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The holiday season is always a good time for spreading joy and festiveness. It is also a time when many companies create limited editions and unique packaging design for their products, in order to leave a mark and make their customers feel special.

We present you 12 inspiring Christmas packaging design solutions around the world.

As you are about to find out, the range of this year’s holiday wishes from both multinational corporations and boutique hand-made producers span from snowing and glowing, to bags of joy and sparkles of fun, to glossy sweets and the touch of a silver stardust, altogether with a spirit of togetherness.

Some of the companies got united with the charities to point out to the importance of a mutual support and thinking of the neglected ones, some are giving the personal touch for each and every customer to enjoy the making of their own wrapping paper, while others will actually make you wish for a wrap of paper as a perfectly designed festive gift, and some simply send a message of having a very Merry Christmas to their customers by putting their products side by side.

From whichever point of view to look at it, you see it is all about creating, caring, and sharing. And some good ideas, of course.

Enjoy these thoughtfully designed packages and be inspired!


Christmas Packaging Design Inspiration


Source: Packaging of the World

Moon Cherry Wine by Moon Troops

Moon Cherry Wine pacakging design 1

Moon Cherry Wine pacakging design 2

Moon Cherry Wine pacakging design 3


Fizz & Squeeze by Beefeater

Beefeater packaging design 1

Beefeater Christmas packaging design 2


Bags of Joy by Burger King

Burger King Christmas packaging design 1

Burger King Christmas packaging design 3


Gift Packs by Lily O’Brien’s Chocolatiers & WowMe Design

Lilly O'brien's Christmas packaging design 1 Lilly O'brien's Christmas packaging design 2


Festive Cups by Starbucks

Starbucks cup Christmas package 1ging design 1

Starbucks cup Christmas package 2

Starbucks cup Christmas package 4


Handmade Gift Idea by Anna Trympali

Handmade idea Christmas package 2

Handmade idea Christmas package 1


Snow & Glow by Oreo

Oreo Christmas package 1

Oreo Christmas package 2

Holiday Looks by Contemplate

Compartes Christmas package 1

Compartes Christmas package 2


Jolly Sockings campaign for homeless people by Pearlfisher

Jolly Socking campaign homeless for Christmas packaging design 1

Jolly Socking campaign homeless for Christmas packaging design 2


Wrappings by the company Who gives a crap

Who gives a crap toilet paper 5 packaging design

Who gives a crap toilet paper 1 packaging design


Roll on Christmas by Buddy Creative

Buddy Creative Wine Christmas 3 packaging design

Buddy Creative Wine Christmas 2

Buddy Creative Wine Christmas 1 ackaging design


Have a Merry Christmas by Robot Food & Halfpenny Green

Robot Food Have a Merry Christmas packaging design


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