Childhood dreams come true in Tang Yau Hoong’s illustrations

Childhood dreams come true in Tang Yau Hoong’s illustrations

Can you remember your childhood dreams? Or have they perished years ago? And would you like to remember them? Meet Tang Yau Hoong, a rising digital artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, whose illustrations can help you go back in time and see things from a surreal world, inhabited by children and perplexed by their (unlimited) imagination.

A couple of years ago, Tang started a project called Coexxist: A Surreal World, a collection of original digital works which brings together conceptual design and his own imagination. As he highlights, “creativity has no limits in our boundless imagination” which is why he started the project “with a passion for creative thinking.”

“The additional ‘x’ in Coexxist represents the X factor in designing process and conceptual thinking. You will see how different elements are brought together forming brand new visuals and, coexist. This is an ongoing project and it is so fun creating these illustrations.” Tang said for Bored Panda

To see more of his works, you can visit his official website or follow him on Behance.

The Coexxist project

1 tang yau hoong hello world

Hello world

2 tang yau hoong playtime


3 tang yau hoong rainforest


4 tang yau hoong moon


5 tang yau hoong drops of life

Drops of life

6 tang yau hoong as light as a feather

As light as a feather

7 tang yau hoong caffeinopolis


8 tang yau hoong space carousel

Space carousel

9 tang yau hoong a walk in the night

A walk in the night

10 tang yau hoong comforting sounds

Comforting sounds

11 tang yau hoong guardian


12 tang yau hoong best friends

Best friends

13 tang yau hoong lost in transition

Lost in transition

14 tang yau hoong a leaf in love

A leaf in love

15 tang yau hoong book city

Book city

16 tang yau hoong city voyager

City voyager

17 tang yau hoong nowhere to run

Nowhere to run

18 tang yau hoong up in the cloud

Up in the cloud

19 tang yau hoong riding on sunshine

Riding on sunshine

20 tang yau hoong rome's in wheel need

Rome’s in wheel need

21 tang yau hoong how to cyberproof your phone

How to cyberproof your phone

22 tang yau hoong say goodbye to the crowded paradise

Say goodbye to the crowded paradise

23 tang yau hoong in flying colors

In flying colors

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