Benefits of React JS to your website.

In the world of front-end development, processes and practices are evolving constantly, sometimes even on a daily basis. There’s always an abundance of new tools that advocate themselves as “the next big thing” and “best seller” and while the market is truly huge, only a few of these revolutionizing tools become truly innovative, while a pretty great amount of them prove to be dead ends.

With so many options on the market, developers are advised to do their research before opting for a particular tool, avoiding the sometimes practical but mostly dreaded trial and error periods.

Here’s where ReactJS comes in. It can be easily given the bestseller label, as, since its launch back in 2013, this library for JavaScript, developed by a group of developers and Facebook’s dev team has gained solid popularity and following all across the globe. Today, websites of some of the biggest online companies such as Netflix, Apple, and PayPal use it, together with the other 30 thousand websites built with this framework.


The Benefits of React Framework

Despite the popularity among developers and some of the biggest names out there, business owners still keep asking: what’s the big deal with React? What benefits do I get if I use it?

Well, in this post, we’ve compiled the benefits of React JS brings to the table.


Process Simplification

For starters, using React greatly simplifies the overall component scripting process. By using JSX, a free syntax extension, HTML quoting and subcomponent rendering becomes a lot easier. Also, thanks to the writing shortcuts, source codes become much cleaner and simpler when you’re writing a React createElement.

The syntax extension is really useful when you’re developing top-tier apps or fully custom components. It also makes the conversion of HTML mockups into ReactElement tress less complicated, plus, it gives error alerts and other information messages to developers with also featuring help including averting code injections.


Advancement Maintenance and Better Productivity

Every site owner knows that support, updates and general maintenance can easily turn into a pond of stress which never seems to dry out. A slight modification in a single component can affect every other component either making a few unwanted changes or wreaking total havoc. ReactJS re-uses assets, which means that the re-employment of the same digital objects make for a less stressful workflow for developers. Not to mention, re-using components not only helps reduce time, it also makes the error-margin smaller.

With ReactJS, you can start from the basic components than proceed forward (or deeper) to wrapper components until you reach the primary or root components. They are easy to manipulate and define. Having such a comprehensive and easy-to-follow system makes maintenance easier and drives the platform toward growth.


Faster Rendering

When you’re developing a high volume web application, the impact of its overall performance is crucial. Even with the newest engines and the best digital platforms, there’s no guarantee that there will be no annoying or nerve-racking glitches and slow performance. Why? Well, due to the nature of free-structured document object models, even small top layer changes can cause noticeable problems. To solve this, FB’s development team came up with a virtual document object model, making high-volume and dynamic web apps run smoothly and without (or less) glitches.

The virtual document object model makes for better user experience, gives better performance, and helps in speeding up the application.


A More Stable Code

ReactJS offers developers the feature of a more stable code by sporting only downward data flow. Thanks to this, the parent structure won’t become affected by small changes in the child structure. When developers want to change an object, they only have to modify the states, making small amendments and thus, only specific components shall become updated. This data binding helps to ensure that codes remain stable and that the app performs smoothly.


SEO For The Win

Being able to handle any issues regarding search engines and avoiding problems with reading JavaScript for high-volume apps is no longer an issue with ReactJS.

SEO-friendliness should be a mainstay for websites, especially those geared towards business. As such, using the ReactJS library makes sense for business-driven websites.

While SEO isn’t the alpha and omega to the success of online businesses, it is a crucial part and can work wonders for a company, especially when all other components such as web design, sales channels, and sales funnel systems and other marketing strategies have been perfected.



The most popular web development tools are those that cause the least amount of headaches to developers and those that ensure a steady and traceable workflow with great tools and the option of retroactively resolving issues and removing errors.

ReactJS comes with a complete toolset that ensures not only smooth performance but allows developers to utilize new tech and solutions in their projects without bigger complications.

Not to mention, ReactJS also offers scope for developers for testing and debugging codes with native tools.

Apart from this, using ReactJS is easy to learn and is generally more focused than the other JavaScript frameworks. This can be helpful for newcomers in the world of web design and development to master a framework quickly. With ReactJS, greenhorn and seasoned developers alike can learn or/and perfect their craft rapidly. Not to mention, React lets them use great features that not only save them time but headaches and money as well.


JavaScript and Isomorphic Apps

ReactJS is one of those frameworks that will still let app developers use the rich JavaScript Library. This option provides a huge amount of flexibility for professionals, letting them use all the advantages JavaScript has to offer.

Another great feature is the option of creating isomorphic apps. JavaScript allows you to use similar codes for both the server and client-side components of your application and developers can exploit this feature with React, enabling them to create apps that perform well while server rendering. It also helps a lot with indexing and thus, provides a better experience for users.



Mobile-friendly, as in hosting every feature developers need to come up with high-performing and stunning mobile apps, that will run both on Android and iOS systems.


Community and Popularity

First launched with in-house use in mind and later shared with the rest of the world, the ReactJS library is backed by Facebook and Instagram engineering teams along with external teams who are also experts in their respective fields.

Apart from all this, a lot of renowned and recognized companies use the framework. Sites like Coursera, IMDb, Dailymotion, BBC, The New York Times, American Express, Chrysler and Reddit all use the ReactJS library.


To Sum It Up

The general takeaway is that the ReactJS framework gives developers a better foundation to work with, meaning that they can get more done in less time. Apart from that, it’s a framework that is easy to use with effective maintenance, update and support practices. Taking care of a website can be a real hassle, especially when components interfere with each other’s work, and React does a great job in eliminating these problems.

Apart from that, it enables smooth and fast performance in a package that’s SEO-friendly. These features alone should be enough to consider any business to take the React-route when thinking about launching a new website.

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