We are living in the world that dictates a fast tempo of living, and big changes come along with it. The changes you make can determine the next thing you are going to do, or even the path of your business and the direction of where you are headed to.

New technologies have already shown their potential and are definitely setting a new course for the majority of businesses today. If you have noticed that your website is slightly slowing down and is not bringing that much revenue as it used to – it is high time for a major website overhaul.

Here is a list of reasons that should help you decide to redesign your website and go back to the track and way ahead of your competition.


  1. You offer new services

If your company now offers a variety of new services, or if you have completely changed the niche, it is high time you made some adjustments in your website as well.

Your marketing strategy needs to cover all areas of your business, so if you managed to expand your services, or even changed the location of your company, – make sure that your website speaks about your newest goals and aspirations.

In case you have not updated or modified your marketing strategy, it is high time you think about it for a while and include a major overhaul work of your website as well.


  1. Your website is outdated

If you have founded your website back in 2005 and did not really had any serious work on it ever since, wake up! – because your website needs some serious work. Even though back in 2005 your website functioned like clockwork, the trends have changed a couple of times since then, so you need to make some changes, too.

Make sure your logo design is in line with current trends, as well. Since your logo is your first chance of leaving a positive impression on your potential clients, consider rebranding or refreshing it.


  1. Your website is not responsive

All over the world, people are using smartphones and mobile devices much more than they used to two years ago – in fact, for the first time in the history (of the Internet), the sale and usage of mobile devices exceeds the sale of desktop computers.

In fact, a recent research has shown that today 80% of Internet users own a smartphone. According to SmartInsights, browsing the web has changed significantly. Namely, in the period from 2010 until 2015YTD, the usage of vertical screens increased to 29%, and is now higher than ever.

This is the very cause of many a web designer first building a website intended for mobile devices, and only after that do they adjust it for desktop browsing. Since the numbers speak for themselves, think not, and ask us about responsive web design right now!


  1. Your competition has changed their website

If you see that your competition is gaining more visitors and more profit without any particular reason (visible to you, at least), check out their website and see what changes they have made on it.

Seeing what your competition is doing does not mean that you need to change all your pages and start everything from scratch just because they did so too. No – it simply means that you observe and want to keep up with current trends.

Trendsetters are not simply born that way, they work and expand their knowledge, so who knows – maybe, some day, you can become a trendsetter, too.


  1. You do not know what SEO is

Back in the day when you launched your website, Google was still a baby, and just like you, it has grown big. In fact, it grew to be a big company which dictates trends and has a major impact on the entire web. Due to its robots, crawlers or spider tools which evaluate your website and influence its ranking on its search engine, you need to make your website SEO-friendly if you want the ranking of your website to go up.

If you have not understood any word about SEO in the previous paragraph, – the time is nigh – you need to redesign your website as soon as possible by filling out this order form.


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