how to use animation in marketing tips

News flash - video marketing is the future. Animated explainer videos, in particular, will skyrocket your engagement and sales conversion rates. Statistics confirm - explainer videos drive 86% of the conversion rates of landing pages.

So, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to brainstorm some explainer video ideas.

But first, let’s unravel what hides underneath the term animated explainer.

What Is An Animated Explainer?

The animated explainer is a short, cartoon or illustrated video that uses a captivating narrative and its main characters to describe ideas in an engaging and entertaining way. It’s usually used to present instructions on technical and complicated concepts.

Animated content is not reserved for complicated ideas, however. It’s also a valuable marketing tool that any brand can use to break down boring topics into digestible chunks of amusing information.

Video explainers use persuasive storytelling approaches that fight digital fatigue and help audiences understand what the brand is trying to tell them.

Their impact on viewers is confirmed by data. A study conducted by researchers from the University of Missouri and the University of Buffalo found that 44% of their subjects are visually orientated– meaning they learn better through graphics, animation, and videos.

Animated sales videos are important because they give straight-to-the-point answers engagingly.  They can be used to explain a myriad of brand-related questions and have a measurable influence on the brand’s bottom line.

Now, that you know why animated explainers will work for your digital marketing, here are 4 creative ways to incorporate them into your strategy.

LinkedIn Improving Customer Support with Animated Explainers

animation explainer in marketing strategy example

Animated explainers used for customer support issues help your marketing in 3 ways.

First, they address issues in an interactive and problem-solving way. You’re not only taking care of the problem – you’re creating a whole video about it. That leaves your audience with the feeling that you take customer requests very seriously.

Second, it lifts some of the workloads from your customer support team. They cut time in resolving issues by simply directing customers to the animated explainer video where information is easy to digest. That also allows support teams to avoid any confusion during communication with customers -thus raising satisfaction ratings.

Third, animated explainers on customer service issues are ideal for diversifying social media content. They are noticeable breaks from repetitive social content and helpful educational tool. Take the initiative to show your users how to deal with a problem before stumbling on it and they will be sure to remember you.

Look at LinkedIn’s,  “How to report content” video going over a user reporting inappropriate content. The company addresses the issue by visually following the steps of reporting. They add explanations on the background at each step, reassuring users about things they might have doubts about like – if their report is visible to the other side.

Spotify Ruling Animated Explainer Commercials

How do you promote your product and not sound salesy? With animated explainers.

Ads using animated explainer videos present information people wouldn’t usually pay much attention to. Like numbers, for example.

Spotify shows how you can elevate animated videos with their Spotify Ad Studio video explainer. In it, they give a full list of relevant and important functionalities and benefits of the platform.

The video showcases the platform’s functionalities, gives tips on how to improve exposure and engagement. They talk about how you gather data, what the numbers mean, and finally advice on how you can improve engagement.

The ads use upbeat music, and short energetic sentences over colorful graphics to stress keywords tangled in motion, and deliver the information in a memorable way. Their message is both verbal and visual – increasing the impact of the message and making it easier to remember.

Apple Creating Minimalistic Animated Masterpieces

Big ideas are hard to convey. What’s even harder is coming up with ideas to talk about big concepts in simple and understandable ways.

Apple is known for relying on simplicity when it comes to design, branding, and marketing. Their animated explainers are wonderful examples of how you can utilize straightforward and clean design to convey different messages.

Apple’s approach with animated videos follows its vision and is as clean-cut as possible. Look at the explainer they’ve created to introduce Apple Motion Graphics – the brand’s easy-to-use motion graphics tool.

Stripping all the visual clutter and noise, they’re able to focus users on the benefits of using the software without being intrusive and overly salesy.

PayPal Playful Animated Explainer Boosted By Catchy Jingle

What’s more memorable than a catchy jingle? The answer – an animated explainer with a catchy jingle.

PayPal models perfectly how you can be playful with content creation around topics that are not famous for being entertaining – like finances.

The company has created a series of ads named “People rule” and one of the explainer videos is notably entertaining. Created in collaboration with Antfood – a creative audio design studio, the ad intertwines a catchy jingle, animation, and live-action flawlessly.

The fun country tune immediately pulls viewers’ attention and makes it irresistible not to sing along, while watching how beautifully animated characters flow around.

With that animated explainer, PayPal manages to convey the core message- payment efficiency through truly entertaining tools.

Their approach is bold and quirky and connects with people in a playful and personal way, making sure to leave a long-lasting impression.

Chipotle Weaving Personal Stories into Animated Explainers

Nothing moves people more than a story of personal growth. Chipotle successfully implements the approach to showcase its move to more sustainable production practices.

Their campaign “Back to the Start” is a textbook example of how a hero’s journey can and will impact audiences in the most memorable and meaningful way.

Their explainer is a blend of strong storytelling techniques and touching animation, filled with character and life. It tells the story of a farmer who turns his family farm into an industrial animal factory, before realizing his errors. He then returns his cattle back to the pastures – ultimately returning back to sustainability and kindness.

The campaign is charged with positive emotions driving attention to issues that are important for both the brand and its customers.

To sum up

Animated explainers are impactful and unforgettable marketing tools that will aid your brand’s storytelling efforts and ultimately, your bottom line.

They are ideal for breaking down complicated ideas into concise and understandable pieces of information. They show creativity and originality and tell audiences you’re brave enough to experiment and personalize your message.

They show your customers that behind the brand facade, there are people, stories, and fun. Animated explainers help audiences connect with your brand that goes beyond simple transactions – they help you build bonds based on shared values and experiences.

Implement animated explainers into your digital marketing following the examples of these four companies and make your brand stand out from the competition.