Is PS to HTML dead?

PSD to HTML conversion is a web development workflow which many people today unrightfully neglect. Ever since the inception of the World Wide Web and the impact of user experience on the web design process, this age-old approach has been dominating the creation of websites.

However, with the proliferation of themes and the different frameworks, especially for bigger websites, the web flow has changed, so many developers today prefer taking the easier way.

So, what is PSD to HTML exactly, what benefits does it bring, and to what extent will it change in the future? Let us explore this together.


What is PSD to HTML?

PSD to HTML is the process of converting PSD (short for ‘Photoshop Document’) files and web design sketches into HTML (HyperText Markup Language), for both mobile and desktop browsers.

The design process goes like this: web designers draw websites (usually templates or mock-ups) in Photoshop or some other image processing tool, such as Sketch, Adobe XD, etc., after which web developers (usually front-end developers) take over. The next phase is development where developers take those templates and start coding the website in HTML5 and CSS3, adding different features to the website and enabling many various actions the users are supposed to perform on the website, including links, buttons, responsive design, and other effects.

HTML5 and CSS3 are the newest versions of these technologies which bring your website to life.

Once the coding phase is over, the entire website is tested on a test server and after all is done, it can be launched on a live server. Depending on the size of the project, these phases can last from one month till a year or two. What makes hand-made coding so appealing is that the programmer can experiment and add offbeat components which bring character to the website designed and make it more appealing.

However, lately, there have been many critiques of this workflow on the Internet. We believe that they are unjust because there are many good sides of manual coding.


The Benefits of PSD to HTML

Though practically ancient, this workflow is still one of the most popular ways of building websites from scratch. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Having a unique site, which no one else in the world has.
  • It is customizable and you can get a multitude of features with your own code, as opposed to rigid themes which usually cannot be customized (what you see is what you get with them).
  • For smaller sites, PSD to HTML is the way to go because everything can be done a lot faster than with the development of themes which are usually done having complex structures in mind.
  • Even in the age of WordPress, more than 65% of websites today do not have a CMS but are custom-made, which only goes in favor of its popularity.
  • Only highly skilled front-enders can perform this, unlike theme developers which usually possess little or no experience/knowledge in manual coding.
  • You get the best code which pays off in the long run.
  • Your website can be accessed from any device – be it a desktop computer, tablet, phablet, laptop, smartphone or smartwatch – with the help of responsive design.
  • Forget about different website appearance in Safari, Mozilla or Chrome – custom-made websites cover all modern web browsers – even Internet Explorer and Edge!
  • Website security is superb because it is unlikely that someone will break through your fences as in open-source code which can be easily compromised.

    psd files
    PSD files are the foundation of every website – they are the starting point for both the client and developer.

The Future

PSD to HTML conversion is still alive and kicking. Clients today usually want their websites to differ so they demand exclusive, custom-made products. Thus, creating one-of-a-kind website using this established technique is something we all hope to see more in the future. Depending on the project, it may happen to bring you more joy than generic themes.

Here at PopArt Studio, our experienced designers and developers can create a website for your needs. Just tell us what you require and our team of professionals will take care of everything. All our websites are responsive, have clean code, are designed with a pixel-perfect approach, and SEO-friendly, and you can even integrate them with any CMS. We provide PSD to HTML services at affordable prices and a smile on top of everything.

If you want to get a completely unique website, with modern design and our designers’ personal mark, contact us to convert PSD to HTML and get a brand new website.

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