30+ Midjourney Logo Prompts for Iconic Designs

Creativity block, lack of time, or lack of resources can all prevent you from creating a striking logo. But worry not because none of those are issues anymore.

Midjourney logo prompts make the design process faster, reduce costs, and fuel imagination. While generative AI can elicit polarizing reactions, it can produce quality visuals provided you give effective and detailed instructions.


How to Start Making a Logo with Midjourney Prompts?

Your logo design prompts in Midjourney will determine whether this platform generates the desired result. The best start is with a straightforward prompt.

For instance, you can type:

‘/imagine a mascot logo of a car, minimalist, vector –no shading’

Simple Midjourney prompts for logos will get the job going, but additional data will help AI provide designs that match your vision more closely. A clear idea of what you want will ensure the platform can turn your imagination into adequate visuals.


Create a Logo Concept

Draw or write down how the logo should look, considering the company brand.

Decide on the dominant color palette and style and whether the design should include specific details. Another aspect to consider is the message and values the logo should convey. For instance, the company may desire a strong and energetic visual, implying its business expertise and aptitude.

You can also select the type of logo that best fits your idea. Midjourney can create pictorial mark logos, mascot logos, lettermark logos, 3D logos, dynamic logos, geometric logos, abstract concepts, and emblems.


Enter Midjourney

After sorting out your logo sketch or idea, go to Midjourney and click “Sign In,” which will take you to Discord, where you’ll have to make a free account. In the next step, you’ll find yourself in the Newbies room.

Your interaction with the bot typically starts with the /imagine command, but other instructions exist as well, such as /blend.


Start Creating Midjourney Logo Design Prompts

Transform your idea into Midjourney logo prompts, ensuring AI understands and can follow your instructions. Although you should be descriptive, don’t worry about the semantic structure of your sentences, as the platform doesn’t recognize syntax.

Keep in mind that while you can add many details, Midjourney’s output may not entirely match your imagination. Additionally, note that the platform isn’t the best solution for text, and you may need to use Adobe Illustrator or Canva for typography.

Help Midjourney produce its best work by adjusting the size and specifying the preferred file format for the final logo, such as PNG, JPEG, or SVG. Define the desired resolution and dimensions to ensure compatibility with various applications, including print and digital media.


Refer to Specific Artistic Styles, Genres, or Designers

You can instruct Midjourney to use a specific genre or an artist’s style as inspiration, providing more precise guidance. This will ensure your logo resonates with the company’s target audience.

The following are among the most common logo styles:

  • Art Deco: You can instruct Midjourney to create a logo featuring geometric shapes, sleek lines, and bold, stylized imagery.
  • Minimalism: If your design should be clean and sleek, direct AI to simplicity, clarity, and restraint. Specify a preference for clean lines, negative space, and limited color palettes to achieve a modern look.
  • Retro/Vintage: Retro aesthetics inspired by specific eras, such as the 1990s or 1950s, are increasingly popular in the early 2020s. You can mention design elements commonly associated with an era, such as mid-century modernism.
  • Futurism: A futuristic or sci-fi-inspired design can draw inspiration from technology, space exploration, and utopian or dystopian futures.
  • Surrealism: You can guide Midjourney in creating a logo inspired by dreamlike imagery, unexpected juxtapositions, and exploration of the subconscious mind.

You can also apply this approach with designers, directing AI to emulate specific artists’ styles or techniques.

  • Saul Bass: Bass is renowned for creating iconic logos distinguished by unique visual concepts and bold typography. Midjourney can draw inspiration from his innovative designs.
  • Paul Rand: If your goal is to develop a minimalist and contemporary logo, Midjourney can adopt Rand’s approach, characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, and timeless simplicity.
  • Milton Glaser: Eclectic style and versatile creativity are quintessential for Glaser’s design. You can direct AI to find inspiration in Glasser’s logos, ranging from playful and whimsical to sophisticated and elegant.
  • Debbie Millman: You can achieve more dynamic and laid-back designs by instructing the platform to emulate Millman’s expressiveness and vibrant color palettes.


Choose the Design Technique 

Describe the technique to ensure your Midjourney logo prompts are on point. For instance, you can instruct it to design your logo taking the outline approach to add emphasis and clarity.

Moreover, AI can use grid systems to establish visual harmony, balance, and proportion within the design. Another popular option is to explore the interplay between positive and negative space for dynamic and memorable visuals.


Explain What Midjourney Shouldn’t Do

When writing your logo Midjourney prompts, ensure the AI knows what not to do. You may want to instruct it not to add text, specific colors, or shadows.

Highlighting your clear preferences is the only way the platform will generate a concept matching your vision.

But now that you know how to write logo design prompts in Midjourney, it’s time to provide precise examples you can use as a guide.


30+ Midjourney Logo Design Prompts to Spark Your Inspiration

Your logo must stand out to ensure people notice your brand. The following Midjourney logo prompts will help you create striking designs that put your company on the map.

Pictorial Mark Midjourney Logo Prompts

We’re starting with symbol-based visuals, often the first thing you think of when you imagine a logo.

  1. /Imagine a flat vector logo featuring a minimalist depiction of a deer head, Michael Beirut style, clean lines, geometric shapes, simplicity, elegant, sophisticated, modern, timeless –no shading, realistic photo detail
  2. /Imagine a flat geometric vector graphic logo, minimal shapes, simple black design, clean, minimalistic aesthetic, Paul Rand style
  3. /Imagine a minimalist vector graphic logo featuring a cat, Debbie Millman style, clean lines, abstract shapes –no realistic photo details
  4. /Imagine a minimalist vector graphic logo featuring a peacock, simple, elegant, clean, sleek –no realistic photo details


Abstract Midjourney Logo Prompts

Use the following instructions as a guide for more complex and abstruse designs. 

  1. /Imagine an abstract logo representing growth and progress, geometric shapes, fluid lines, dynamism, innovation, 2D –no trees, flowers, arrows
  2. /Imagine an abstract logo representing connectivity and unity, geometric patterns, negative space, cohesion –no hands, puzzle pieces
  3. /Imagine an abstract logo symbolizing creativity and imagination, abstract shapes, vibrant colors, artistic expression, innovation –no paintbrushes, light bulbs, shadows
  4. /Imagine an abstract logo of a fast, modern car, simplicity, 4K, geometric patterns, dynamic forms –no car, automobile

Midjourney promt example for abstract logo.


Minimalist Line Midjourney Logo Prompts

Minimalist line marks are among the most beloved choices for modern logos. You can use them to create geometric shapes or more complex designs.

  1. /Imagine a logo for a modern coffee shop, minimalist lines, simple, sleek, caffeine, energy –no coffee beans
  2. /Imagine a logo for a sustainable fashion brand, minimalist lines, eco-friendly, organic, 4K, ad hoc colors –no leaves, trees
  3. /Imagine a logo for a tech startup, minimalist lines, innovation, connectivity, simplicity, HD –no circuit boards, computers
  4. /Imagine a logo for a gourmet restaurant, minimalist lines, sophistication, culinary excellence, 4K, HD –no forks, knives

Midjourney logo promt for modern coffee shop.


Gradient Marks Midjourney Logo Prompts

Ensure people perceive your brand as modern, innovative, and forward-thinking with a gradient design.

  1. /Imagine a minimalist gradient logo for a fitness app, dynamic, energy — no human figures, exercise equipment
  2. /Imagine a flat vector logo of square, blue gradient, simple, minimal
  3. /Imagine a minimal logo, triangle gradient, 4K, HD, sophisticated
  4. /Imagine a logo for a travel agency, gradient, adventure, wanderlust, cold colors –no globes, airplanes


Lettermark Midjourney Logo Prompts

Even though Midjourney can’t create texts, it’s great at producing monograms.

  1. /Imagine a letter S logo, lettermark, vector simple, typography Serif –no realistic photo details
  2. /Imagine a letter F logo, lettermark, script typeface, electric blue –no realistic photo details
  3. /Imagine a letter B logo, lettermark, typography Times New Roman, detailed, ad hoc colors
  4. /Imagine a letter W logo, lettermark, flat round typography, futuristic, silver, HD


Emblem Midjourney Logo Prompts

Some companies (e.g., universities) require logos to look like badges or crests, as it gives them a more official and professional appeal. Here’s how to prompt Midjourney to make these designs.

  1. /Imagine an emblem for a fire department, simple, minimal, red color palette, HD
  2. /Imagine a university emblem with a torch, vintage, black and white –no photo-realistic details
  3. /Imagine an emblem for a school theatre team, simple, minimal, 2D –no ornamentation
  4. /Imagine a football team emblem, a green and yellow color palette, simple, HD –no shading detail


Vintage and Retro Midjourney Logo Prompts

Give your logo an old-school aesthetic by prompting AI to create a design based on a specific style from the past.

  1. /Imagine a retro logo of headphones, 90s style, tracksuit color, HD, 4K –no realistic details, ornamentation
  2. /Imagine a vintage logo of farming wheat, yellow color palette, kitschy style, 4K –no shading detail
  3. /Imagine a minimal logo of a palm tree, gradient, retro, 80s style, neon colors, flat design, 4K, HD
  4. /Imagine a logo of a bird, retro, 00s style, y2K, 00s color palette, playful –no shading, ornamentation


Specific Style or Designer Midjourney Logo Prompts

Instruct Midjourney to create a logo based on the style of a specific designer or design approach.

  1. /Imagine a simple minimal logo of a rabbit, ad hoc colors, style of Saul Bass
  2. /Imagine a gradient logo of a planet, a blue color palette, style of Paul Rand, 4K
  3. /Imagine a simple minimal logo for a social media marketing agency, sleek, cyberpunk-style
  4. /Imagine a flat geometric logo of an airplane, gothic style, dark color palette –no realistic details


Let Your Creativity Run Loose with Midjourney

Our Midjourney logo prompts can inspire you to start but allow yourself to experiment and combine different instructions. Explore the platform and its output until you discover what resonates best with you and your brand.

However, if you desire designs with a personal touch, consider custom logo design services. This ensures your logo is truly unique and matches your preferences and requirements to a T.

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