The State of JavaScript in 2018

More than 20,000 developers from 153 countries around the world participated in a survey about JavaScript libraries, frameworks, text editors, and flavors they use and love. Their answers were...

Nađa Božović

Code editors you may like

Text editors are every programmer’s basic working tool. You can write code in any text editor, even Notepad! However, you may be missing on some options and fail to deliver everything in a spe...

Vesna Savić

11 material design frameworks

Currently, a popular trend in app interface design is Google’s material design, which can be used not only for their apps but for web and hybrid applications as well.

Vesna Savić

How to become a frontend developer

Web development has become hugely popular in the last half a decade. With the advancement of web technologies and the expansion of businesses on the web, it is normal to see a high demand in t...

Vesna Savić