Illustrations by Guillaume Kurkdjian.

Guillaume Kurkdjian is a talented 2d/3d illustrator and animator from Nantes, France, currently living in Paris.

Due to his outstanding animation skills, he recently got famous for the Smashing Magazine riddle that just got solved. Namely, he designed a series of animated GIFs which were used as clues for solving the riddle. If you took participation in this project during the week past, then you have probably been expecting the resolution to come.

Guillaume is a 26-year-old freelance illustrator and animator who started his career very early and his work got to be showcased at Cornell University and Onedotzero – Now Gallery in London, which also helped him work with names such as IKEA China, the Smashing Magazine, ESPN, Michelin France, Toyota, IBM, Dezeen, etc.

See some of his amazing 2d illustrations below and follow him on Dribbble or visit his website to see his animations.

bus guilleaume 3d illustration 6

young firefighters guilleaume 3d animation 7

medical minecraft playing games animation guilleaume 2

monsters alt guilleaume 11

animals guilleaume graphic illustration 5

my little paris graffiti illustration guilleaume 4

neon mob castle skyscraper modern building guilleaume 9

NRG NY guilleaume small illustration 1

room still animation guilleaume 8

simple day image guilleaume 10

small town project guilleaume 12 spacetown illustration guilleaume 3

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