22 Summer Olympic Games logos

Summer Olympic Games of 2016 start today in Rio. If you have not seen the Rio 2016 logo yet – you will get used to it in the following two weeks.

The logo of this year’s Olympic Games has been positively commented by the designer’s community due to its playfulness and the choice of color.

Olympic Games have been held since the ancient times in Greece. In modern times, however, people started playing them only since 1896.

Modern Olympic logos

Along with the modern Olympic Games came their corresponding logos. In 1912 we see the introduction of the Olympic rings, designed by Pierre de Coubertin. Every logo (except for the 1924 logo) consists of the Olympic flag with the Olympic rings – which contain the six colors of the national flags of countries which competed in the first Games – as well as of the host country’s unique design.

Here is a collection of Summer Olympic Games’ logos from 1924 until 2020.

Which logo do you like best?

1924 Paris, France

1924 paris summer olympics logo

1932 Los Angeles, USA

1932 summer olympics los angeles logo

1936 Berlin, Germany

1936 berlin olympic logo

1948 London, UK

1948 london summer olympics logo

1952 Helsinki, Finland

1952 helsinki summer olympics logo

1956 Melbourne, Australia

1956 melbourne summer olympics logo

1960 Rome, Italy

1960 rome italy olympics logo

1964 Tokyo, Japan

1964 tokyo summer olympics logo

1968 Mexico City, Mexico

1968 mexico city summer olympic games logo

1972 Munich, Germany

1972 munich summer olympics logo

1976 Montreal, Canada

1976- montreal summer olympic logo

1980 Moscow, USSR

1980 moscow ussr olympics logo

1984 Los Angeles, USA

1984 los angeles summer olympics logo

1988 Seoul, South Korea

1988 seoul summer olympic logo

1992 Barcelona, Spain

1992 barcelona summer olympic logo

1996 Atlanta, USA

1996 atlanta summer olympics logo

2000 Sydney, Australia

2000 sydney summer olympics logo

2004 Athens, Greece

2004 athens summer olympics logo

2008 Beijing, China

2008 beijing summer olympics logo

2012 London, UK

2012 london summer olympics logo

2016 Rio, Brazil

2016 rio summer olympics logo

2020 Tokyo, Japan

tokyo 2020 summer olympic logo

Image source: Colorlib and Wikipedia

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