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Are you feeling a bit bored? Are you one of those people who think they saw every meme and every joke on the Internet? Do you believe you visited every corner of the World Wide Web and there is nothing left that can entertain you? We beg to differ.

For today’s post, we made a selection of five original websites. You may have seen some of these, but we tried to find good ones and from different fields. This way, everybody can find something for themselves.


1. Silk

Are you one of the artsy people or just feeling creative? We have something for you. Silk is as simple as it gets. Move your mouse around, click wherever you like, and watch as the magic unfolds. Beautiful colorful lines will form, both on the side where you clicked and on the opposite side, creating pictures similar to Rorschach inkblot test. There is also an option for sharing your drawings on social media. Yuri Vishnevsky created Silk, while Mat Jarvis composed the music. There is also a Silk app available for your iPad or iPhone so you can create masterpieces on the go.

silk drawing game website design
Example of a drawing made in Silk

2. Wake it Up

Wake it Up is a great website if you love a bit of a challenge. The goal is to wake up the website by opening the blinds, throwing pillows or flip-flops at it, or playing loud music. And you have to do it in 60 seconds or less! Although we are not sure if you can actually wake it up (we only tried a couple of times), the idea is super original. Behind this game is Isadora Agency from California which specialized in web animations such as this one. Nice way to promote your services and make people laugh at the same time.

wake it up interactive game website design
Sleepy website in the Wake it Up game

3. Solace

This little animated movie is based on a science fiction story by Jeff Noon and is made by Evan Boehm. At Solace, you are listening to the narrated story while clicking on various shapes and dragging your cursor around the screen. If you like dystopian novels and movies settled in the near future, you are going to like this one. The story is a bit dark. It’s about a boy who got obsessed with a new drink on the market called Spook. Interesting take on how marketing can be used as a device to hold power over people.

solace movie interactive website design
The homepage of the Solace

4. In Pieces

In Pieces represents 30 endangered species in one online exhibition by Bryan James. Each animal is designed from 30 pieces which come together and form the animal before your eyes. These geometric designs are followed by information about each species and why they are facing near extinction. This raise of awareness is as informative as it is artistic. As the author mentioned, this is “an attempting reminder of the beauty we are on the verge of losing as every moment passes”. Some of the animals that are endangered are African penguin, red panda, Brazilian armadillo.

endagered species website in pieces
Kakapo, one of the endangered birds on the website In Pieces

5. Hacker Typer

Did you ever want to be a hacker as a child? Adulthood turned out to be a bit lackluster, but you can still get a bit of that spy hacker thrill with this gimmicky website. There is not much you can do; just hit the keyboard in totally random sequence and green, Matrix-like code will start appearing on your screen. As the creator of the Hacker Typer, Simone Masiero described it, it is just a “fun joke for every person who wants to look like a cool hacker”. The novelty will wear off rather quickly since there is not much to it, but it is fun while it lasts.

hacker typer website game design
Hacker Typer code


Do you have any favorites on this list? Share with us in the comment section or on our Facebook page which one you liked the best and also tell us about other cool websites that we may have missed!

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