilingual input.

#3 Big Snow

big snow font
Big Snow

Big Snow is a professional and modern script font which set includes upper and lower case, numbers, symbols, punctuation marks, and provides multilingual input. Bolded and legible, this font is a great choice for commercials, logos, posters, holiday cards, or any other kind of short text. A big bonus of this font is that it’s allowed for both personal and commercial use, without the need to pay a license or contact the design’s author.

#4 Billion Stars

billion stars font
Billion Stars

If you want your design to depict the glam and elegance of New Year’s Eve, Billion Stars is the best choice. This calligraphic, cursive font comes in a set of upper and lower case letters, numbers, as well as a multitude of special characters.

#5 Candy Cane

candy cane font
Candy Cane

Inspired by the favorite Christmas sweet – candy cane, this font offers over 80 unique characters, among which are numbers, upper and lower case letters, and punctuation marks. The cleanness, legibility, and rounded edges of Candy Cane, make it a great font for less formal holiday projects such as menu, invitation, card, and thank-you notes designs.

#6 Christmabet

christmabet font

Christmabet offers only 26 letters of the English alphabet, but even only that will make your text scream festive spirit. Each letter is designed as a different New Year’s and Christmas symbols, such as candle, mistletoe, elf, and angel.

#7 ChristmasEve

christmaseve font

Designer bythebutterfly is behind this charming vintage font, which minimalism is a true refreshment among usually the usual over-the-top holiday fonts. The letters are decorated with a variety of Christmas symbols, such as candle, Christmas ornaments, mistletoe, and others. ChristmasEve is legible even at smaller fonts, and its set incorporates upper and lower case letters, special characters, and numbers.

#8 Christmas Miracle

christmas miracle font
Christmas Miracle

Sparkly tinsels for decorating Christmas trees served as an inspiration for this holiday font, which brings us an array of different letters, numbers, and characters. Cursive, shimmering letters of the Christmas Miracle font are a great way to evoke the feeling of starry winter nights.

#9 Christmas Season

christmas season
Christmas Season

Christmas Season, a calligraphic, handwritten font is ideal for different design endeavors – from promotional materials and quotes, projects, packaging, and merchandise branding, all the way to blogs, clothes, and invitations.

#10 Happy New One

happy new one font
Happy New One

Happy New One font brings upper and lower case letters, adorned with stars, and is a great choice for designing holiday ads and cards, as well as notebooks, cups, or clothes.

#11 Kingthing’s Christmas

kingthing's christmas font
Kingthing’s Christmas

Evoke the winter wonderland in the best possible way, thanks to Kingthing’s Christmas, a free font of bolded, ‘frosty’ letters. The wavy lines below each letter create the illusion that the text is placed in the snow, whereas diverse snowflakes and a bird here and there add to the holiday spirit. The font includes upper and lower case letters, numbers, as well as some special characters.

#12 Merry Christmas

merry christmas font
Merry Christmas

Elegant, cursive font, which is at the same time clean and legible? Merry Christmas brings it all, and what’s more, it comes in two different styles – regular and star, meaning you can choose whether you want your letters to be surrounded by (and decorated with) snowflakes or stars. The font breathes soft grunge style, so it’s great for relaxed, informal designs. Sets of both styles include over 350 characters, among which are upper and lower case letters, numbers, and a variety of distinctive signs and symbols.

#13 Mountains of Christmas

mountains of christmas
Mountains of Christmas

Playful and relaxed, this serif font is ideal for giving your words a personal touch and light, festive atmosphere. Mountains of Christmas includes both regular and bolded letters, and the set contains upper and lower case letters, numbers, and various characters.

#14 One Starry Night

one starry night font
One Starry Night

Fun and festive font that will make your text the star of the design project, One Starry Night includes over 200 characters and supports multilingual input. The set of these swirly, calligraphy letters will guarantee to awaken the Christmas spirit in your readers.

#15 Pinyon Script

pinyon script font
Pinyon Script

Pinyon Script is a cursive, rounded font that will add to the sense of sophistication and romance in your text, which is why it is ideal for elegant restaurants, weddings, cards, and thank-you notes, and all other formal occasions. The set includes more than 200 characters, such as upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols, and it allows multilingual input. As the letters are quite curved, Pinyon Script is most suitable to be used with bigger fonts.

#16 Santa’s Sleigh

santa's sleigh font
Santa’s Sleigh

Regular, bold, and deluxe styles come in the Santa’s Sleigh font set, which encompasses upper and lower case letters, numbers, a variety of characters, and multilingual input. This playful style will give a friendly and relaxed tone to your text, and since it’s easily legible, it is ideal for all sorts of holiday ads, promo materials and cards.

#17 Snowballs

snowballs font

Magnolia Sky comes in a new, holiday spirit, as Snowballs set that contains upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Decorated with snowflakes, these handwritten letters are an excellent choice for less formal occasions or ad campaigns.

#18 Snowinter

snowinter font

If your plan for the upcoming holidays includes creating an advertisement, poster, or any other promotional material, Snowinter font will ensure your design doesn’t go unnoticed. Big, bold letters, decorated with snowflakes and sparkling stars will produce the best effect if their white color is placed on a contrasting darker background.

#19 The Gingerbread House

the gingerbread house font
The Gingerbread House

If this font reminds you of the poster typography of movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, or Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, you’re absolutely correct. A bit scary font that breathes Burtonesque, The Gingerbread House is a decorative serif which set includes upper and lower case letters and numbers.

#20 Xmas Sweater Stitch

xmas sweater stitch font
Xmas Sweater Stitch

For all of you who, unlike Bridget Jones, wouldn’t be horrified by Darcy’s turtleneck sweater with knitted Rudolph’s face, we present you Xmas Sweater Stitch. This font brings upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols, in the style of knitted Christmas sweaters, and it is great for all informal designs.

Each of these fonts will fit perfectly into your holiday design, whether it is an advertising or promotional material, Christmas cards to your family, friends or business associates, or another entirely different idea. Have you found your new favorite holiday font on our list?

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