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Stefano Marra is a gifted graphic designer and illustrator from Southern Italy. Ever since his childhood he loved to draw – he started copying Popeye and Donald Duck illustrations from VHS and dreamed of becoming an animator.

Feeling that there was always a story to tell, his passion took him to art school in Eboli, his hometown, and later on to School of Design in Vietri Sul Mare, near Salerno. During his career, he collaborated with many famous clients, including Il sole 24 ore, Wired UK, The Wall Street Journal, NBA Italy, Fast Company, Datum, Cromos, Loescher editore, and many other.

What makes Marra’s drawing style so distinct is that he tries to make the work as simple as possible. He often seeks inspiration in art and the artists he loves, but ideas usually come from other sources.

In this article, we present you two of his projects: What’s going on – a personal series of illustrations in which he explores a new illustration style (the title is a Marvin Gaye tribute), and Horror Stories – a personal book cover design for Edgar Allan Poe’s four horror stories.

Follow Stefano Marra on Behance to see his newest projects, as well as on Facebook and Twitter or visit his official website.


What’s going on

stefano marra illustration 9 life under the shoes
Life under the shoes.
stefano marra illustration 8 is it raining inside
Is it raining inside?
stefano marra illustration 7 consciousness
stefano marra illustration 6 bourgogne
stefano marra illustration 1 the feelings eater
The feelings eater.
stefano marra illustration 2 somebody stole my sweater
Somebody stole my sweater (GIF originally).
stefano marra illustration 3 two brothers have a brother
Two brothers have a brother.
stefano marra illustration 5 man in town
Man in town.
stefano marra illustration 4 unchecked vibrations
Unchecked vibrations.
stefano marra illustration 10 Illustrations in magazine layouts
Illustrations in magazine layouts.

stefano marra illustration 11 magazine layout stefano marra illustration 12 magazine layout stefano marra illustration 13 graphic design what's going on stefano marra illustration 14

Horror stories

stefano marra edgar allan poe horror stories 1
Edgar Allan Poe: The black cat
stefano marra edgar allan poe horror stories 2
Edgar Allan Poe: The mask of the red death
stefano marra edgar allan poe horror stories 3
Edgar Allan Poe: The tell tale heart
stefano marra edgar allan poe horror stories 4
Edgar Allan Poe: The raven
stefano marra edgar allan poe horror stories 5
The four short stories – illustration by Stefano Marra.

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