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Curious characters of various shapes and sizes are represented in illustrations of Linn Fritz, an independent Swedish illustrator, designer and animator based in London, UK. Her approach is minimalistic, and she often uses simple lines and geometric shapes powered by a colorful background to bring her imagery to life.

Linn Fritz is usually depicting female figures, but there is nothing usual about them. Her series GIRLS, for instance, clearly shows her distinctive style, while introducing women with maximized bodies and minimized heads enjoying the everyday situations. Their atypical proportions could be seen as a way of author’s statement about the stereotyped images of women in the society.

Being aware of the inequality around her and her fellow female illustrators within the professional environment, Linn Fritz has become known for her devotion to uplifting the awareness of imbalanced positions in the area of graphic design.

She is also one of the founders of the animation network Punanimation, an initiative that aims to empower, promote and connect women, trans and non-binary people working in the animation and motion industry.

After studying motion graphics at Hyper Island school, Linn Fritz has started to collaborate with many studios and clients around the world, including CNN, Facebook, Google, and others.

Here we present you illustrations from Linn’s personal projects, and if you feel inspired to see more of her uniquely disproportional characters and other work, check out her website or her Dribbble profile.


illustration girl standing umbrella

illustration ballerina disproportional body

illustration linn fritz big hand plant flowers

illustration linn fritz food carrier

illustration unproportional body girl holding grass

illustration linn fritz big girl little animal

illustration linn fritz big hand small tea cup

illustration girl body square frame

illustration girl resting square frame

girls illustration big hand small plant girl sitting

illustration girl walking disproportional body

illustration girl waiting bus station umbrella

illustration girl sitting triangle frame unproportional body


anxiety illustration girls in boxes

anxiety illustration girl falling down geometric shapes

anxiety illustration girl balancing geometry

anxiety illustration girls holding on geometric shapes

anxiety illustration girl in frame geomtry claustrophobia

Punanimation illustrations

punanimation linn fritz illustration girl holding female sign

punanimation linn fritz illustration girls traveling

punanimation linn fritz illustration girl thinking spotlight

punanimation linn fritz illustration girls and triangle


punanimation linn fritz illustration party


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