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Are you in the mood for label design ideas? If yes, we have got a perfect collection for you. It is known that spirits can make your life easier (without overdoing them, of course). Even though we do not recommend drunk design, one truly would not be able to resist these.

In such a creative industry as packaging and label design, you may ask yourself how do the designers do it: how do they create such beautiful labels every day?

Some call it inspiration, some the touch of God, but we like to call them: ideas. So, if you lack them for your next spirit label design project – take a look at these spirits label design examples and create something original.


8 Spirits Label Design Inspirational Ideas


Virgin Spirits

virgin spirits design inspiration 2

virgin spirits design inspiration 3

virgin spirits design inspiration 1


boodles packaging design 2

boodles spirits packaging design 1

Curio Spirits

curio spirits label design 1

curio spirits label design 2

curio spirits label design 3

Bareksten Spirits

bareksten spirits design inspiration 1

bareksten spirits design inspiration 2

bareksten spirits design inspiration 3

St. George Spirits

st george spirits design 1

st george spirits design 2

st george spirits design 3

st george spirits design 4

Barrell Craft Spirits

barrell craft spirits design 1

barrell craft spirits design 2

Whistling Andy Craft Spirits

whistling andy craft spirits 1

whistling andy craft spirits 2

whistling andy craft spirits 3

whistling andy craft spirits 4

Distillery 1113 Noble Spirits

distillery 1113 noble spirits design 1

distillery 1113 noble spirits design 2

distillery 1113 noble spirits design 3

Image source: The Dieline

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