At PopArt Studio, we are passionate about streamlining IT and digital services so that your company can focus on your core business practices. We are an effective organization located in Serbia, able to pinpoint problems remotely, saving your organization valuable time and money.  We can handle all your tech needs and we look forward to expanding our network through our new partnership with

Clutch is a B2B reviews site that specializes in connecting businesses with service providers in a quick and effective way.  We are very proud to be profiled on Clutch as our business has realized the importance of online marketing and the value that collecting online reviews on a third-party website like Clutch can bring. We recognize that being found online is one of the most important factors in generating new business leads; we are excited to expand our potential market through our relationship with moving forward.

“We are excited to announce that PopArt Studio has joined Clutch’s research of top web designers in Serbia in 2019. The company was selected based on a thorough evaluation of its ability to deliver service to companies, its online presence, and customer satisfaction”, says Jenna Seter, senior content marketer and business analyst at Clutch.

We are grateful that our dedication to the goals and desires of our clients has been recognized and we look forward to continuing our growth and expansion as the 2019 calendar year continues.

Take a look at what our clients have to say about our performance.

“They simplified all complexities by guiding us through the process in a timely and respectful way.”

– CEO & Founder at Reteller, Estonia

“Our website looked fantastic and we were consistently at the top of the Google search results page.”

– Product Specialist at AdvantageTec, USA

“They’ve been immensely supportive and professional throughout, and they care about our business.”

– Managing Director at Private Ultrasound Ltd, United Kingdom

“PopArt Studio’s team was creative, professional, and always available.”

– Bid Manager, Prozone, Serbia

In addition to our first feature, we have also been profiled on Visual Objects, Clutch’s sister site which is a creative online portfolio platform that will help us reach more potential clients in our target market.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to be featured on an additional site, The Manifest, being listed as one of their top web designers in Serbia for 2019. We greatly appreciate this feature as The Manifest is a growing leader in helping companies navigate the buyer’s journey: the process of maneuvering a business problem and finding a viable business solution. We hope to be that kind of a solution for companies with IT and web design needs, so Visual Objects and The Manifest are great places to be.


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Dejan Popović

Founder at PopArt Studio d.o.o.