Logo trends for 2019 that will make your company stand out

Logo trends for 2019 that will make your company stand out

Having a distinguishable logo is a must-have for every company. It is completely reasonable not to change your logotype for several years, even a decade, but a logo refreshment from every now and then to make your brand appear more stylish is always a good idea.

Would you like to step in 2019 with a redesigned corporate identity?

Graphic design is an ever-evolving area of creativity. Some trends stay the same over the years, while some of them rise up as promising and inspiring solutions you cannot ignore.

So, join us on our journey through the upcoming logo design tendencies and find the most suitable solution for your business.


Top 5 logo design trends for 2019

1. Bold Colors & Rainbow Gradients

You may have noticed logos that shine brightly with vivid and saturated colors, as these are quite eye-catching and have been popular for some time now. Did you acknowledge the gradients come-back as well? They are back in the game, they are rainbowy, and they are more vivid than ever before. It all started with the Instagram logo redesign back in 2016, and colors have been pouring around ever since.

bibbit logo design bright colors

Bibbit logo design by Outcrowd / Image Source: Dribbble

logo design for one bright colors branding

Logo design for One by Tubik / Source: Dribbble

wave logo design blue gradients typography

Wave logo by Eddie Lobanovsky / Source: Dribbble

letter M explorations logo design bright colors

Letter M explorations for a logo design by Eddie Lobanovsky / Source: Dribbble

2. Contextual & Illustrative Logos

Your logo would look different if you own a software development startup and if you are making tailor-made suits for your local customers. So, contextualizing the logo is an essential part of your business strategy. It should the visualization of your brand’s style, energy, mission, and everything that goes along. That is why more and more companies are going with fun imagery, character illustrations, unique icons, and metaphorical representations of a brand.

bear logo graphic design neagative space

Contextual logo with the use of neagative space by Yoga Perdana / Source: Dribbble

fitness app logo design running man contextual logo

Fitness app logo design by Ramotion / Source: Dribbble

wild goat illustration logo animation

Wild Goat Events logo illustration by Rosie Hardbottle from Motion Design School in Ukraine / Source: Behance

goova nanny agency logo funny chicken illustration

Goova logo by Elmira Gokoryan / Image source: Behance

character illustration personal branding

Russian singer, character illustration by Denis Davydov / Source: Dribbble

3. Minimalistic & Monochromatic Design

This one goes in contrast with all the bright colorful logo imagery out there, but these two trends are not opponents, not at all. Black and white duality is kind of an evergreen trend in logo design, the one that is classic and elegant, and the one that you cannot go wrong with. The simplicity of the minimalistic approach describes one ore trend that is here to stay. If you wish for a minimal logo, you should know that there are logo designers who specialize in creating only monochromatic and minimalistic logotypes

justagirl contextual logo design

Minimalsitic Just a girl logo / Multiple owners / Image source: Behance

startup consultancy logo metaphorical stairs minimlaistic

Startup consultancy logo by Artur Mihov / Source: Behance

M A monogram logo design minimal

Monogram logo by Mónica Andino / Source: Behance

4. Geometrical Shapes Ain’t Going Nowhere

This must be the oldest trend in the creative industry and, at the same time, the trend with the highest value. The use of squares, triangles, hexagons, and lines has been around for ages, and that is not going to change. Not in 2019, that is for sure. Designer always seem to find new, inventive, and crative ways of geometry use in graphic design.

AR logo concept bright colors black backround geometry

AR logo concept by Eddie Lobanovsky / Source: Dribble

d cartel logo design geometry square rectangle

D’ Cartel geometrical logo by Ava Victoria / Source: Behance

le cube logo design cubical illustraation animation

Le Cube logo design by Yaro Flesher / Source: Behance

5. Experimental Movement & Animated Type

Movement research is something that we would more likely relate solely to corporeal kinesthetic experiences. But, how wrong would we be!? When it comes to logotypes and brand identity, moving images are going to be far more desired in 2019 than a flat design and static imagery. So, an animated logo is something that the vast majority of designers is experimenting with right now. More precisely, they are trying out the moving typography practice and motion design exercises to create outstanding logotypes that make a difference.

dribbble logo redesign concept animated disney style motion design project

Animated Dribbble logo redesign concept by Helen Sulza / Student project from Motion Design School in Ukraine / Source: Behance


behance logo redesign moving type

Animated Behance logo redesign concept by Irina Luzgar / Student project from Motion Design School / Source: Behance

linkedin animated logo redesign concept character design animation

Animated LinkedIn logo redesign concept by Ihor Karas / Student project from Motion Design School / Source: Behance

doors experimenatl animation typography moving letters

Type in Motion / Experimental design by Mindaugas Dudenas / Source: Behance

tik tack motion design moving type

Type in Motion / Design project by Mindaugas Dudenas / Source: Behance

halloween typography design experimental moving letter conceptual design

Type in Motion / Animated design by Mindaugas Dudenas / Source: Behance

wind conceptual design moving typography experiment

Type in Motion / Experimental design by Mindaugas Dudenas / Source: Behance

To wrap it up

Designing from scratch, redesigning, or simply refreshing your branding style, along with the looks of your logo is a cost-effective way to boost up your business in the upcoming years, and make your company stand out among the competitors. It can make your brand become more appealing to the target audience and more recognizable on a global scale.

So, which kind of a logo design would be the best for your brand identity? Do you have the courage to experiment and make your logo a moving image, or you prefer the good old minimalism?

Share your thoughts with us in the Comments below and if you need a helping hand, do not shy away from contacting us for a logo design and branding consultancy.


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