Web design trends for 2019

Web design has evolved quite a bit during previous years, don’t you think? It seems like we have entered a post-responsive era, followed by digital experiments, moving backgrounds, innovative ...

Nađa Božović

Web design trends for 2018

Year after year, we find them again and again: dozens or maybe hundreds of blog posts about web design trends. Everybody has a piece of mind, but they all seem to write one and the same thing ...

Vesna Savić

Web design trends in 2017

Being employed in anything that has to do with the Internet, one has to be in touch with a significantly big number of topics. So what are the web design trends to pay attention to and incorpo...

Marija Savić

2016 Web Design Trends & Predictions

Ho, ho, ho, New Year’s on its way! Let’s see what is the current state of affairs, and move forward to see what might await us in the sphere of web design in the following 12 months.

Vesna Savić