Lesser-known art of Andy Warhol

Lesser-known art of Andy Warhol

Happy birthday, Andy! Thank you for your uniqueness, your creativity, and all of the inspiration you gave us. Thank you for imagining outside the box and not being afraid to experiment and constantly question the normalities of our society through your art.

As you can all assume, Andy Warhol would celebrate his birthday on this day. Born on August 6, 1928, he would have turned 90 today. So, with an insight into the plethora of his many talents and a tremendous treasure chest of artworks, we would like you to join us in the celebration of his artistic legacy.

We all know about Warhol’s iconic Pop Art images of pop culture icons. We know how much the Campbell’s soup can was inspiring to him. And we all know that he was a manager, producer and the album cover designer for the rock band Velvet Underground.

But, did you know that Andy Warhol was actually one of the pioneers of digital art as well? And do you know who was his model for the first computer-made image that he created during the live performance in 1985? That is right, it was Blondie’s singer Debbie Harry.

It happened during the launch event of the Commodore’s Amiga 1000 computer at the New York’s Lincoln Center. Warhol was there, sitting in front of the computer on the stage, creating a piece of digital art with a scanned image of Debbie Harry, while she was sitting across the table. After that, all of those Amiga computer arts went missing for almost 30 years. But luckily, some of them were found on a flopy disk and successfully recovered by an artist Cory Arcangel in 2014, so now we can see these experimental digital works as well.

Besides that, there is going to be an exhibition called Andy Warhol: From A to B and back again at the Whitney Museum of American Art from November 2018 to March 2019. It is going to be the first retrospective of Andy Warhol’s art organized in the U.S. since 1989.

More than 350 works will be presented, with many of them gathered together for the first time, and some of them never shown before.

“His repetitions, distortions, camouflaging, incongruous color, and recycling of his own imagery challenge our faith in images and the value of cultural icons, anticipating the profound effects and issues of the current digital age.”

– Excerpt from the official announcement for the upcoming exhibition at Whitney Museum

If you happen to be somewhere near the Whitney Museum at the time of the exhibition, do not miss the chance to visit it. And until then, take a look at our collection of the lesser-known artworks created by Andy Warhol, including digital art, abstract paintings, drawings, self-portraits, commercial ads, fashionable illustrations, and some of the less publicly exposed portraits. Enjoy!

andy warhol debbie harry computer art commodore amiga 1000

Andy Warhol and Debby Harry at the Amiga 1000 computer launch event in 1985 / Image source: Wall Street Fine Art Gallery

andy warhol pop art

Andy 1, Amiga computer art by Andy Warhol / Image source: The Moving Museum

andy warhol digital art campbell's soup can

Campbell’s by Andy Warhol, Amiga computer art / Image source: Smithsonian magazine

andy warhol self-portrait digital art

Andy 2, Amiga computer art by Andy Warhol / Image source: Computer History Museum

indian drawing by andy warhol

Indian (1960-1962) / Image source: Widewalls

cowboys and indians by andy warhol

Cowboys and Indians (1986) / Image source: Widewalls

abstract painting andy warhol

Abstract painting (1982) / Image source: Widewalls

supermen by andy warhol pop art

Supermen (1981) / Image source: Widewalls

apple macintosh ad andy warhol advertizing

Apple Macintosh, commercial ad (1985) / Image source: Widewalls

Queen Elisabeth II by andy warhol

Queen Elisabeth II by Andy Warhol / Image source: Transparent vignettes

cat drawing andy warhol illustration

Drawing by Andy Warhol / Image source: History of graphic design

elephant by andy warhol

Elephant (1983) / Image source: Pinterest

life savers donuts ad by andy warhol pop art

Life Savers, commercial ad (1985) / Image source: Widewalls

mick jagger portrait by andy warhol

Mick Jagger (1975) / Image source: Widewalls

man ray portrait by andy warhol

Man Ray (1974) / image source: Widewalls

andy warhol self-portrait 1981-1983

Self-Portrait (1981-1983) / Image source: Widewalls

flowers painting poinsettia by andy warhol

Poinsettia (1982) / Image source: Widewalls

Van Heusen shirts ad with Ronald Reagan by andy warhol

Van Heusen (Ronald Reagan), commercial ad (1985) / Image source: Widewalls

Volkswagen ad by andy warhol VW beatle

Volkswagen, commercial ad (1985) / Image source: Widewalls

index book by andy warhol print edition sketches holy cats

Andy Warhol’s index book (1953) / Image source: Widewalls

Warholcollabortaion graffiti art

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol Collaboration (1987) / Image source: Widewalls

shoe drawing Shoe Fly Baby by andy warhol

Shoe Fly Baby by Andy Warhol / Image source: Guy Hepner gallery

shoe drawing I Dream of Jeannie by andy warhol

I Dream of Jeannie by Andy Warhol / Image source: Guy Hapner

shoe drawing fashion illustration by andy warhol

You Can Lead A Shoe to Water by Andy Warhol / Iamge source: Guy Hepner gallery

coca-colla bottles green coca-cola ad by andy warhol

Green Coca-Cola, commercial ad (1962) / Image source: Artnet news

self-portrait by andy warhol 1964

Self-Portrait by Andy Warhol (1964) / Image source: Artnet news


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