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Thousands of free script fonts can be found on the Internet, and those may all look alike to an untrained eye. But, professional designers know the ultimate typeface when they see it. In the endless field of exquisite fonts, designers unmistakably recognize the one that perfectly suits their project.

So, whether you are doing some lettering for a unique logo design, or creating a new website from scratch, you are going to choose the right kind of typography to go along with the style. Meaning, you must fit your aesthetical principles together with the client’s visions, as well as the readability and functionality of the chosen font itself.

With fluid strokes, resembling handwritten, cursive, and calligraphic style, script typefaces have been very popular among graphic and web designers for a while now.

Be careful, though. Script fonts are not suitable for large amounts of plain text. You would rather want to use them for emphasizing the creative side of your projects, for web page headlines and CTA buttons, or for making the extraordinary branding elements, greeting cards, invitation design, and other graphic design solutions.

To make it more elegant, chose the formal style of script fonts, but if you want your design to be unusual and playful – go for the casual script fonts.

Here, we present you the 35 most interesting script fonts free for download, and in some cases – free for commercial use, too. Although, do make sure to check the license type before using the chosen font publically.

And if you are a business owner and you are thinking of the ways to make your brand appear more creative out there in the world, do not hesitate to hire a professional team of designers to make your corporate identity distinctive and stylish.

Now, let us altogether dive into the sea of creative typography.

Be inspired.



A free script font with handwritten charm, perfect for adding a personal touch to your designs.

halimun free script font handwritten


This script font brings elegance and sophistication to any project with its flowing, calligraphic style.

scriptina free script font

Rainy day

Add a whimsical touch to your designs with this hand-painted script font reminiscent of a rainy day.

rainy day script font hand painted


Beauty meets typography in this free script font, capturing the essence of feminine grace and charm.

jelytta free script font beauty of woman lettering


Hand-lettered and full of character, Skinny is a handwritten font that adds a playful vibe to any design.

skinny handwritten font hand lettering

No time

Stressed designer or not, No Time script font adds a touch of flair and creativity to your projects.

no time script font quote stressed designer hand lettering

Over the rainbow

Let your imagination soar with Over the Rainbow script font, featuring a delightful alphabet and numbers.

over the rainbow script font alphabet numbers

Dancing script

Add rhythm and movement to your designs with Dancing Script, a free font with a handwritten feel.

dancing script free font handwritten


Kristi script font brings a touch of nostalgia with its preview of letters and numbers, perfect for vintage-inspired designs.

kristi script font preview letters numbers


Rooted in nature, Malina script font evokes a sense of tranquility with its flowing, hand-drawn style.

malina hand script font tree


Handwritten with love, Shallou script font adds warmth and personality to your projects with its casual style.

shallou handwritten script font


Unleash your creativity with Ludicrous, a handwritting font packed with ligatures and extras for added versatility.

ludicrous handwritting font ligatures extras


Anaheim script font captures the essence of hand lettering with its charming and expressive style.

anaheim script font hand lettering


Retro vibes abound with Crunchy script font, adding a nostalgic touch to your designs.

crunchy retro script font


Signature style meets sophistication in Southampton script font, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your projects.

Southampton signature style font


Add a handmade touch to your designs with Inkland script font, featuring authentic hand lettering.

inkland script font hand lettering


Ambarella script font offers a preview of elegance with its flowing curves and graceful lines.


ambarella script font preview


Handwritten charm meets modern design with Cursif script font, adding a personal touch to your projects.

cursif handwritten script font free


Riviera script font offers a diverse character set for added versatility, perfect for a wide range of design projects.

riviera script font character set


Handwritten by Fabien Despinoy, Fabfelt script font exudes charm and personality with its unique style.

fabfelt script font by fabien despinoy handwritten


Make your wishes come true with Wish script font, featuring a photo office set and poster for added flair.

wish script font photo office set poster

Momento + Chappy (bonus font)

Add a touch of whimsy to your designs with Momento and Chappy script fonts, perfect for creating playful and charming projects.

momento regular chappy regular font handwritten


Rise script font offers a preview on paper, allowing you to visualize its elegant style before incorporating it into your designs.

rise sxcript font preview on paper

Cristopher Hand

Christopher Hand script font offers a diverse character set for added versatility, perfect for a wide range of design projects.

christofer hand script font character set


Add a brush of creativity to your designs with Arkipelago script font, featuring authentic brush strokes for a handmade feel.

arkipelago free brush font handwritten

Aphrodite Slim

Aphrodite Slim Pro is a lighter version of Aphrodite Pro, but fear not that is less abundant in characters. In fact, although the premium Aphrodite Pro offers more than 1000 glyphs, Aphrodite Slim will give you an insight into how beautiful this typeface is.

10 free script fonts (autumn 2017) 1

It gives the sense of genuine calligraphic feel, as it is quite delicate, and will look great on projects ranging from celebration cards to book covers.

Great Vibes

One of the good things about this font, which is fully free for commercial use, is it can be found on numerous websites.

10 free script fonts (autumn 2017) 2

Its clean loops and elegant ascenders and descenders give it a beautiful flow. Furthermore, calligraphic upper case glyphs and cursive forms make it a perfect choice for wedding invitations or headlines, where special touch is desired.

Honey Script

Honey Script is an oldie but goldie. Available for about a decade, with more than 145,000 downloads, it still works beautifully in projects that you want to embelish with a felt-tip pen feel.

10 free script fonts (autumn 2017) 3

Its designer, Dieter Steffmann, is a prolific font creator and can boast more than 300 fonts so far, so if you like Honey Script, make sure to check out his other works.

Alex Brush

Another beautiful calligraphic font that found its way into our list is Alex Brush Script. We particularly like it as its short ascenders and descenders allow it perfect legibility untypical of such typefaces.

10 free script fonts (autumn 2017) 4

It holds about 200 glyphs and it is perfect for elegantly feminine projects, such as wedding invitations, nad delicate penmanship.


Allura Pro family can boast its free for commercial use member, Allura. Its thick lines and curvy strokes remind us of a beautiful fountain pen handwriting that works great in elegant projects, both formal and informal.

10 free script fonts (autumn 2017) 5

It is also available in Google fonts download gallery, and can help you make your school supplies web shop or wedding planning agency website stand out.

Antro Vectra – Handwriting Script

Antro Vectra Handwriting is a beautiful script font that is free for personal use only, but after you try it out for your design projects such as signatures, stationery, logos, magazine covers, clothing or branding designs, we think it could be worthy to try the premium version as well.

10 free script fonts (autumn 2017) 6

Antro Vectra Handwriting is a cursive handwritten script with low x-height and long descenders. It is relatively thin, so make sure to check your design twice before sending it to print.

Back To Black

If you are looking for a perfect thick strokes that resemble the youthful spirit of the modern age, Back to Black should be your choice.

10 free script fonts (autumn 2017) 7

As its name suggests, it works best on black background, and we suggest it for clothing or stationery design. However, its free license is limited to personal use only.


Bromello is a modern script typeface with a relatively limited character support, but even so few glyphs are still enough for most of your graphic design projects.

10 free script fonts (autumn 2017) 8

With us, it worked best with headlines and

Chocolate Heart

Another beautifully designed script font that deserves a mention and a recommendation is the Chocolate Heart, as it works best with less formal event invitations, logo design, badges, stickers and stationery.

10 free script fonts (autumn 2017) 9

However, its free use is limited to personal projects only.

Mi Teiyng Script

The last but not least is a slightly unusual font, Mi Teiyng Script. It was revealed last year and up to today downloaded only more than 3000 times, which indicates not many users found it inspiring enough.

10 free script fonts (autumn 2017) 10



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