Web design can be one of the most useful and most profitable skills that you can achieve in your professional career.

How to become a web designer?

When we say “I want to learn web design” that is like we said, “I want to learn how to cook.” There are thousands of different recipes and different styles of cooking. Same as that we have a large number of specific tools and principles which every designer should know.

Considering that web design is a wide topic, many people are wondering where to start. Because of so many choices, many people never start learning this skill.

Meet the rules of the game

Web designer task is to create visual elements on the website like colors, positions of elements, formatting and he needs to have knowledge of basic web technologies. He has to know basic principles of design and he has to learn how to use popular software for design.

There are theories that graphic designers on basis of their skills can be web designers and vice versa. That could be true, but there are few professionals that can overcome the problem of print and web-based projects. In reality, web design is topic for itself and if you want to be success you need to focus and determine to that goal only.

Web design is constantly improving and it is necessary to always be up to date with events and you have to follow new trends.

We recommend you to follow the most popular websites and blogs in this topic so you could find inspiration and stay up to date with events.

Some of the best websites that we suggest:

Where to start?

The most important graphical software that must be learned is Adobe Photoshop and maybe Adobe Illustrator. As a plus, we suggest to learn Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Dreamweaver. These programs are not complicated for learning, but they are very complex and it takes time to master them.

Also, you will have to learn basics of web technologies and programming language like HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JQuery) and PHP. It is necessary to have good knowledge about first two technologies for beginning, and it is a big bonus if you put an effort into learning all other technologies. And of course, as infallible element for creating success websites it is needed to know basic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Lucky, today there are many available resources for learning, and many of them are for free.

The most important two things that you need to have as a web designer are sense for esthetic and proactive approach to the technologies. Some people may have more or less sense for these skills, with little training everyone can achieve satisfying level of knowledge.

Start from basic

According to our experience, first step that you need to take is getting know with basic web technologies (HTML and CSS) instead of focusing on work in software like Adobe Dreamweaver.

HTML is essence of every modern website, while CSS is responsible for styling of that structure.

Resources for learning

Depending on way of learning that you prefer, you can begin with choosing some good book or determine for tutorials.

Books that we can recommend:

Tutorials and free resources:

And in the end we recommend one of the best resources for learning by video tutorials – website Lynda.com. This resource isn’t for free, but considering the quality of material which they offer, investment will pay off to you.

Play the game

When you have learned all of the tools and technologies that are needed, you can test you knowledge on your own website, and then you can begin with projects for clients. The most of potential clients will make their decision, to work with you, on basis of your website and portfolio so make sure da you offer them the best user experience that you can and easily finding information.

When you decide to make money with your knowledge you can start your own agency or you can work as freelance designer (Elance, Freelancer…). Third option is that you can join some of the web design companies and in that way make your career.

Be aware of your skills and on basis of that set your work price. Never underestimate yourself, but remember that your main goal is not that at all costs you must make money, but to get experience and make new contacts.

Design is a very subjective thing and web design isn’t exception. If you want to get a job, you must learn how to “sell yourself”.

Work on your communication skills, create personal brand and recognition, don’t forget to stay organized, learn from past experiences, and get the problems as a possibilities to improve yourself and skills.

Now when you are on right way to success, remember that you need to be very patient, nothing comes over the night. Build positive attitude and enjoy in work that you do.

Kosta Tošić

SEO / Internet marketing specialist at PopArt Studio