They say graphics are only about the visual. But what happens when you manage to combine graphic arts with linguistic puns? Who can do such a thing? Amazing people only.

One such artist is PunnyPixels – which is actually a stage name for a combo of an incredible designer and a marvelous writer in the advertising industry. The two create wonderful illustrations with puns that tickle imagination and definitely cause fits of giggling.

Enough talk, see for yourselves.

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Just for Pun:

Apple Pi

apple pi

Be my tweetheart

be my tweetheart

Be the highlight of someone’s day

be the highlight of someones day

Bee good to yourself

bee good to yourself

Belgian wafflesbelgian waffles

Brighten up your life

brighten up your life

Cereal killer

cereal killer

Check something off your bucket list today

check something off your bucket list today

Darth punk

darth punk



Fan base

fan base

Focus on the positive

focus on the positive

Ginger bread

ginger bread

Have a good time

have a good time

I scream

i scream

Joint discussion

joint discussion

Keep going on

keep going on

Keep updating yourself

keep updating yourself

Let go of the negativity

let go of the negativity

May the 4th be with you

may the 4th be with you



Awesome mum genes

mum genes



Rapping paper

rapping paper

Reality check

reality check

Snail mailsnail mail

Spend some koala-tea time

spend some koala-tea time

Stay up-beet

stay up-beet

I’m the wurst

thank you for loving me even when im the wurst

The world is your oyster

the world is your oyster



Source: Instagram


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