What would you do if time machines existed?

What would you do if time machines existed?

Flora Borsi knows how to answer this question. She would have taken photographs with famous persons whom she admires. But she did not need to time travel to fulfill her dream. Sort of.
With a lot of creativity and a dose of patience, Borsi managed to recreate photos of famous persons, but with a catch. She added herself.

This Hungarian visual artist and photographer loves to experiment and to play with the perception of a spectator. She was thinking how it would be great to travel back in time and to meet people who left a mark, from Einstein and Froyd to Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, all the way to John Lennon.

Of course, even though this looks like a simple task, it required a lot of preparation and research before the actual making of the photograph. Examining each original photo included paying attention to the light, perspective, image depth and other technical characteristics. And in order to make things look more authentic, Borsi also made sure that her make-up and clothes correspond to the time periods when the photos were taken. The final step was to digitally “destroy” her selfies so that they could better fit with the original photographs.

This is not the first time Borsi played with time traveling and photography. Her previous project, “Time travel” included her as paparazzi taking photos of the Beatles, Andy Warhol, and others. It is a bit tricky to spot her at first, but if you pay close attention, you will find her.

See the photographs below, while you can find Flora Borsi on her Behance profile.

“Selfie” project

flora borsi and albert einstein photo manipulation

Borsi and Albert Einstein


flora borsi and sigmund froyd photo manipulation

Borsi and Sigmund Froyd


flora borsi and salvador dali photo manipulation

Borsi and Salvador Dali


flora borsi and mahatma gandhi photo manipulation

Borsi and Mahatma Gandhi


marilyn monroe and flora borsi photo manipulation

Borsi and Marilyn Monroe


flora borsi and audrey hepburn photo manipulation

Borsi and Audrey Hepburn


flora borsi and john lennon photo manipulation

Borsi and John Lennon


“Time travel” project

borsi time travel


the beatles flora borsi photo manipulation

The Beatles


al capone and borsi photo manipulation

Al Capone


harold llyod and borsi photo manipulation

Harold Lloyd


monroe and borsi photo manipulation

Marilyn Monroe


warhol and borsi photo manipulation

Andy Warhol


borsi and presley photo manipulation

Elvis Presley


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